Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just getting started

Well....I compromised again this year. I wanted clear lights, and Mr. Lakehouse likes colored lights. I bought THEEE smallest colored lights I could find.
They are called LED Dome Lights.They are teeny, tiny like seed lights, but are so bright, you could light an airport runway with them!!!!

Holy, moly....good thing I didn't get the clear bulbs!!!
Our house would probably be making a humming noise when the lights would be turned on!!

Sitting with our sunglasses on in the evenings while trying to watch TV would be a real pain.
I looked everywhere for a flocked tree this year...everywhere.  Since I couldn't find one, or the flocking in a can, I decided to use snow in a can on our old tree. The effect wasn't quite the same, but you make do.

Hopefully I will find a flocked tree, and have clear lights next year....until then...I will enjoy what I have.
I did find another candle stick for the mantle....will add the candles this weekend.

I also found this iridescent grassy stuff for the urn.
Even though lavender isn't exactly wintry, I thought it looked nice in the French clay bowl I found at the market last summer.

Ooops, after looking at this picture, I think I'll need to get another large bunch to fill the bowl.
I have a few more decorations to put out.
How are you doing at your house?  You guys are probably all finished decorating, and I'm just getting started.


  1. Oh, no, Debbie, you aren't the only one just getting started! Your home is looking just gorgeous and oh so festive! You had me cracking up about your lights! I'm with you, clear is the only way to go:) I bet if you got on Google Earth right about now, you would see an extra bright area in upper Michigan right about now!! I have that same exact glittered Merry Christmas ornament that you do, and featured it in a post today. Guess great minds think alike! Oh, care to share where you find all of your wonderful mercury glass?

  2. Yup! Done! lolol! Love your feathery tufts on the tree, sis - and all of your merc glass! I nabbed some of those awesome acorns this year, too! Oh, btw.....I saw your Christmas tree lights from my bedroom window last night. hehehe!

    xoxo laurie

  3. What is it with guys and colored lights. We have so many colored lights outside. I have clear on the tree and that is that I told him LOL! Your home is looking beautiful though, colored or clear, it's all good!

  4. No, I'm not done either! We still have to do the outside but at least today I got the tree decorated and the mantel! I love clear lights too maybe next year you will find your flocked tree and have clear lights too! Everything looks beautiful Deb!

  5. Yep, I'm finished...but, you know me, SIMPLE. It doesn't take long. Besides, I don't have a real job and there's a party in our house on December Advent Tea in the afternoon for about 15 people :) That's reason enough to get things under control!

  6. Your decorations are all so pretty! I haven't even begun to decorate yet.

  7. aw it all looks sooo pretty ! I have the same thing with my husband - he likes coloured lights and I love clear ...mmm what to do ?? I haven't started to decorate yet so you are well ahead ! I love lavender all year round !! Have a nice weekend...Gail x
    p.s it's your house I can see when I look out across "the pond " !!!

  8. You tree is charming and I hardly notice the colored lights. I started with white lights many, many years ago, so my kids don't know colored lights exist...kidding. When they were little I did a small tree for them with colored lights. They got to decorate that tree all by themselves.

    You aren't alone dear friend. I haven't started decorating either. That is on next weeks docket. It's hard to decorate with fingers stuck together from primer LOL! I am at a stopping point with that though. Time to focus on Christmas. We have company tonight, so it's house cleaning for me today. Then maybe Saturday I will start decorating, since the house will be clean, and that would be early for me. ;)

    I can't get the tree until my daughter comes home the weekend of the 19th! It's killng me, but it's our tradition to go to the woods on a friends property and cut our own tree. She doesn't want to miss that. I may get me a little tree to put on a table so I can have something before then.

    Have a lovely weekend! {{hugs}}

  9. Love your decorations. I want a flocked tree too. I am going out tonight to see if I can find one. Not an easy feat here in Miami Beach but I am going to give it a try! I am also going to try Plan B and see if I can do it myself...although I am a bit afraid to try. I will let you know how it goes.

  10. Love all your ornaments ~ they'll outshine the colored lights!