Sunday, November 22, 2015

The first snowfall.

We received our first snowfall here at the lake.
Our totals didn't add up to what everyone else received in the surrounding areas of Michigan. We have just enough to let us know that Winter has arrived. 

With the sun bouncing off the open water, plus the snow covered ground, it was brighter than usual this morning.

The first snowfall of the season is always a treat.

You can't help but feel the anticipation of the upcoming holiday season.

You slip on that old comfy robe from last Christmas, your heavy socks, and fluffy slippers...then put some water on for some hot tea.
You might even turn on a Christmas song....or two.
Enjoying that first snowfall here at the Lakehouse......


  1. Debbie, Your snow looks prettier than ours...we got too much. LOL. The snow hides all the deris and makes the blue skies seem even bluer. Wishing you and yours a wonderful thanksgiving day filled with love and good food. Bless you my dear friend, love, Susie

  2. Love that first picture for its frostiness !

  3. I did almost what you did - heavy socks, baked a cake and put on a big pot of hot tea. Plus my favorite flannel shirt. We got 11" of snow yesterday!

    Enjoy your evening. xo

  4. Glad you are enjoying it, Debbie. We still have not had ANY SNOW here yet. That is unbelievable for us. xo Diana

  5. Hi Debbie
    How fun to have your first snowfall. All of your pictures are just so pretty* I really enjoyed them
    We have not had snow here in Ct yet. We are having a very mild Fall and the leaves are still amazing. Enjoy your snowy day and Happy Thanksgiving Debbie

  6. Yep, I've got my fleecy robe on and fuzzy socks, and we have a fire in the fireplace. Love your pretty pictures. We really got dumped on here, we never get this much so early!

  7. Debbie,
    Your photos are always relaxing ... Looking out at the Lake and seeing snow it is peaceful. We haven't had any snow yet. I find joy with the falling of snow at night, how it blankets the ground with pristine whiteness and quiets everything in a magical world of nature's beauty.

  8. I just LOVE looking at all your pretty things!! Just beautiful!

  9.'s beautiful! Can I come over and make some snow angels:) Those glasses in the first pic are gorgeous too! Your stunning sachets look sooooo amazing all piled in the basket, you've become a real pro:) Just lovely!

  10. Your snow looks so pretty there at the lake. Here we got only a little dusting. But more will come, of that I have no doubt. Keeping warm and cozy inside, it always looks pretty outside. Thanks for sharing beautiful view!

  11. Beautiful snowfall Debbie. Enjoy the early snow and Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.
    Blessings xo

  12. Very romantic and relaxing snowfall in your beautiful cottage!I love to see all your pretty things.

  13. Hi my friend!
    I do enjoy the first snow fall...but I can wait! Your photos are so pretty and I love your header too! Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. You have such a beautiful home and I adore your view.Two days ago we had alot of snow ,but it all melted away again :(.Stay warm and cozy.

  15. Much awaited photo post of your snow on my end, it just is divinely peaceful, such a grand day here giving of thanks for all the blessings and to share it with your beauty, I would love to be your neighbor perhaps the White House with those grand pines in your window view :)

    We are expecting a much colder winter then we have had in some years now, in fact so much so we really thought a bit of frost would blanket our home, I know it's not snow as one would wish, but we will take any bit of white we can get.

    Enjoy the beauty of your white Giving of Thanks.

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    I am off to cook now!


  16. wow it looks so pretty inside and out Debbie ! over here it is rain rain rain so not looking very Christmassy yet ! hope you had a nice thanksgiving ...I'm just finishing my advent candle holder ready for Sunday ....have a nice weekend.....Gail x

  17. Debbie, Hi I love your house. I live in Hasting Mi. so I know about snow, lol . I just wanted you to know I grew up in Houghton Lake, did you go to school there.

    1. Hello Linda....I grew up in the Grand Rapids area, and we moved to Houghton Lake about fifteen years ago. I work at Kronners Pharmacy. Maybe we know some of the same people! thank you for stopping by, and leaving your comment. I couldn't find an email address to reply to, so I went this route.
      Have a good week.


  18. so Lovely Debbie ! tell me about your fabric strips did you make that ? are the ends sewn ?
    thank you for sharing Lorraine