Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lace and mercury glass

Welcome to this old lakehouse.
The decor here has been kind of vintage-ish, beach-ish, I don't know-ish.
Just recently I've been using LOTS of candles again. It's "that time of year", you know?
So I'm in that "romantic-ish" kind of mode(not mood) if you know what I'm talking about.
 So I took down the sailcloth valances that I made two years ago(yes I've washed them before this!)
And I put away the sailcloth/flagship pillows made to match the valances.
Since Wallyworld is about the only store around these parts, I headed over there to look at the Better Home and Garden curtains that they carry(soooo happy they carry that brand). I found these sweet lace valances. They changed the look of the room dramatically! Of course I removed some of the "beach-ish" things, and replaced them with a few Lacy, shabby pieces. After some floofing, I'm liking what I see.

The garden bench looks pretty with a few aqua pieces, a vintage tablecloth, and a pretty pillowcase.

I'll show you more as I go along.
The white Christmas tree will be going in the dining room very soon.
Silver, white, and pink decorations will adorn the tree this year.
Hope your weekend went well!


  1. i love mercury glass, i have some silver and red but have not seen the blue! so pretty...

  2. I wish I could do mercury glass- but just too afraid of it. There's a reason they took it off of the market before! LOL
    Oh my, it looks so pretty there. You do have a style- it's Debbie-ish. ;)
    Glad you are piddle fartin' around. It's good for the soul.

  3. I love the way you've changed it pretty!


  4. Beautiful pics!!
    I love lace curtains. I have lace sheers under my tan and cream checked curtains...they are so perfect for my prim cottage style.
    Have a great week.

  5. Very pretty! I have three silver mercury glass pieces (love them!) but I have not come across any blue. So pretty with your lovely whites. I'm using blue on our living room tree this year for a change.

  6. Wow! That blue merc glass is beautiful, sis!!! Amazing how just changing just the valances can make such a huge impact. :) You are so talented in styling, girlie! ♥♥

    xoox me

  7. You have so many pretty pieces, Debbie...the new valances are the perfect backdrop!


  8. looks very pretty! I've been MIA for awhile now..but I'll be back. I'm recently diagnosed fighting late stage breast cancer..I have alot of living to do! come visit me again, help me get back to blog land!

  9. Love, love, love those lace valances!! Just beautiful!! The mercury glass is gorgeous also! I have to start putting my silver mercury glass things out.

  10. Everything looks great - I am really into the mercury glass!

  11. Looks very pretty Debbie! I love the aqua mercury glass! Keep going!

  12. I'm drooling over your aqua mercury glass, Debbie! It's gorgeous along with all of your lovey whites! I've been putting some Christmas decorations out today. Not going to go whole hog this year with the decorating though! Enjoy your week:)

  13. Oh so pretty Debbie...all of it. I'm loving the blue mercury glass and bottles. I can just see it sparkling with candle reflection.

    I haven't started decorating yet, but probably will next week. I want to get the beadboard and hopefully the kitchen wall done first.


  14. Hello ! Well I'm liking what I see too !! those lace valances are great and I love that vintage white tablecloth. It's nice to have a change with the season isn't it. Have a super duper week !! Gail x

  15. Wally-World...such appropriate words for the place. The thing I like most about Walmart is that they allow the homeless people to park in their parking lot overnight...they also let these poor people come in and use their facilities. Florida is PACKED with homeless people these days. I understand that 1/3 of the homeless people in the US have come to Florida.