Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sissie and JDL

Good Sunday morning to you.
It's bright and sunny here at the lake this morning.
The Nuthatches and Chickadees are busy at the feeders, filling up on seed, getting ready for the cold weather ahead.
I know I've shared my angel wings with you before, but I wanted to let you know about the blogger that I bought them from.

I'm sure you know her.....Sissie, from Sissie's Shabby Cottage.
She's one of the first bloggers that I started following when I joined the blogging community.
Sissie is a very talented a creative lady.
Her home is gorgeous!
She is kind beyond words....and I just love her style.....not just decor wise, but as a person, too!

Sissie sells items from the Jeanne d' Arc Living line.
The pieces for your home are beautiful!
I ordered this lovely pillow slip, with it's wonderful detailing, and was recently gifted with another (from Sissie) with another. The workmanship in the product is amazing!
I LOVE the lace angel wings I ordered from her, too!
They will definitely be a part of my Christmas decor this year.

I'm using an idea that I saw on Sissie's blog for the wings...using a rosary made by Kerrie at Seawashed....another talented artist met through blogging.
You can see a scarf from JDL with the wings, and rosary as part of the vignette.
Part of the JDL clothing line.
I've ordered three tunics from the clothing line, and LOVE them all!
The shoulder bag is a stunner, and I've received many compliments on that.
Sissie sells her JDL pieces through her etsy store. 
It's a quick and easy process, and I personally guarantee you will be pleased with your purchase.
I have not been asked, or compensated to do this post. I am doing it because I LOVE this classy lady, and am so pleased with the line of merchandise she sells.
Enjoy your day!!!


  1. Debbie,
    I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the wonderful photos and compliments on me, my blog and the Jeanne d'Arc products...actually I'm blushing.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are so sweet and kind. And, always will be a favorite of mine. We go back a long ways in the land of Blogging and I'm so thankful that we are friends.


  2. Hi Debbie
    What beautiful Wings and those pillow covers are just gorgeous. I will go over and check out Sissie. I love the way the rosary looks with those wings. So pretty. Have a great day Debbie

  3. Hi Debbie,
    The wings and pillow are beautiful! Sissie is one of the very first blogs I started following, too! She is great and so sweet and talented. Love your gorgeous vignettes!

  4. Oh- I just LOVE Sissie...and I just won a wonderful bag from her and will do a post about it this week. She is as sweet as she is lovely. There is another blogger I would love to meet in person. xo Diana

  5. Hi Debbie,
    Pretty wings and pillow and all looks gorgeous in your home. I am not familiar with Sissie I will check out her blog and etsy store. I admire your vignette with the lace, wings and rosary, very peaceful.

  6. The angle wings and the pillows are gorgeous, my dear Debbie! I' ll check out Sissie, thanks for the suggestion. Yor pictures are so soothing and sweet.

  7. I adore those Angel wings and the pillow is absolutely gorgeous also! I saved Sissie's Etsy shop a while back when you mentioned it to me, I'll definitely have to put a few things on my Christmas list from there:) Your display looks perfect!

    I'm totally drooling over that screen/room divider too!!! I've been looking for one for years now but have never come across one that I like which also fits my budget. I saw one in Ikea yesterday but meh, it wasn't that nice!

    Have a lovely Monday:)

  8. Angel wings and lace go together perfectly. Hope your Monday is off to a great start. Looks like a beautiful day here!

  9. Good Morning Debbie,
    I got those wings too from Sissie and love them. I am adding them to my decor this holiday. Love how pretty they look in your vignette. I also saw the post at Diana's on your magazine spread. Woooo Hooooo so excited for you. I am going today to see about getting that magazine. I have never seen your whole house and cannot wait to swoon over the pictures. Congrats so deserving of this honor. Have a great new week ahead.

  10. Hi! Just found your blog from Diana's site and congratulations on getting your photos in the magazine! I absolutely love this style and I'm your newest follower, you have a lovely blog. Looking forward to following along! Have a lovely day!


  11. Your Vignette with the table top bifold laced screan and all the beauty you have added to it wows! It's a wonderful back drop to your sofa and could so be seen in a JDA magazine, I feel like I am looking at it from their magazine. I love the old coloumn I do have a thing for them and would love to add one to my home, but here in Ca. They are snagged up and carry a hefty price tag for them. Hope to one day find that perfect tear down where one is mine for the taking.
    Your assortment of candle sticks are great, again a wonderful surface to build and layer upon!
    I am looking forward to Christmas here it will really look like your home should be in JDA it's the wonderful laying of that vibe we all love so dearly.
    I need to go check out sissie and what she carries.

    Will see you soon and all the holiday inspiration.
    I want to mention, I am happy to hear you are feeding the wildlife, our sweet feathered friends need more food during the winter months where snow, and cold make it so much harder for them to feed and water. We have our feeders full and go through pounds of seed to keep them happy :)


  12. oh it's all just perfect Debbie ! The angel wings are gorgeous and I think they will be out for more than just Christmas !! enjoy your we have such stormy wet weather and the days are dark already.....Gail x

  13. Your vignettes are lovely as always! And congratulations on being featured in the Romantic Homes magazine! You deserve this special honor :) Hope you are having a wonderful week :)

  14. This is beautiful! I love Sissie's site too and yes she is the kindest person. I have bought 2 of her JDL dress/tunics, and am coveting that pillow slip like you wouldn't believe. Kerrie's site is how I found her. :D:D:D Everything looks wonderful!

  15. oh my goodness Debbie! I ADORE YOUR NEW PHOTO OF YOU! You look like the beloved Woods Witch of White Magic and Benevolence! Sooooooo beautiful you are both inside and out ! ...

  16. Such lovely pieces, Debbie! I have been away for a bit of time, but read that your beautiful home was recently featured in a magazine. Congratulations, so happy for you! Hope you share the details with us! Blessings, Cindy

  17. Thank you Debbie for including my Seawashed Rosary with the JDL angel wings. It really is beautiful. I love Sissie. She has been the kindest friend to me. I have purchased so much JDL products from her. I love everything! I have the beautiful lace scarf and shawl too. The wings just arrived and will be the highlight of my Christmas decor this year. The gentleness that Jeanne D Arc Living inspires is a true gift to me.