Thursday, February 3, 2011

Count your blessings

Good morning to everyone out there in blogland!
Today I'm sharing some pics of my favorite things...people.
I did not include any pics that had me in them...these were taken two days after the cancer diagnoses, and I was not looking my best. 
These are my guys. Mr. Lakehouse is with our son in laws and  two grandsons.
 This is my oldest, Kelly and Dan, with Ethan, Kayla, and Anson. Kayla is a little fireball, with red hair and green eyes. Ethan is the oldest, and Anson the youngest.  Dan is a teacher, and Kelly works in Special Education.

Erin is my middle daughter. Tony is her college sweetheart. They work at the same offices...Tony an accountant, and Erin a loan officer.  Their oldest is Zoey, and the baby is Sadie Grace.

My youngest daughter is Melissa. Mel works for an insurance company in the office. She's a single mom with two girls...Maddie the oldest, and Charlotte... the one with a major attitude! What goes around, comes around I always say.

A perfect example of Charlie doing whatever she wants, with the others laughing at her naughty ususal.

 Seriously....I am one blessed woman! Mr. Lakehouse is a gem, always doing things for me to make me happy. My girls are there for me whenever I need them. Dan and Tony are the best son in laws ever! and my grandkids are so precious, I cannot even talk about them without tearing up.
I have pictutres of all the kids all over the house. If I feel a little down, all I have to do is look at these adorable faces, and I start to smile.
I hope you have a wonderful day!
I have Valentine cards to send...


  1. Debbie- you have got the best looking family, EVER! How sweet are those kids and grandkids? Your photographer did a fantastic job! When you get a little perkier, get gussied up and you all go get photos with you in them!
    Who wouldn't smile with all those faces peeking at you from out of a frame?
    You know, the best part of a blessing is when you recognize it. So much of the time we don't and take things for granted. God put them here to surround you with love, one of His best blessings ever. He gave you Charlie to keep you on your toes! I love her spunk!
    I am so glad you have such a darling built in support team that loves you so much! It was such a pleasure meeting your family.
    Hugs- Tete

  2. Charming photos...families ARE our biggest blessing...

  3. Debbie- What a beautiful family...and you did a great job taking their photos...they look like professional shots. Your little Charlie is our SweetCheeks---gotta love...make that adore..a kid like that...the show stealer!

    Your husband looks like a kind man. I think that is one of the finest aspects a man can possess...a kind heart...because then all the little things kind of fall in place.

    You are blessed all the way and diagnosis and a wonderful lake house life! Hugs- Diana

  4. How beautiful your family is especially your daughters! I know exactly what you mean about the grandkids and tearing one knows until you have them in your life! I love the look on the baby as Charlie is performing.:)
    You put a smile on my face today...thank you!

  5. You do have a lovely family. They make our lives so much fuller and richer. I don't know what I'd do without mine. Those grand children are the light of my life too! Thank you for sharing the important things in your life today!

  6. What a beautiful the photo shoot:) How adorable is Charlie in that last photo? And I love her name!
    Keep smiling Deb! Next photo shoot we want gramma front and center! :)

  7. Oh Debbie your family is so lovely!!
    You are such a lucky gal!!!!
    Your grandchildren are adorable!!!
    Thank you for sharing!!
    Suzann xoxo

  8. You have a beautiful family, Debbie. How nice that you got photos of them all together. Your grandchildren are just precious! I can't wait for the day that I have my own!

    Are you staying warm? It looks like our walls of snow are going to be here awhile with the cold temps. At least it's sunny! :-)


  9. your family is darling, debbie. love the last pic with the feather boas especially. i hope you are feeling well, and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.


  10. What a great family you have, Debbie! I love the photo of the girls in the feather boas, how fun! And I see that there are some spunky little personalities there!!:)

  11. Debbie, what a wonderful family you have!! I especially love the last picture with all the little girls and their boas-priceless!! Thanks for sharing!

  12. I'm so glad you are blessed with a wonderful family!

  13. Sweeeeet photos, sis! :) I know I've said this many times before, but I STILL can't get over how your darling girls have grown up into such beautiful women with beautiful families. It seems like yesterday that those three were little birds flocking around your feet at your old red farmhouse... ♥ I'm so glad that God has blessed you with such love within your family - and that Jimmy is such a kind-hearted, loving husband and father. Love you all so much! ♥♥

    xoxo laurie

  14. awwww...such a wonderful family...lovely photos, and I am so glad you that you are doing well, and feeling the blessings even right through the hard parts of the path... rah! We have hard times...our kids have hard times, and then we have hard times all over again....but God is good. He is faithful...the bad is not bad...only looks that way. He WILL work it all for good. Hugs to you Debbie. So glad you are coming along. :-) :-) :-) :-)