Friday, September 25, 2015

A little bling.

I added just a little bling around the antique desk in the corner of the living room.

This sweet crown has been moved all around the cottage, and today has landed next to one of my favorite clocks...sitting on the desk.

The two sacred hearts from Antique Farmhouse are now hanging above the desk.
This one with all of it's sparkly goodness, and secret compartment.
You can open the heart like a locket to hide treasures for someone to find if they are smart enough to figure out you can open the front of the heart.

I love the detail work on this heart.
No secrets...just pure loveliness.

That's it. Not a lot, but just enough.
I hung a few religious medals, crosses, and rosaries on the hooks of the hearts for a little more interest.

I will leave you with the bigger picture.....
That's it for now!
Have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. I love your Sacred Hearts!!! I was going to order them also but they were sold out pretty quickly...hopefully they bring them back. I'm mulling over the dark green glass crosses they're selling right now.

    Your little corner looks lovely, I adore that lamp! And, of course, the hanging Lavender bouquet:) I put a blog post up just about 10 minutes ago so hope you'll stop by when you have time. Have a wonderful weekend in your gorgeous and cozy cottage!

  2. The sacred hearts are gorgeous Debbie and with the crown, this corner is a medieval delight. Nicely put together.

  3. Debbie, That is a sweet corner. I love the hanging hearts. So cute that one has a secret compartment. I always tell my Angie, I left it in your safe..if I leave her a check or money for anything...her safe is under her pillow.LOL. Her husband leaves her love notes in the microwave. We all need a secret heart hiding place. Blessings for a beautiful weekend. It's a bit warm here, but so pretty. Love you, xoxo,Susie

  4. Debbie gorgeous sacred hearts and the one with the special compartment is very unique. Their patina and the one with rhinestone bling brings a specialness and energy to your corner of your desk area. Loving the precious tiny crown of silvered patina. I bet you Debbie with the sunlight flooding in setting the chandeliers crystals in a sparkly dance fill the corner in your living room with peaceful energy.
    Happy weekend to you sweet friend,

  5. Hi Debbie, just gorgeous. Love the beautiful hearts and your vignettes are pure vintage joy. A little bling makes everything perfect. You create the perfect joyful spaces.

    Have a wonderful first weekend of fall. Blessings, cm

  6. Hi Debbie,
    You had me at "bling"! I love your pretty desk area, and your lamp is just gorgeous! Those hearts are neat, too. I love the sparkly tiara!! I bet you secretly wear it around the house when no one is looking, right?:)

  7. A truly wonderful addition no doubt, greetings and best wishes!

  8. Love, love, love everything you do. Simply gorgeous - just like you. xo

  9. What a beautiful little corner, Debbie! such sweet pieces and love the crown!! Blessings for a wonderful weekend, Cindy xoxo

  10. Bling is always good. I used to collect hearts and have many of all sorts, but nothing like yours. They are treasures for sure. Hope you have a wonderful weekend ! It's been just beautiful here.

  11. Wow, such precious stones. Especially fun during this week of the Pope!

  12. Debbie, I love your pretty bling corner! Jeanne d'Arc has sacred hearts and I've thought about ordering them because yours are so lovely. You have such a great eye for putting things together. Love that clock too.


  13. Debbie, I just love that little crown and those lovely hearts!!! Enjoy your weekend :)!

  14. I love the crown and heart...very, very pretty. It's refreshing to change things up.

    Are you enjoying cool temps? We are down south and having lots of rain. Looking forward to getting home where I hear it's nice. Of course that will change as soon as we fly in! ;-)

    Jane x

  15. Such gorgeous changes you've made to the living room Debbie. Those hearts are divine. I'm looking forward to featuring this post at Shabbilicious Friday later this week.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  16. Ohhh.. your sacred hearts are gorgeous and your vignettes are dreamy!!!!

  17. Saw your feature at Shabbilicious Friday and had to come take a peek. Simply GORGEOUS!!! Love the hearts.
    Great post,