Friday, November 13, 2015

One day at a time.

First of all, I'd like to thank Diana (from Nana Diana Takes a Break) for her post about the feature in Romantic Country Magazine.
That was very kind of you, dear friend.
Second, for the suggestion from Tessa to make the images a little smaller to fit in with the format of my blog.
I am open to any suggestions that will improve the overall appearance of the blog. So....please let me know if this looks better.....I appreciate your honesty dear lady.

The flowers from the garden that have been drying were ready to finish the wreath hanging over the mantle.
I showed you the partially finished version.
This is how it looks now.
I am happy with the way it turned out.

The lack of sunshine has me in a melancholy mood these days.
With the holidays approaching, reminders of my niece have been creeping in my mind.
My sister is going through some difficult days....missing her daughter.

We talk on the phone (she lives in Washington state) many times for encouragement.
I cannot imagine being in her position.
Needing some connection, a word, a photo, any little detail to keep that person alive in your heart.

We try to capture memories, and hold them tight....not wanting them to escape our minds eye.
If we could just keep them from fading away.......
I think that's why we talk about our loved ones so much.
To keep those memories alive in our hearts and minds.
So they don't become lost.
We hold on tight to the funny things, and let go of the sadness.....slowly.
There is no time limit on grief.
Until we've grieved, we will muddle through the sadness with the freshness of our loss. Yet laugh about the silly times we remember. The times that seem like yesterday. We will reinforce the fun, and hold those days captive in our hearts, until they take over the day at a time.
My love to my sister, Denise.


  1. Debbie, I am sending a big hug to your sister..I am so sorry for . You are remember a loved..with love...and that is what all of us be loved and remembered. You are so right the grieving's different for all of us. But I have never lost a child nor do I ever want to ...that would have to be the worst ache.
    I love your finished wreath, a lovely reminder of your summer garden. It will help you thru the cold days of winter. I am going to look for the magazine with your article in , I will get my daughters one also. Bless you my friend, Love, Susie

  2. Debbie, My comment is scrambled somewhat...don't know what happened. Sorry. I meant to say I am sorry for your loss. and that you were remembering the child with love. I'll try to prove read better. xoxo,Susie

  3. Dear Debbie,
    I love your dried flower wreath, it is beautiful. Your feature article was most enjoyable to be able to view your lovely Lakehouse. Debbie we have shared many heartfelt emails regarding loss ... Holidays as you wrote as the most difficult. I feel a deep bond with you. I still can not bear to open the storage tubs of past Christmas decorations, yet too painful. So this year in memory of my son who's favorite day was Christmas I'm going simple... Live rustic, lots of little living trees and Chris loved elves so I purchased one funny one from Olive and Cocoa and that's my decorations I have planned.
    My heart is linked with your Sisters and yours as we are Sisters in loss that we hold memories alive in our hearts and a feel the ache in our souls. Please give your Sister an additional soul touching hug from me. Tell her about my purchase of a star in memory of my son, it guides me to sleep every night, he shines bright.
    Sending love,

  4. Grief is so different for every person. And, sometimes, just when you think you have a handle on it and it is tamed--it bounds up the steps to your door and is standing there when you open it. I am so sorry for your sister and for her-because not only do you mourn for losing your niece, you feel your sister's pain, too.
    Your wreath is beautiful--as is everything you do!
    Your pictures look great sized to the blog now and you are most welcome for the little promo I did for you. xo Diana

  5. Grief... a such a difficult thing to bear... and I know that with the upcoming holiday season and that empty chair around the table... almost too much to bear. I can't imagine the heartache and how difficult this is for your sister. My heart goes out to both of you. How are the children doing? Such a bittersweet thing in that you are happy the children have a place to be loved and cared for, but sad for the loss that made it so. I hope the beautiful wreath that you created will bring you joy as you look upon it. And so thankful for the joy of your home being highlighted in a magazine too! I am praying for you Debbie, for your sister, the children, and the family and children are living with, for a special peace and presence from the Lord during the holidays.

  6. Dear Friend, The grief as you said has no time limits, and everyone does it a bit differently. Your words are a bit like your flowered wreath, they are still bringing comfort and a beauty to all who see or hear about it. The holidays always make things that have been tucked away in my heart, seem to reappear and cause me to ponder and remember. Praying for you all...
    Hugs, And In His Love, Roxy

  7. Debbie, I found your blog through Jill's. I am so sorry for your loss. May God comfort you all with sweet memories and His love.

  8. My heart breaks for your sister. There are no words to express such sorrow. All we can do is pray that God comforts her. xo

  9. I think the first year is the hardest when you lose someone after that it is all the holidays and birthdays that are hard. My prayers are with you and your Sister.

  10. Hi Debbie
    Your wreath is just gorgeous* I love it.
    I have been praying for you and your sister everyday. I can't imagine what you all are going through. It has to be the hardest thing, to loose a niece but to loose a daughter, that is just too much for me to even think about. I will continue to pray for you all. Enjoy your weekend Debbie

  11. Dear Debbie, I am so sorry for the time and place your sister is walking. We all carry this burden at some time in our life. It is not an easy journey and different for us all. Your sister's pain is shared with you and thank God she has you to lean on and open her heart. My heart goes out to your sister, and for you both, my prayers remain in place. God is reaching down his hand to your sister and the other hold the hand of her daughter. They will forever be linked till heaven brings them together one day.

    Your wreath is gorgeous and congrats again on your beautiful feature.
    Sending you BIG TEXAS HUGS!!

  12. Dear Debbie,
    I'm so terribly sorry for your loss and for your Sister's loss of her precious daughter. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain she is going through and my heart breaks for her. I know that you are there to help her through her grief and sorrow. God Bless you both.


  13. November tends to be a very forlorn kind of month. We say good bye to the lovely fall color and trees are bare and every looks dark and grey. November for me meant the loss of my dear husband over 20 years ago now and also a dear little grandson a few years ago too. I'm thankful for my family that holds me together with their love and makes the world a lot brighter. We have learned to treasure each day. I do believe we never truly loose those we love as we hold them close in our hearts. Your flowers are beautiful and the settings you have placed them in seem perfect. One day at a time is all any of us has, so we need to be thankful for it and do the best we can with what we have.

  14. It is such a difficult time to go through. I remember my sister's and mother's smiles and hugs, which is the only way I can continue on without them. Much love to you and your sister's family.


  15. Hi Debbie,
    I'm sorry this is such a difficult time for you and for your sister. The holidays seem to make things seem even sadder, and as you know, the first year is always the hardest. I hope her kids are doing ok, and that the memory of their mom is kept alive for them.

    Love your gorgeous dried flowers! And of course your feature in RC magazine!!! You rock:)
    Oh, I thought the larger photos on your blog were great, I actually prefer those!! Guess everyone has different opinions. Big hugs, sweet friend!

  16. Sweet words for your dear sister, and each of us who has lost a love! Blessings to you, Cindy

  17. Good Morning Debbie,
    Hugs to you and your sister. I cannot even imagine what it is like to lose a daughter. Such heart break for your sister. Glad she has memories to help sustain her. The holidays are the saddest time when you have lost a loved one.

  18. Your dried flower wreath is lovely and I think your blog format has always been perfect. I can't even imagine what your sister's going through, I was actually thinking about your niece the other day. I've been following the story of Joey and Rory Feek, Joey was DX'd with cancer last year and it spread to her colon, she's only 40 and is now on hospice care. So very sad and it made me think of your niece:(

    With the Christmas and Thanksgiving holidays approaching, it's got to be so much more difficult for your sister. Hopefully the little ones are doing well and can bring some joy into the season! Hugs!

  19. Dear Debbie, i' m so sorry for the loss for your sister and for you. I ' ll pray for you and for your sister with all my love. Your dried flower wreath is fairy.

  20. So very sorry for your family's loss. It is always so difficult on a regular basis but holidays sure do make it even harder. I've lost quite a few people way before their time and it never gets easier. My heart and prayers go out to you. I absolutely love your wreath, it turned out so lovely. Have a wonderful day!


  21. Sorry to hear that your grey days have added to your melancholy feelings of loss.
    I know this feeling so very well. I often think of how small my family is, and how much smaller it is getting. I spend my holidays here alone with my daughter and son, a sister in the northern part and a mother who is not well enough to even to travel. I lost my father at a young age and family holidays just don't happen around here. They are quiet and never taken for granted.

    A dear friend of mine is fighting for her life battling cancer and it makes me look at life as to the smaller things then the big material wants. It's all about giving love and making someone's day brighter with us here.
    I am saddened that your sister has to embrace memories rather then her daughters hug. But know that her daughter is never far from her and is embracing her gently, wrapping herself around her moms heart gently walking her into life.

    I lived quite a few years in Washington State, I love the rain, the greyer days, and the summers filled with wonder if it will be a good weather day for lake side camp-outs or functions.
    It's a beautiful state to be in and would love to move back there again.

    Your photos are quiet, and brave, the notes wrapped in dried twigs of golden is really soulful, and the dried floral wreath brightens your greyer days.
    A beautiful heartfelt post in how your days and sisters days are filled with a lonely heart.
    Prayer of comfort, that you and your sister are wrapped with love the messages of love she shows you daily.

    Soon your tree with be trimmed and the beauty of your snow filled days will inspire a new season. I am looking forward to all you share.
    A special thought of pray I will send up for your sister this holiday season.

    May you and your sister find comfort in your days ahead.

    Bless you my dear


  22. Hello Debbie ....I always love your photos whatever size ! sending you much love and prayers...tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary of my cousins death ...she was only 40 and left a little I know how heartbreaking it is....thinking of you dear friend....Gail x