Friday, September 11, 2015

My own little space.

I've been thinking....and thinking.
What can I do with this little space off the master bedroom.
I've always wanted a little space of my own for reading, and working on computer work, and sewing my sachets.

I've tried filling the space with different pieces of furniture, but was never happy with the way it looked.
It always felt like wasted know?
So I got this bright idea to put my work table here. 
It didn't fit.
I used a smaller table...viola!!!  Not my first choice, but it will do.
The printer, my sewing machine, computer, and some supplies...even a small bouquet of dried hydrangeas are here in this little area.

Being this is a cottage, our bedrooms are "attic" rooms with very slanted ceilings, and NO heat ducts up here.
In the cold winter months, we use this little faux fireplace for added warmth in our room.
Having my work-space in this little "addition" to the upstairs works out well since the fireplace  will be in this part of the bedroom.
I found this chair recently, and thought it would look nice in my little room.
It's very comfortable, and fits my bum perfectly!!!
I like having a space of my own. I used to work on my desk in the living room....meh....
(Hubby has a man cave....and is in there working on fishing poles, and cleaning guns, etc. He enjoys having a space for his "work stuff". I LOVE that he has a place for his "work stuff"!!)
Now the living room looks neater, and I won't worry about "things" being too accessible to little hands(if you know what I mean).
Even though it's's my own little space, and I like that.
Life is good.
Have a nice weekend!


  1. Happy Friday my sweet friend Debbie,
    Yes we all need our private little place to go to and yours is charming and very feminine let hubby have his man cave, yours is an oasis of girly treasures. Oh how I love your new found chair with the pale blush of pink. I love the weathered finish, reminds me of mine I distressed that's used to put on and take off shoes in our laundry room. We exit and come in through the laundry room. We're a no shoes policy household.
    Debbie I applaud you claiming your private little space, I have one and to be honest sometimes all I do is sit down and relax while reflecting on memories that evoke peacefulness.

  2. Just like a snug little cocoon. Love the color of the fabric on that chair. Enjoy your weekend sweetie! xo

  3. Oh how I love that pink pillow, throw and chair. We all need our special little corner to just be. I'm glad you've got yours and it's so pretty!


  4. Debbie, I like your little space. I think we all need a place of our very own. Even as small as 2x3 A chair, baskets of our things near by. It will be fun for you . I think your pillow is cute and I love that ruffled throw. Blessings for many fun evening or mornings in your chair, Love you, Susie

  5. Hi Debbie
    I adore you sweet cozy space you have created for yourself. Love the chair and the pillow and throw are perfect on it. I am blessed to have a space of my own and I love it. You will enjoy it so much
    Have a great weekend sweet Debbie

  6. Hi Debbie,
    Wow, your space is totally drool worthy! I am so glad you carved out a niche just for yourself, you deserve it:) Your chair is gorgeous, I love the fabric, color, and curve of the arms. So French chic, I think. And the pillow and throw are perfection. Well done, my talented friend!!

  7. I love your space and everything in it! Now all you need is a little footstool you can tuck under the chair when not in use, and pull out for added comfy cozy when you do!
    Rita C at Panoply

  8. I love the space you created for's very pretty!!

  9. For many years, my hubby and I shared a space. He tied flies, built fishing poles and guns, and what not, while I blogged and worked on crafts. I sure miss those days but am grateful for the memories. Enjoy your new little space, it should bring great comfort and coziness this winter. Blessings, Cindy

  10. Life is always better when it can wrap you in coziness!
    I love the chair, but I need in in grey, let me know if you find one :)
    As for cozy nitches they are the best some of our greatest works I am sure are in cozy spaces, they make you feel secure.

    I often look around in my small cottage for that very thing, a cozy spot that I can set up for just the very reasons you needed a special space. I am working now on my spare bedroom, where I hope this room can service many uses... A day bed, a night stand, TV room, work room and a room to just close off the world to read.

    I adore gabled rooflines they add so much charm to a room, and when I heard the word attic space I was taken instantly with its charm. I see those winter months you bundled up, the wind blowing and you tucked in your corner silk ribbon and all.

    Thank you for this cozy sharing.
    I am working on making areas in my home more rustic yet cozy with pieces that share my ideas of what I want it to become. I just finished a French armoire for the front room, in my latest post, now I want to sit in there more just to think on what I will do with the corner in the way of a table for the oversized lamp and books :)

    Will be baxk soon.


  11. I love your space and think that everyone should have at least a little spot in the house they can call their own too. Makes me think that now I have my home to myself...every room is a place of my own. It wasn't always that way. It has turned cooler here and I've gotten out the cozy warm throws for Autumn snuggling. Hope your weekend is a cozy one !

  12. That chair is so beautiful! The pillow and throw make it even moreso. You know, we were just in World Market and I saw a pillow like your pink one only it was square and 50% I'm kicking myself for not grabbing it. You've created such a lovely little spot! How nice that your hubby has a man cave...all Kyran's guy stuff is sitting in closets but hopefully, once we buy something we'll have room for it. The only thing is, we're so joined at the hip that I doubt he'll go in there unless I go with him:)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  13. P.S. After I added my comment I noticed My Romantic Home on your blogroll right next to my comment...I know Cindy's been caring for her ex-H who has cancer and hasn't blogged in a few weeks. I hope she's doing okay:( I've been checking every Friday for her Show and Tell but nothing...she was the very blog I discovered and she is the one who inspired me to start my own blog. Such a lovely lady!

  14. The space you created of yourself looks fantasitc! Romantic, soothing and sweet .It's a very beautiful space to stay. We all need a space to create, to think about our projects, to dream...your space is perfect !