Wednesday, November 9, 2011

When blogging becomes an obsession.

Why do we blog?
What did we do before blogging?
When I first started blogging, I thought of it as a way to journal my thoughts.
Then I started sharing pictures of my home.
I gleaned ideas from other bloggers to use in my own home.
It was like a subscription to an Internet decorating magazine!
I was loving it! Until "it" became an obsession.
For a while, I lost my identity.
I got really busy trying to keep up with what was popular, and forgot what MY style was....which has always been a collection of vintage clutter.
I LOVE the shabby, romantic style...kind of beachy, with a little French thrown in.
I've never had just one "theme" going on at a time.
Collecting vintage linens, dishes, frames, and mirrors has always been "me".
But I had to find a balance.
Blogging was what I did every minute that I had free time. I kept my computer on from the time I woke up,until the time I went to bed.
Instead of relaxing with my husband, and visiting with him, I would sit next to him on the sofa while our favorite shows were on, and I'd blog hop.
Then came the etsy shops.
Not only did I read the other blogs, comment on the other blogs, and email other bloggers, I started visiting their shops!!!
It was a whole new world out their!
I also got caught up in "collecting" followers. I thought to have a "successful" blog, I needed as many followers as I could get. That meant visiting even more blogs, which meant more reading, and more commenting.
Hellooooooooooooooo.....what about keeping it humble, and sharing my thoughts?
What was I doing?!!!
After a long conversation with Mr. Lakehouse, I decided to omit my followers section.
Who was I trying to impress?
I was happy just reading "A Beach Cottage" for the longest time...Sarah kept me entertained with her humor and decorating tips.
It kind of came to a head just last week.
I found myself "wanting" too much.
I felt like blogging was becoming a burden, instead of a blessing.
I actually thought that turning off my comment section was a good idea.
It wasn't.
So now I hope to get back to being happy floofing what I already have.
Since I'm such a clutter bug, I have plenty to pack away for a while, and switch things out with all the other stuff I have stored in closets.
After all, I must have liked everything at one time...right? So why not keep changing things out when I get bored....instead of buying more stuff!!!
I'm sorry, this has turned into a book.
Now, for today's post.
I visited Debra at Common Ground and read her post about Leola's Christmas Open House.
She took some wonderful pictures of great ideas for your holiday decorating.
I saw the chalkboard in the second post, and since I needed to change mine for the holidays, I borrowed the idea from Leola, or one of her helpers???

Autumn at the lake was my idea for Fall.
The next picture shows the board with Leola's idea.
It's perfect! and I didn't have to buy a thing!!!!
Thank you Debra for the inspiration.
Sorry I blabbed my head off today.
Happy blogging to y'all.


  1. I sooo hear you, Debbie! I am with you on that. I started blogging as a kind of history for my kids. I wanted to record the cute/fun things they do and what they say that makes me smile. I want them to know that I have loved them from the moment they were conceived and that I love their kids the same way.

    I know how you are feeling about the house thing- That is why I rarely show pictures of my home- unless itis a background to my kids. I don't NEED anything else. Do I WANT other stuff? Sometimes...but I know that I don't really need to acquire MORE stuff when I already own so much I don't use.

    I am getting ready to pare down after the first of the year. And, I don't want to get in the place where ALL I think about is blogging..where I can't enjoy an afternoon reading or crafting.

    That being said...I AM going to copy that blackboard!;>) xo Diana

  2. Debbie, you said what a lot of us are feeling, have felt or will be feeling some day soon. It is so easy to get caught up in it. Just be you. That is all you need to do. Post about you and what you are doing. You is who I come to see every day. You.
    I knew from the beginning that I can't keep up with some of the blogs out there, so I just do me.
    I have quit the blogging parties, at least for now. They became too much work. But I have met some wonderful people through them and will continue to pop into their worlds to see how they are doing.
    Get a timer and set it. When times up, that's all the hopping you do for the day.
    Cold weather is here now! 39! Oh, the furnace is back on!

  3. Seems most bloggers come to this point sooner or later Debbie. A good friend always says to me "it's supposed to be fun, remember?". So I say, do what you want to, enjoy what you have, walk away every so often and most importantly-enjoy yourself:@)

  4. Hey... Do I hear ya... I haven't blogged since Aug. Plenty to write about, but just not much time. I started just because I wanted to make some comments... & then it was fun & then I was taking the laptop to the lakehouse, not wanting to miss anything, but not spending that time with the family I was there with.. : )
    But there are some wonderful folks out there, & that is the fun part for me... I sometimes feel like some of the bigger blogs are "kind of full of themselves" : ) Do people really live like that?? not in my circle.... : )
    Glad that you are still here.... K.

  5. LOL-I loved your comment about sitting on the sofa with your husband and watching TV and reading blogs because that is EXACTLY what I do!!! You struck a chord in me tho because it made me realize that I do NOT have to post every day and if I miss, heaven forbid, 3 days in a row, its not the end of the world. Thanks for some much needed insight!

  6. Such a great post! I believe you have posted what almost every blogger feels and thinks!!!

    xo Abby


    Thanks so much for your recent visit and lovely comment on my blog...I sincerely appreciate it.

  7. Hi Debbie!
    Oh, I know I've felt the same way many times - trying too hard to 'keep up' with the blog world. Now I limit myself to posting once/week (maybe twice tops) and visiting blog friends when I can. I don't mind as much taking a day or more away from it. I agree about the number of followers not being important, and I just try to remember that they are new friends - people - not numbers. :)
    Take care and be proud of cluttered vintage style! :)
    - Susan

  8. Hi Debbie,
    All I can handle is one post a week, once in a great while 2 in a week but that hasn't happened more than a couple of times. I think after reading your post I'll stick to the once a week to stay on the safe side! I do feel bad that I can't reply to every comment nor visit everyone that visits me. But I guess if someone gets offended then so be it. But I enjoy the friends I've made and the inspiration has been such fun. I live in cluttered vintage and I love it!
    I enjoyed your post!

  9. I totally understand what you're saying, sista. You know what, though....? Through blogging - I've actually DISCOVERED what type of decor/style that tugs at my heart and makes my soul sing. JDA all the way! :) Blogging has also opened a creative side of me that I never knew existed and I've tried new crafts unknown to me before. I'm loving every minute I spend blogging not only because of the creativity it's opened up in me, but because of the wonderful friendships I've been blessed with, too. I treasure the support, encouragement, prayers, and love from my new friends. And I'm loving the new journey I'm on with painting and crafting! :)

    Now....that said, I know that blogging takes up alot of time. Downloading photos, creating the prose, visiting other blogs, Pinning fav photos, sharing at linky parties...whew! Which is why I only post once/week. I have such a great time visiting other gals' blogs, I'd rather spend my time there with them than creating my own post. Once a week is plenty for me. ♥

    xoox laurie

  10. Hello Debbie,
    Great Post!!!
    It does seem it is like a popularity contest here, I try to do one post a week and I sometimes feel that it really doesn't matter if I post or not cause I only have a few comments. I started blogging because I thought it was wonderful to find other women that has similar ideas in decorating and crafting...etc. I have found some wonderful ideas in decorating and crafting thanks so much to Blogland.
    I do love visiting other blogs and really enjoy "meeting" my blogging friends such as you.
    Hope you are doing well.
    Enjoy your week!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  11. A lot of revealing thoughts posted here, Debbie. I think we all go through similar things...but blogging gives us such a lovely avenue for expression...not to mention the neighborhood that develops...

  12. Hi Debbie, well as I'm quite new to blogging I will take this as a "warning" ( in a good way"), I suppose it's about keeping a balance like in everything in life, I agree with Laurie about finding it keeps the creative juices flowing but I guess it is addictive. So thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Gail x

  13. Debbie, I learned a long time ago that I love blogging but I only blog when I have something to say or show everyone. I live a very busy life and I don't always get to blog or see everyones blog or comment on everyones blog. That is just the way I have taken blogging on. I'm glad you turned your comments back on and I hope you don't give up blogging, just do blogging on your own terms :)!! HUGS to you my friend!!

  14. I think you've mentioned a lot of great things today Debbie. It can be overwhelming at times and seem to take over living life just a bit. Balance is key but it's not always easy. Glad you found yours!

  15. This is wonderful Debbie, I have felt the same way for a while but I love visiting and making friends so much, I never would have met you. :) I love peaking in on what people do and to jump start my creativity. I can't keep up nor do I want to, I just want to do what makes me happy. I don't do parties any more either. Do what you want to do, when you want, I am learning that as well and sometimes it just feels good to unplug for a week or so which I think I am headed to soon for the Thanksgiving Holiday. :) I get caught up so easily. :)
    Have a lovely weekend and stay warm!!!

  16. Hello Sweet Debbie...I really, really related to this post today! I also loved that chalkboard at Leola's and love it in your home too!
    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  17. I can totally understand where you are coming from, Debbie! I used to get envious of the "big time bloggers", who had not hundreds, but thousands of followers, and perfect looking homes. But then I realized that I really just want a "nice little blog", and my house is less than perfect, but that is ok, too! I've not really shared much of the inside of our house here in WA, partly because it's just a rental and not even remotely perfect! I've met so many wonderful kindred spirits along the way, yourself included! So I think that is one of the best things about blogging, not just trying to keep up with everyone else and have a magazine worthy home!!

  18. Hi Deb! Well, it's been a week since my last post just because I've been so busy working pt and painting the kitchen! It sure does grab a hold of you doesn't it? I don't try to keep up though I just can't it's to hard and I have other things to do around here but I do love stopping by other blogs! If I hadn't I wouldn't have meant you, that's one good thing about blogging the wonderful people you meet♥