Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Moving the butcher block...

Whew...the butcher block must weigh about a ton and a half. Almost as much as me!
But when I get a bug up my butt to move it, there's no stopping me. 

Having it face the stove is nice, because it's easy to chop veggies, then just pop them in a pot of boiling water, or the saute' pan.
Plus there is easy access to the fridge.

Ooooo, I'm feeling a little tug in the lower part of my back.
Anyway, having the butcher block facing the sink is nice, because it opens up the kitchen.
It looks so much bigger in there!

There is more room for Mr. Lakehouse and I to cook at the same time. 
One can work at the butcher block, while the other is at the sink, or the stove.

I had to move the rack of dishes over to the snack bar, which isn't as convenient. Before you could grab a plate and load it up right from the stove.
Walking a few more steps never hurt anyone.

Mr. Lakehouse laughs, because he says there isn't a room that I can't rearrange.
Wait until you see what I do in the bathroom!

What's for supper?


  1. Love it both ways, but I always like a new switcharoo just to make it more fun! The bathroom? SO you think your back hurts now, what are you going to do after you move the tub?

    LOLOL- have a great day!

  2. Nice pictures and I just love the butcher block. Have a nice week.


  3. I LOVE that butcher block! You know how much I wanted my island. My kitchen is far too small to have it face anyway except toward the sink. Between you and I, I rarely use it...I just make little arrangements on it! lol. I am so afraid to scratch it up (it has a marble top so you have to use a cutting board anyway). Did your husband make that for you? I think your kitchen is so pretty!

    Are you having a lot of rain? It is pouring here. Sort of pretty!


  4. Wow, that really did make the room look bigger! I like your wire basket of veggies too-very colorful:@)

  5. Debbie, It's funny what even a half foot of space can do for you. I can actually see how it looks better after you rearranged the island.:):) Hope you are feeling better. xoxoxo, Susie

  6. I think this is the first I've seen your kitchen Deb! It's beautiful, love the butcher block♥

  7. LOL-Those ARE heavy suckers. I like it turned sideways. My daughter keeps hers on those moving "pads" so she can scoot it around in her own kitchen.....it ain't purty but it's functional! xo Diana

  8. I think it looks great both ways...it's nice to have options!
    What's for dinner here...where ever the car takes us after Jake's track meet!

  9. It DID make the kitchen look larger, Debbie! I love how those tiny adjustments make such a huge difference in the entire feel of the room. :) Do you need to take a soak in my tub.....? lol!

    xoxo laurie

  10. Hi Debbie...Love your kitchen, especially the white cabinets. Very nice.

    Thanks so much for your visits and comments to my blog. Always glad when I see you've stopped by. Susan

  11. Love your kitche, Debbie! I don't remember ever seeing it on your blog before. And I do like the butcher block parallel to the sink best. Wish I had room for one in our kitchen!

  12. Love your kitchen!! Where did you get the garbage can???