Monday, November 14, 2011

Flavored vinegars

Looks like our sunshine is coming to an end for a while.
The milder temps are also going to drop.
After moving the herbs inside a few weeks ago, I ended up putting them back outside because of the warm weather.
Then we got snow.
Back inside the plants came.
I almost forgot to make the flavored vinegars this year.
 It's a good thing I had to keep moving the plants inside, and out, then inside again.  It reminded me about the vinegars.

I use them in cooking, and also for salads.
The herbs help diffuse the pungency of the vinegar.

My favorite is Lavender...especially for salads.
 The Thyme, and Chive are wonderful for cooking.

I think even if I didn't use them, I'd enjoy having them on my window sill....just to look at Heart Beat


  1. Debbie, you just brought a million memories for me! When we had the farm, I had a huge herb garden and put up many jars of herb flavored vinegars. I kept some for our family use but I gave away alot as gifts for Christmas to our friends and family. Great times :)!!

  2. Very pretty! I love vinegar and your tags are really cute too-enjoy:@)

  3. What a great way to enjoy your herbs year round, Debbie! They are so pretty on your windowsill, and I love the clay tags, too!

  4. Oh Debbie those look wonderful. What a great idea too. They look so pretty too displayed!

  5. they look good! I use to make my own vinegars all the time...not sure why I stopped? maybe next year!

  6. What a neat idea, Debbie! I think these would be amazing for gift giving! I love all the sweets and stuff but truthfully there isn't one in my family that needs them... These would make lovely, consumable gifts that aren't fattening!



  7. Debbie- your bottles look wonderful- but would you believe that I have never used anything like this? Ok, I live in the boonies. Not a good excuse, but the only one I could think of.
    Love ya- Tete

  8. I'm impressed that you actually use them!

  9. Hi Debbie, these are lovely, I have never made herb vinegar and yet I grow loads of herbs every year ! Love the cute little tags and I have never heard of lavender very interesting! We haven't had snow yet but the "long johns" are out as it's getting mighty cold !
    Stay warm and cosy !
    Gail x

  10. Oh yum! They sound so good and look so pretty! That would be fun to make sometime.
    That old north wind has been blowing down a lot of cold air's really howling like winter out there.

  11. Sounds so yummy! I love vinegar on just about everything. Never thought to try it with lavender, I'll have to give it a taste.

  12. Those are wonderful Debbie! What type of vinegar did you use? I love the little tags. I need to use up some of my herbs.

  13. They look beautiful and yummy, Debbie! We made some a few years ago and gave them as Christmas gifts! Please pass the word for me out in blogland that Blogger removed my blog for some crazy reason. I'm working on getting it reinstated. I'm panicking and scared out of my pants that I've lost two years worth of blogging! HELP!!!! :(

    xoxo laurie