Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Decor, or memories?

Brrrrr. It's one of those rainy, windy, damp, and dreary days here at the Lakehouse.
One of those days that is good for curling up in your favorite chair, covering up with an old, worn quilt, and watching a favorite movie....like "Lonesome Dove", or "Sarah Plain and Tall".
I think that's what I'll do.
Before that...I walked through the kitchen and dining room this morning...taking random shots of things here and there.
Remember the plate stand my daughter gave me? It was gold. Some of you suggested painting it white, or grey.  So.....I sprayed on a coat of aqua first, then two coats of white. While the white paint was still wet, I pulled my finger over it in a few places.

The white gave way to the aqua and gold.....giving the effect of aged copper, with a beautiful patina.
 Having the rack on the butcher block, full of white dishes not only is convenient, but gives me the memory of my daughter, Erin, and her thoughtfulness. It warmed my heart to think that she was looking for something special...just for me.
The next picture made me remember my grandpa. The little wooden box in the background was his. He kept old coins in it.  The striped towel is from my sweet sis, Laurie...just because.

This vintage pie safe was snagged at the antique market with Laurie.
I realized that the French tag hanging on the handle was made by Donna at My Shabby Chateau...another "just because" gift.
 Pieces of ironstone collected over the years. Reminding me of our 1848 farmhouse we lived in when the girls were little.

The dried roses our oldest son and his family sent to me during my recovery last winter.(they were fresh when I got them..LOL)
I realized that the bowls on the farmhouse cupboard belonged to my dear friend Debbie. She and Joe recently moved to Florida.

Lace and linen draped over the mantel I bought from Debbie before her move to Florida.
Seashells found everywhere in the Lakehouse. Reminders of the wonderful vacation spent on Sanibel Island with Laurie and Rog.
This cute little basin I received from Laurie the last time we visited Heaven's Walk. I realized the French tag hanging on the ball jar lamp filled with white buttons(from Debbie) is from Tracey from My Petite Maison.
I noticed Kayla(granddaughter) in the family portrait can be seen in the background.

Linens, grain sacks, seed bags, lampshade bones, locker basket...all treasures picked up at the market with Laurie, and also Michelle from Emerald Cove.  Reminding me of eating fried pickles, and drinking diet Pepsi.

A much sought after crown, found while shopping with Debbie from Green Willow Pond just last week!
I wasn't thinking of anything in particular while snapping random shots this morning. Only after going through the pictures did I realize each one had a memory in it.
Maybe I'm not just a collector of "junque" after all.
Maybe I'm a collector of memories.
What I thought were pieces collected for home decor...turned out to be pieces that hold special memories of special people.
How about you?
Look around you today.
Are the pieces you decorate with just decorations? Or do they remind you of someone that has a special place in your heart? 
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  1. oh such lovely photos Debbie ! Love the way your plate rack turned out and all your other bits and pieces...YUM !

    Have you thought of a name for your new baby yet ?? soooo cute x
    Gail x

  2. Hi Debbie,
    I love how you always weave such wonderful memories along with your treasures! Love all of your great finds and mementos, the shells, locker basket, and that awesome basin from Laurie. Oh, and it touched my heart to see the tag I made you (that I had since forgotten about sending you!!)!
    Your plate rack turned out great, what a wonderful idea! Have a great day!!!

  3. I love your vintage pie safe,and your ironstone is gorgeous!


  4. Such pretty little snapshots of your kitchen in the morning, and great reminders of friends and family. I really like the idea of dragging some of the paint of the plate rack to show hints of the aqua. We are also having a cool and rainy afternoon. I would have loved to stay home and curl up with a movie, but instead drove to work as usual with foggy windows. Yuck.

  5. Your plate stand turned out just perfect! I loved seeing all of your memories. We must be a lot alike...I never thought of it until I read your post, I decorate with memories for sure! Most everything I have has a memory too, old or new.
    Thanks for the neat post!!!
    xoxo Faye

  6. beautiful pics! i love your pie safe esp. and the finish on your plate stand is awesome:)

  7. What a great collection, Debbie!
    Isn't it funny what objects bring back fond memories of our childhood? Thanks for sharing.
    xxx Liz

  8. I love this post, Debbie. I have a hard time getting rid of things that have memories attached to them...and so many things do, don't they? I love that you have so many beautiful pieces...so many wonderful memories...so much love stored up in the LakeHouse! You are blessed indeed! xo Diana

  9. I am loving all your whites Debbie. So pretty and romantic.


  10. Beautiful pictures, Debbie!!
    Many of my pieces have memories too.

  11. What beautiful treasures and memories they are. I love surrounding myself with special things that bring back joy.
    I might have to find another fried pickle for you, gosh those were good. :)
    Enjoy your day sweetie!

  12. Love this post Debbie...guess I'll be looking at things different this afternoon as I putter around the house!

  13. What a wonderful way to explain what we all must feel about our "stuff". We collect memories along with the things and that's what makes them priceless. Wonderful post!

  14. A lovely post by a lovely lady! It's so neat that so much of your home evokes great memories. I love the new finish on your plate rack!

    I am now kicking myself for not buying one of those crown bottle toppers. I have some green glass bottles that it would have been perfect for. Oh, well, I can always pop over here and enjoy yours!

    It's late and you are probably already asleep, so have a great day tomorrow! {{{hugs}}}

  15. Hi Debbie-love all your photos of your treasures!
    All of them are right up my alley. And yes, that is the best part of collecting-the memories that go along with the things found through the years.

  16. Oh Debbie, what a sweet post! I love how so many of your treasures fondly remind you of a person or place. It is true that we 'collect' memories more than junque. You've got some beautiful memories and treasures to go with them!
    By the way, congratulations on winning Sandi's giveaway! I've embroidered your towel and it was mailed today!
    - Susan from Evelyn and Rose

  17. Everything looks beautiful Debbie. I love that you have so many wonderful memories weaved into your decor. What a great way to decorate!