Friday, November 20, 2015

Coloring books for grown ups.

Do you like to color, or did you enjoy coloring when you were young?
Maybe it's because I have grandchildren, or because I love painting....I love coloring.
I especially like using colored pencils, because it's easier for me to shade, and blend.
I am NOT an artist....but I do enjoy sitting down and coloring.

I find it difficult to sit still while watching TV.
I need to be doing something with my hands.
That's why I like silk ribbon embroidery. I can accomplish something while sitting with the TV going.

I found these "coloring books for grown ups" at Hobby Lobby, and TJMaxx.
They are inexpensive, and the colored pencils were right with the books at Hobby Lobby.
It depends on how detailed you are, but these pictures took me some time to finish...and I wasn't even being as detailed as I could have been!

There are many different books, pictures, and subjects to choose from.
Each book has a lot of pictures. They will keep you busy for quite a while.

You can use crayons, markers, pencils, paints, or chalks(which I am going to use for blending on the next picture I color.)
What is nice about can do as much, or as little as you want. No deadline. It's just a relaxing hobby for anyone with the spare time to do
It's not like a one has to see it, other than you. You can be as creative as you want with it. You can even add some glitter....Donna???
Have a fun weekend!


  1. Debbie,
    I will seek out some of these coloring books. My Grand Gabrielle who turns 20 on December 11 will love these. Me too with doing something while watching TV I draw during shows. I too love colored pencils.

  2. My Daughter has some of those and they are so pretty. I just may have to get me one. Love your desk.

  3. Debbie, I love your colorings. This is the book for my oldest granddaughter...she has always loved coloring books. I miss coloring with her on their old enclosed porch. Seirra and I spent many a rainy day doing that. She's 28 years old now. She'll be home for Christmas this year, I think I get her one of these books and new pencils. Thank you for this idea. My friend I saw where snow is headed your way also. You may get more pages done this weekend. Stay warm and safe. Love you, Susie

  4. Hi Debbie
    Love your coloring books. Your shading is just amazing*** I have a bunch of coloring books for adults. I have been coloring for years.
    Cant seem to stop :) I like using pencils the best but would love to try watercolor on some. I am like you, I can't sit still when I watch TV. I have to be doing something
    enjoy your weekend Debbie

  5. I loved seeing your coloring books you chose, I was just looking at some at Joanne's Fabric store, and they were all of a Hindu Motif and I just want some sweet girl'y type, and something pretty.
    Well I guess it is all the rave this year. I will be checking out Hobby Lobby. This really is a great gift for us older girls! I also have been Ribbon Embroidering, thanks to you! xoxo Roxy

  6. How fun, Debbie! You did a beautiful job using your colored pencils. I would spend hours upon hours coloring in my books when I was a little girl. I also loved paint by numbers! It cracks me up that they have become "collectible" now! And you are so right, just add a dusting of glitter and you are good to go:)

  7. Hi Debbie, well you are an artist. Just look at your work and all the gorgeous shading. You go girl. I know this is all the rage and has been for some time. I was looking at some at Micheal's and I know I will get one and color away. I can't sit still at night watching TV either. I have to have something in my lap. I guess I'm more of a TV listener, then TV watcher. LOL
    Have a great weekend~ xo

  8. How fun are these Debbie. I love to color and color with my granddaughter all the time. Such a great find. Happy week end.

  9. I remember doing these as posters in the 70's and I used thin magic markers. They were fab.

    They are suddenly quite the rage. My mom even signed up for a class to do some at the library.

    Have a great weekend. We're getting snow tonight! Woo-hoo!!

  10. My daughter bought one of these and brought it over a couple of weeks ago. She bought "paint markers". I had never seen them before. They look like an ordinary pen but have a little brush where the point would be. The work beautifully and don't "bleed" through at all. We had a lot of fun sitting with the girls one afternoon and coloring. They are quite complex pictures and fun to do--a no-brainer that keeps your hands occupied and you can watch TV, etc. while doing it. Fun post, Debbie. xo Diana

  11. Barnes and Noble carry these too. I got some to give as Christmas gifts. Hmmm...I should get one for me too.

  12. I've seen these books...I like the first and last pages you did, so many I see are like psychedelic art from the 60's! Have you ever worked with watercolor pencils? You can use them dry for deeper color or wet to sort of get a watercolor effect that you can sort of swirl around---very fun. If you can't find them in a craft store you can probably go to Dick Blick online. I used to dabble in watercolors and oils. These pencils were fun.

    Hope all is well with you!

    Jane x

  13. Those would be great framed and hanging on a wall ! Lovely colors you choose. I too like to keep my hands busy watching TV on these long evenings...knitting. I don't do much in the summertime at all but when it's cold outside I get a lot done. Hope you have a wonderful weekend !

  14. Hi lovely. I love these books too, they were gifted to me and I do love getting lost in coloring. I too just made a post about this in October, but your post is so much prettier, I must work on that :D.
    I too work at a white secretary desk and have my pencils in a blue jar lolol.....but your space is so dreamy...thanks for posting and inspiring.

  15. You are a great artist! You coloring books are gorgeous. I love to color too, especially with my little son.

  16. The books are popular here too but I still like to colour on the cards I create. Coloured pencils and chameleon markers are my favourites to use.

  17. Debbie, I just purchased a beautiful set of coloring books for someone for Christmas. I'm so excited because I know she will enjoy them and it will give her those moments of calm so needs in her life. Coloring is so relaxing! Enjoy! Cindy xoxo

  18. How fun! I do love these, especially the "no deadline" aspect! :)

    Thank you for your well wishes over at my little blog, Debbie.
    Sending hugs,