Monday, April 12, 2021

So Happy to Be Back at Church!!

I'd like to share with you, something that's been on my heart, since we were unable to attend church for a few weeks, because of illness.
A few of our members, including myself, were sick.
Our church closed for a time, and recently reopened when it was safe for people to gather together safely again.

I not only missed the people, I missed hearing the Word of God! I missed the prayer time, as a group. I missed the fact that where two or more are gathered, in His Name, there He is also.  I missed the praise and worship time.
I understand that these things can be done in my home, yet meeting together, as a body of believers, reminds me of the disciples when they would meet in the "upper room".  A group of believers, gathering together for one share the Good News of Jesus Christ!!

It feels that way on Saturday mornings at our women's meetings, also.  A small group of women, gathered together with hearts seeking after God.

Sometimes people become discouraged with the leadership of a church, or because of some other conflict, or problem they may feel they have concerning the church they attend.  We often lose focus on the Word being taught, and we zero in on a person.  Unfortunately, man falls short of the glory everyday....WE ALL do!!!! that's where 1John 1:9 comes in...If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
If something needs to be addressed, there are steps to take to make sure issues are addressed properly....churches need to be in order.
Don't just leave without letting your Pastor know what is on your heart.

I am so thankful we are able to attend services again! Our church is our "family". 
The people there not only pray for us, they also keep us accountable.
We are loved.

It is not a place we go to when we need to feel good about ourselves....It's the place we go to hear the truth!
Sometimes, the truth comes as conviction for choices that are not lined up with (what I know in my heart) what is pleasing to the Holy Spirit.
The Sword of the Spirit is a double edged sword...on one side it Comforts, and on the other, it Convicts.
Whatever I need....God meets me where I am!
Praise God that we are able to attend our church again! 
I hope you are blessed to have a place to praise and worship, and hear the Word of God taught!!
AND fellowship!


  1. I enjoyed your post Debbie, thank you for sharing your heart with us.
    I enjoyed the photos too.

  2. Love your posts and your heart. Thanks for sharing. Always love to see your pretty cottage on the lake. Have a good week. xoxo

  3. A joy to visit, sadly our Church has been closed for sometime due to the pandemic and although we have zoom meetings for prayer meetings and bible study it is not the same as meeting together. We are hopeful we will be able to attend soon. So nice to the photos of your beautiful lake cottage.

  4. I agree it is so good to be back in church again. It was wonderful we could have online services when we couldn't go, but my church is now open again too. Ou pastor thinks many will not return since they've gotten used to the convenience of streaming on line. I hope they all are able to return. There is just can beat being here in person. The church is the people that attend and we all need each other. My church is like home to me and I've been going there for over 50 years and missed it so.

  5. Debbie, I am glad you feel comfortable in gathering again, whether in church or anywhere. I am not there yet and feel very uncomfortable being around too many people. My home is my church and that makes me feel safe and fulfilled.. I'm glad you are feeling better..Stay well..xxoJudy

  6. I'm so glad you are back where you need to be! Thank you for the sweetest message to me! I enjoy the community of people online as well. It seems that often people can express more from the heart in writing. So much goodnesss is shared. I wish a lovely spring for you in your beautiful cottage. J.