Friday, February 10, 2012

Could it actually be snowing?

Seems kind of silly that I would be taking pictures because it's snowing here in Michigan in February.
The thing is...just yesterday, we had no snow...just grass.
Last weekend I didn't even wear a coat when I was downstate. We all wore hoodies, and sweaters.
I came downstairs this morning to a very bright dining room. Unfortunately, it wasn't sunshine making the room so bright. It was snow.

The flakes are huge!
It's coming down fast, and furious.
I really don't mind. It's supposed to's winter!!!

We've only been dumped on a couple of times this year.
It's been a pretty mild winter so far.
Since we live in a resort town, the weather has hurt the businesses up here.
We could use some snow.
I actually like getting snowed long as we don't lose power that is.
It's fun to have the fire crackling. A pot of chili on the stove. A jig saw puzzle on the table. Lonesome Dove playing. A pile of your favorite magazines, and a quilt on the sofa. Of course, and this is a must...your computer on and ready to blog hop the afternoon away.
So.....bring it on Mother Nature!!!! Let it snow!


  1. We are getting snow here today, too- big, huge flakes. The ground isn't covered, and its melting quickly, but the snow is so lazy today. We had 50s this time last week!
    It is a good day to stay in and play around. I am thinking a nap is coming up soon...had a good lunch and need to take cold medicine again, so that should put me out.
    My guys are good! Bebe is doing great after getting his teeth pulled and the little ones are kenneled and resting. They seem to be doing wonderful, considering what they just lost. LOL
    The vet sent pain meds for all of them and antibiotics, so they sleep a lot. We can uncage them on Sunday. I like doing 3 days of paper litter when they are declawed.
    I have no plans for getting out this weekend. We have a cold spell now but it will be over by the end of next week.
    Then we can do spring!

  2. UGH! :) Actually it hasn't snowed much here, you got way more than we did so far. It is to wet to stick. I do like your idea of spending the afternoon though, think I might have to try some of those....I am eating chili right now. :)

  3. No snow HERE in ORLANDO! It is supposed to rain today and tomorrow but be nice for the week. We are off to see Mickey tomorrow! xo Diana

  4. Can I have a play date at your house this afternoon?? Fire, chili and Lonesome Dove - I'm in! LOL! It's snowing here too - yeah!!

  5. Debbie, We are suppose to be cozy in our homes when it snows. Also have a pot of soup on the stove :):) We are getting a little snow today thru the evening. Just enough. xoxo, Susie

  6. It sounds like a crazy, mixed up winter this year in MI! Especially after the brutal winter we had last year! I sure don't miss the snow, but I must admit that it is pretty! Has your lake even frozen over yet? Love your header, btw!

  7. Enjoy the snow Debbie! We're supposed to have a sloppy couple of inches between tonight and tomorrow, funny thing is it's 50 degrees today:@)

  8. We haven't hardly had any snow this year Debbie. So it was great to see your photos. I'm smiling now...because you are getting the snow and not me. We usually have 3ft here by now and we have maybe 10 inches : )
    Thank you for your sweet note. I can't wait to see the feature myself.

  9. Wish I could'ave spent the afternoon with you, sis. Sounds like you had a perfect winter day. :) I spent it sewing...(yes sewing!)....grain sack hearts and filling them with lavender and rosebuds. They didn't turn out as beautiful as June's at Laughing with Angels, but it was a fun little project for a wintery day. :) It's snowing like crazy here now...

    luv u ~

    xoxo laurie

  10. Enjoy your snow! We've been practically snow-less all winter, with just a dusting once or twice. And your comment about the VW made me smile!

    Kat :)

  11. Charlotte doesn't have snow but we do have cold weather-brrrrr!

  12. Hi Debbie...Thanks for your visit and comment to my blog. Always nice to have you visit.

    Guess what? You must have sent that snow our way. We're supposed to get a couple inches by morning.

    Fireplace ready? Check.

    Quilt ready? Check.

    Magazines ready? Check.

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Susan

  13. Hi Debbie,
    It is snowing here too. Everything looks so pretty all covered in a blanket of snow. Heard we might have about 3 inches. Hope it isn't too little 2 year old grandson has his birthday party tomorrow.

  14. Sounds idyllic! I haven't seen snow in five looking at snow but hate falling on ice.

  15. I like having snow in the winter(it drives Tete mad-she wants spring!), but I have so many things I need to get done before spring-I need the extra slow time-before everything hits! Snow pretty!!!

  16. I woke up to a dusting this am ...they said clear overnight...right?!

  17. But it looks so pretty Debbie. Picture perfect postcard out your window. Enjoy the weekend, and stay warm!

  18. We have had a very mild winter too.
    Our snowstorm for yesterday brought only a few flakes to all melt by the afternoon.
    Your snow day activities are perfect!