Saturday, February 11, 2012


I'm procrastinating.
There is sooooooo  much I should be doing today.

God could make a whole family out of all the dust in this house!
Hmmmmm.....maybe He will, then I won't have to clean it up...
Just kidding.

I pulled all the slip-covers off the furniture, and washed it all.
Is it just me, or does white attract dirt to it like a magnet?
I'm beginning to see why Ray Romano's mother covered her furniture with plastic.

Mr. Lakehouse bought energy efficient appliances. I doubt he took into consideration I would be resetting the dryer on the "fluff" setting six or seven times for every load.
I'm not real good at unloading the washer, and dryer.

The first thing I have to do is clean Mr. Lakehouse's bathroom....I just hate having to put on that wet-suit, mask, and snorkel!! Since I've put on a few pounds, it's really a pain.

Oh well....I guess the  ammonia water is hot enough for me to start cleaning out the micro wave oven.
The hubs warmed up a bowl of chili yesterday without a cover. It looks like he cooked some road kill in there.
Time to suit up.


  1. Debbie,
    How funny!!!
    Thank you for the laugh today I needed it!!
    I can just see you suiting up for the clean :)

    Love the pictures you shared today.
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  2. Hi Debbie, One of my biggest pet peeves...not covering things in the micro-wave. I used the say, at work, about that micro-wave...hey who pooped in the micro-wave?? LOL. I was just thinking long would Ted Bear not use the little broom by the fireplace?? how long??? Few men see things as women do.xoxo, Susie

  3. Oh- Debbie- I could just scream (and years ago I would have) when MyHero cooks something in the mic without covering it...and then, of course, is blind to all the slop baked onto the sides and top.

    I left my house dusty when we left for Disney. I figured that MyHero was going to be there for 4 days by himself after I left and I knew I would be coming home to a mess...ugh...

    Do you know the BEST thing ever for cleaning bathrooms? I use equal parts DAWN dishwashing soap (has to be Dawn for the degreasing properties) and white vinegar...spray...and if needed use one of those net takes off everything...dirt...soap scum...hard water residue...and leave chrome looking like you had polished it. Of course it smells like you have been pickling when you are done...but it will smell like clean pickles. xo Diana

  4. Hi Debbie,
    Well at least you have a sense of humor about house cleaning. I figure if I can't see it then it must be clean and that goes for ceiling fans and woodwork! LOL!

    Have a wonderful weekend.



  5. lol! You cracked me up today, Debbie! I was trying to imagine you all suited up with a gas mask on your face, a mop in one hand and a blowtorch in the other. hehehe! I got my house cleaned today (still have to do the slipcovers...), and Hubby took apart the coffee maker to "clean" it. it's not working AT ALL. Guess it's time for a new coffee maker! What kind do you have?

    How much snow did you get today? We shoveled and plowed about 4" this morning. Ugh. I'm over it. I want spring...

    xoxo laurie

  6. LOL- you in a wet suit has me laughing until my sides hurt! Snorkel and all! We have 2 bathrooms and the boys always had their own and I have so felt like that going in there!
    Did you know brussel sprouts explode in the microwave? Now there's a mess no one should ever have to clean.
    I have puttered all day and even got a nap in. Maybe not as much as I could have done, but more than could have happened.
    Its just been one of those days. So glad I wasn't alone. You are one up on me though- I have no photos...

  7. Hi Debbie...ha ha ha ha ha ha Funny post. Guess what? I cleaned our micro out today, too. Plus organized two kitchen drawers. At least that's a start, right?

    Thanks for your visit and comment to my blog. Susan

  8. Oh my word you are just to funny!! I love reading your post and then reading all the comments to:)
    We got snow here to in southern,MI I am soooo sick of winter. I want spring:)

    1. Thank you Elma!
      It warmed up a little today, and we got a mix of rain and snow. It was really sloppy out there.
      Just a few more weeks, and Spring will be here.

  9. i say, enjoy the procratination! one day you will find that energy and get to it...most likely a day when its warm and we can toss open the windows and enjoy the sounds of spring!

  10. Love laughing with you Debbie...thanks!!

  11. You sure made me laught about your husbands bathroom, I feel the same way about my husband's! I hate to clean it, mine never gets like his! I'm sure going to tell him about the wetsuit, mask and snorkel.LOL

  12. Ha ha, are too funny! But, yeah, I know the feeling and I do plenty of procrastination about cleaning myself. I'd much rather do fun things :)

  13. Oh Debbie, you are too funny! I love all of your pictures...your home looks so pretty!
    xoxo Faye

  14. hahaha...yes how come husbands are soooo messy ?? what gets me is the number of TV controls we actually have......4...I mean I just want one...with easy buttons on it....enjoy your week busy lady ...Gail x

  15. Thanks for the kind words on my blog about my grams. I'm so happy she's in heaven though. I know it will be hard on my mom, but my sister and I will be there for her.

    I need to clean really bad... just not in the mood. Hopefully soon I will be!!!

  16. Oh Debbie...I laughed so hard, I snorted! My favorite is God creating a family from the dust. We have a woodstove. There are times he could create am army around here!

    I needed that laugh. Thanks :)

  17. Oh I have had a chuckle! The vision of the wet suit and snorkle was just too funny. Thanks so much for stopping in, now I'm your newest follower! By the way...all of your photos are just beautiful!