Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another day of floofing.

I'm loving my new schedule at the pharmacy.
Working three days a week is so much better for me physically as well as emotionally.
I'm not feeling as exhausted as I was.
Plus, I can see my family a lot more now.
 Since I love decorating,  having more time to floof here at the lakehouse is another "plus" to working part-time.

 I moved the little mantel from the dining room into the living room.

Mr. Lakehouse was a little confused with the cement urn being brought inside.
I found this piece at the market with Laurie.
Instead of leaving it outside for the winter, I thought it would be nice to bring it in and enjoy it.
The next idea was taken from Faye.
I love how she filled a suitcase with pieces of handmade lace.

I like the gathering of vintage items on the big wall of the living room.

The wicker settee is constantly being floofed.
This time I brought the burlap, and ticking pillows together.
 I'm really happy with this look....for now....haha.

Originally I bought this gauzy throw(from Ikea) for the bedroom.
I like the mix of textures on the wicker chair found at a vintage shop last summer.
The drop cloth, throw, and vintage linen pillows add a little romance to the $12.00 chair.
That's it for my day of changing things around here at the lakehouse.
Hope your day is productive.
For anyone wondering...I turned the comment section back on.


  1. Well.....I'm so glad that this comment section is back on, sis! I love reading what everyone writes to you! :) Your floofing is so stinkin' pretty, I can't stand it. I had to Pin your wicker sofa w/the pillows. The combo of textures and fabrics are wonderful! And that IKEA throw is just plain yummy! Luv ya....

    xoxo laurie

  2. Its all so pretty Debbie!
    Sigh...so comfy-looking!

    Deborah xo

  3. LOL...Ok good, I like it on, so I can tell you right away I love your mantel, and the setee looks so pretty too. Glad to hear your work schedule is going well too.

  4. Love the setee and I would be putting some greenery in the urn for christmas..then he will get it!

  5. Love it that you are spending your fun time well. Everything looks wonderful! You have some fun things! Love a mantel that you can move from place to place to add some fun.
    Can't wait to see what you floof next!

  6. I love everything I see here, Debbie! The mirrors are great, and I adore all of your treasures on the mantle, too, especially the seltzer bottles and birdcages! So glad that your new work schedule gives you have more time for important things, like decorating:)
    And I can picture a bunch of giant pinecones, lightly misted with white paint, and dusted with glitter, heaped in that gorgeous urn of yours!

  7. I love your floofing!!!!! The settee and pillows are just great - perfect floof!

    Glad you're finding a schedule that works for you and making time for the "good" stuff !


  8. Just beautiful!!
    Love all your floofing!!

  9. Everything is so beautiful! I am in love with your wicker settee, it's gorgeous!!! All the pillows make it look so cozy:)

    I'm glad you were able to lighten up your work schedule so you can just FLOOF away now! I really think you need to contact the dictionary people with your word:)

  10. Oh everything looks just beautiful Debbie ! Glad you have better hours at the pharmacy. Know what you mean about the stone urn you have brought inside...I've asked my husband to bring in a stone sculpture from the garden and he thinks I have lost the plot..hehehe I will persevere with pestering him 'cos its too heavy for me to lift. Have floofy-fun !
    Gail x

  11. I wondered where your comment thingy went! So good to say hi to you. :) I love your floofing, all your treasures are so pretty and I love the throw from Ikea, I think I am heading there next weekend!
    It all looks so cozy which is good in this weather that we are getting. :)

  12. I have that gauzey throw from IKEA too...it was one of those impulse purchases...but I'm glad I have it for floofing :)

  13. Hi Debbie,
    Love how the shell turned out, great idea. I'm glad that you sent me a note, I can't keep up with everyone's posts!!! I think I'm doing okay but then a few slip by me. I love the pillows on that wicker settee and that urn is perfect...you could stick a little tree in it for the holidays and decorate it with some white things...now I want one! Have a super nice weekend and I'm glad you have the comments back on too!