Friday, March 22, 2019


Let's talk.
What are you doing with your spare time?
What do you have that can be used?
What are your passions?
What talents do you have?

What would you do if you had 30 days to do whatever you wanted?
What could you share?
Use what you have.
What do you have that could benefit someone else?
Have you answered any of these questions?

Easter is a time of rebirth, and renewal.
A time of commitment....and change.
We make a decision.
A decision to change.
1John 1:9 says If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
We accept the fact that Jesus died as the sacrificial lamb, on the cross, for our sins. We ask Him to reside in our hearts as our Lord and Savior.
We live as Christ lived....with a servants heart, filled with grace and mercy toward others...keeping our eyes heavenward, with the hope for eternal life with Jesus Christ.

What can we do to serve?
Are there needs in your community, or church?
Do you like to cook, or bake for others?
Do you like writing encouraging cards, or letters?
How about taking someone shopping, or to a doctor appointment, or even just for a walk?
Maybe spend an evening playing cards with a lonely person.
Visit a nursing home, or hospital.

Pray about it, and ask God to use you in a ministry where your gifts and talents would best be used.

Step out of your comfort zone, and volunteer for something that you have never done before.

If nothing else, be a prayer warrior.
Pray for your family and friends, or community.

It is my fervent expectation that your Easter season is filled with joy, and a longing in your heart for a renewed relationship with Jesus our Savior.

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Dollhouse obsession

This dollhouse hobby has become an obsession!
It's kind of crazy, but so fun.
There are quite a few people that are into this...actually, there are ALOT of people that are doing this!!
Some of the houses I've seen online are unbelievably beautiful!! It's amazing how much they look like "real" houses!!
I'm having fun chatting with Amy Chalmers about dollhouse miniatures. Amy has given me lots of information as to where I can find items to fill my house.
We both use The Big Book of a Miniature House by Lea Frisoni for making furniture, and fun pieces to decorate with.

My dollhouse is much like my real home....eclectic.  Nothing theme.
If I do another house, I hope I do a better job of putting it together with a little more of a theme from room to room.

I have some things ordered to help make it look filled up.
Amy's dollhouse looks so nice, because every nook and cranny has something in it.
Plus, her house is done all in French decor and is just gorgeous!!
There's even beautiful woodwork around doorways, and windows adding to the authenticity of the look.

I was going for an old cottage look...
Well, I got the "old" part right. lol

I worked on window coverings, and cornice pieces yesterday.
That really helped to make it look more homey in here.
Cutting cubes of French soap for the sinks added some cuteness to the bath and kitchen.
The mister even carved out a sweet, primitive little rolling pin for the kitchen sink.

This bed is the first piece of furniture I made from the book by Lea.
The slanted ceilings remind me of our attic bedrooms here at our cottage.

This is the other bed made from Lea's book.

This will be the garden room.
Right now it seems to be a catch-all room.
The screen door was made from some wood scraps my friend Gisele gave me, along with the little wood box that the bunny is sitting in.
Thank you for stopping by my tiny house.
Have a great weekend.
Big Hugs.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Lucy and Ethel take a trip.

What a whirlwind of a week this has been!
My friend, Gisele, had a trip to Clearwater beach planned and invited me to come along.
Jim and I usually vacation on Sanibel Island, but our plans were cancelled this year.
This is my first visit to Clearwater. I had no idea what to expect.

We are staying on the fifth floor of the Marriott Hotel, and the view is fantastic!
This has been a total change compared to what I am used to.
We are right in the "heart" of it all!!!
We take a trolley whenever we want to go shopping, or out to eat, or just to see the sites.
By the way....the food here is delicious!!!

There are bridges everywhere!!! going back and forth over the bay to the Gulf.
Grand hotels, restaurants, stores, etc. are all along the coast....and white sandy beaches filled with people!!

We did some shelling, and found lots of coral pieces, sponges, and some nice shells to add to our collections.

The night life here is active.....we took the trolley downtown for supper last night, and it was very busy!
People out and about as if it was in the middle of the day!!!
Even dinner boats out on the bay for adventurous souls wanting to make the most of their stay!

Parties always going on around the pool here at the hotel in the evenings.
We would come back to our room after supper, or after a walk to enjoy the balcony and the moon over the water.
I am glad I came here with my friend. The weather has been perfect. Even though the pace here is much more can slow it down if you choose to do so. Just being in the sunshine and warmth has been a blessing, and spending time with my friend has been a real fun experience....finding our way around and navigating through all the traffic and places we've never been before! I feel like we've both accomplished things in our lives that we would never have done if we hadn't taken this trip. Personal triumphs....overcome some fears, doubts, and dumped some of the things that have hindered us from stepping out of our comfort zones...enabling us to experience some spiritual growth in the process. 
You are never too old to do something out of the take a trip to Florida with a girlfriend. Spend a week on a beach and collect shells. Visit a place you've never been with that friend, and ride the trolley to dinner and shopping.  
We might act like Lucy and Ethel at times....but we did this!!!!
I will let you all know when we get home....THAT might be a whole new story...…

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

I caught the bug!!!

As some of you already know from IG, I have caught the bug!
The dollhouse bug.
I bought The Big Book of a Miniature House by Lea Frisoni a few months ago, and had been wanting to build a dollhouse ever since my youngest daughter and granddaughters started working on one.
Then Amy Chalmers was really getting hooked on the habit, as well.
After talking to Amy about the book, I finally decided to try and make the brass bed.
My husband and I went to Hobby Lobby and we got a house, and are working on it....still.
I've had some unfinished dollhouse furniture stashed away over the summer, and am working on that, too. 
This photo is the attic bedroom....not finished...but it's getting there.

After making the brass bed, I worked, and worked, and worked on modifying the baby crib from Lea's book. I wanted a daybed.  Lea's work is impeccable!!! The daybed is finally finished. Not perfect, but I will admit, it turned out okay.
I made a duvet cover, pillows and mattress out of a vintage hankie.
Vintage lace and linens were used for the bedding on the brass bed.
The fireplace in the background was another unfinished piece.
Amy told me about the online Etsy shops that sell dollhouse furniture......oh.....over the weekend I really helped the economy!!! What cute stuff you can find on Etsy!!!

So, sometime next week a tiny UPS truck should be pulling up in front of the dollhouse with a huge delivery of furniture and other tiny décor pieces.
They will be bringing in a stove, fridge, and sink for the kitchen below.
The pieces in this room are more of the unfinished pieces I already had.
The linens were made using a vintage towel, and the valance and doilie were cut from a vintage pillow case trim.

I found these little garden pieces at the dollar store today.
The clay pots will be painted with sand mixed with paint, and splashed with moss green.
The trellis will get a coat of gesso, then white paint and some moss green.
Since we have two bunnies, I had to buy the little rabbits.
Once the outside is finished....these pieces will go around the outside of the house.
The winters here in Michigan are long and brutal. Working on this little house has been a blessing for me. It will take quite a while to get it all finished....but that's part of the fun...right?!
Hopefully you have been keeping busy, and staying warm!!

Monday, January 21, 2019

Hearts for Valentines Day.....hmmmm.

I went around the house looking for some hearts for the upcoming Valentine holiday.....I didn't find much to work with, except for what I already have in a few vignettes.
For loving the romantic style, you would think I would have a few more hearts around here!!

Maybe I should take a trip to Hobby Lobby and pick up a couple of things, huh?!
Or, at least pick up a box of cards and hang them on the fridge like when the kids were little....oh wait.....magnets don't stick to stainless steel!!

Maybe the husband will buy me a dozen red roses, and I can put them on the table in the living room...AAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAA

So anyway, I remembered this sweet little a matter of fact, now that I think about it, I have another one of these!! Oh my, now where did I put the other one???
Awesome, this place will really look festive with TWO pillows!

If you really love Valentine décor, head over to Larissa Jenkins blog. Her house is amazing, and it's all decorated for the holiday in beautiful candles, hearts, and flowers!!

I DID get this little dish last year to add a little pizzaz, and put some chocolates on it for the husband as a nice surprise.
Of course, he never noticed the dish....just ate the chocolate hearts, and left the foil wrappers on top of the dish....

I am so happy to be back in the blogging community!
I have to get back to my blog list, and visit the blogs I used to visit....some haven't posted in forever, and switched over to IG...but there are some that are still blogging. I just have to catch up.
I hope you have a wonderful week! 
We are trapped in some arctic air, so it's VERY cold here!

Monday, January 14, 2019

We're all in this together...quote by Red Green.

I've discovered over the years that when I get caught up in "things" or "stuff",  happiness fades.
My focus is out of whack...and I get a distorted view of what is really important.
I see "things" that I think I want, and after I get those things, the high only lasts for a short while. I find myself wanting, no, needing more "stuff" to make me feel happy again.
I'm like an addict....craving more.
The depression creeps in, slowly, at first.....until it over takes me....

At my worst, I finally cry out to the only person left that I will even talk to......the One that says, I will never leave you nor forsake you Heb.13:5.
He doesn't miraculously take the depression away, but He walks with me...leading and guiding me through it.
With prayer, and refocusing priorities....relationships move back where they belong!!
God takes center stage, and everything else falls into place.
It takes's a process.

When I first started blogging a few years ago, for me, it was all about "décor", "stuff", "things".
Until I made some REAL friendships along the way, did I realize blogging wasn't just about numbers, and comments, and popularity.
I thought the goal was to get your home into a décor magazine!!!
Which was exciting, and nice, and actually humbling.....but the whole mentality around it ruined a (at the time, life long friendship). A friendship that used to be based on being Sisters in Christ!!! 

But all the "stuff" got in the way.
I still have my lovely friendships made through girls know who you are!! Friendships that have blessed me along and through these past few years.
Women that truly care, and love me.

Women that pray for me and my family.  Women that I love.
I know that it's not all about decorating anymore....
yes, I love seeing what people are doing, and scooping up ideas. I like to see what others are doing to their homes that make them happy. I love looking at beautiful things here and on IG.
BUT it's so much more than that!!

It's a learning experience.

You can be as open and honest as you want to be.
You can be as closed off as you choose.
You can be someone that you have always wanted to be.
It's your choice.
You can be all about décor, or all about yourself.
OR, you can even choose to balance the two.....
it's all okay.
Just don't lose yourself along the way.
Su, from Butterfly Bungalow, reminded me to stay true to myself recently....awesome lady....
so that is what I would like to suggest to all of you, too.
As Red Green says....We're all in this together!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Still here, at our cottage.

Whew....this computer has been out of commission for months!!!
Getting it going again took some doing, so I don't know how long it will last.
I have been on IG for the last few months, but have been missing all the blogs, and my blog friends!!
I thought I would start out with this quote by Dr. Seuss.
Be yourself, everyone else is taken......

The reason I like this quote, is because we had our cottage listed 
for the past six months.  We had no offers in all that time. We did
get a lot of comments on the décor, however....and all of it was

I thought when you listed your house, it was the home that was for sale
NOT the contents!!
I don't mean to harp on this, but people were just plain rude!
So.....when our listing ran out, we did not re-list.

For one thing, we couldn't find anything comparable to what we
have.. downstate, and for another thing....God seems to have His
own plans for our lives at the moment.

I did purge a few things, but as you can plainly see, NOT enough
It got to a point when I felt like I was giving up a part of myself.
So......there are some changes, but not a bunch.
Like our sectional sofa.
More practical for our family when they spend time here in 
the summer months.
It might not match the other décor, but that is all a part of
being "yourself".

Sometimes you have to go with what works, and try to "fit" it in.
I will be having a sale in the Spring to sell a few more pieces of furniture, 
and other things that have been here for too long.
After that we are having some painting done, and porches added
to the outside of the house.

One thing that has changed is Cita!! She is part Maine Coon, although you
cannot tell that by her coat.
She is 9 months old and weights 12 1/2 pounds!
Her mother is a tabby cat, and we are thinking(because her siblings had coats like Coon cats, and all have the points on their ears) that the male was Maine Coon.
Cita is a huge kitty!! and tests my patience continually!!
She is, however, very affectionate almost to the point of being obnoxious!!!

I have been baking so much during the cold months....I even take cookies to the kids
at school.   
Oh yes, still doing the teacher's aide thing.
Teaching two Bible studies at the Lion's Den, also.
It's a Christian drug rehabilitation mission north of here.
Funded solely by donations from the community.
I absolutely love it!!!
I prayed for God to give me something...a purpose...directly after we listed our house, the rehab mission opened and needed Bible study teachers. After going in and volunteering, I have been blessed beyond comprehension! Not in a physical In a spiritual sense. I have finally returned to my first love....Jesus. The mission wasn't just for addicts....I feel it was for me, too.
So we are still here at the lakehouse….my cottage. We will enjoy what God has in store for us, and be blessed.....and maybe change a few things...while keeping our hearts intact.
Enjoy the weekend!!