Monday, April 5, 2021

Spring at Lakehouse.

It has been ages since I have done a post here.  I had to clean things up a bit before doing this post. Some hackers got in and left some pretty icky stuff. I have issues with blogger anyway...not being able to leave comments at other blogs, and trying to do posts for the past few months....we will see how this goes.
As you can see, nothing much has changed here at the Lakehouse. My decor is the same.
Last summer was really busy with our grandkids being here for most of the summer.

We did paint the outside of the place, and the living room, and dining room walls. Jim redid the downstairs bathroom. I like the way it turned out.

I don't have the large dollhouse anymore. The furniture is now housed in the primitive farm cupboard. It looks sweet with twinkle lights in the evenings. I still have the two smaller houses, however.

I am still drawn to vintage linens, and dishes.
I have ordered a few items from Antique Farmhouse, and Decor Steals the past months.
After putting the Easter decorations away, I will show pics of some of the things I've purchased.

Kerryanne, from Shabby Art Boutique, has the most wonderful paper crafting club! I joined in the Fall, and have been busy ever since! 
You will have to check out her site.

I've also purchased more artwork from Christy Rapasy.  Who doesn't love her roses???
I trust the weather where you are has improved since Spring has arrived. The ice is off the canals, and the ducks and geese are back...noisy and messy as ever!!


  1. Well everything looks lovely and cozy, I enjoy having my treasures within my home! Our homes are a reflection of our hearts and our minds, but it also can reveal our spiritual maturity! Because sometimes something just has to go! I also look forward to Spring things, working in the yard and just being outside 🦋 So glad you got your Blog up and running smoothly! We can only post as we feel inspired! Will be praying...
    Hugs Roxy xoxo

  2. Hi Deb. I always love seeing your pretty house. I bet you are getting excited with the lake and summer almost ready for fun. Hope you had a good Easter. xoxo Kris

  3. I was so happy to se a post from you! I do so love your Lakehouse and I linger long over every single photo!! You did a lot with the painting and bathroom remodel! I hope to see you here again soon!! You were missed!

  4. Your home is beautiful and truly a reflection of you. I love everything about Spring and really enjoyed your Easter post too. Spring is natures way of saying Let's Party!

  5. A joy to see that you have done a post and thrilled to revisit your beautiful home. Sadly there has been snow and frigid temperatures but I am hopeful that Spring is coming.