Friday, May 25, 2012

Flower love

I went to the green house this evening to find another hanging basket for the porch.
I found these cute wave petunias.
There are so many different varieties this year!
The greenhouse where I shop has beautiful baskets that are big, and full.
I love the colors of the flowers in this basket.

They also carry the flowers for my window boxes.

and....beautiful climbing roses.

The iris I brought when we moved from our old house.

Along with all the columbine.

I do not know where this came from.
It just started growing????
I love it.

The honeysuckle grows just outside the kitchen window.
I can't imagine anything more wonderful drifting in upon a soft breeze.

This is one of the first baskets I bought at the greenhouse.
It's a double mini wave petunia.
I looked for another one tonight, but I must have bought the last one the other day.
There are so many plants I would like to buy. I did pick up an autumn clematis. I was so very glad to have found one! I had one growing on an arbor two years ago, but it died out for some reason. It was gorgeous!!!! Every year it came back with thousands of tiny white flowers on it in the fall. Hopefully this one will do well.
I still have some yarrow to plant from my last visit to the greenhouse.
Looks like I'll be busy planting, and weeding this weekend.
Enjoy the holiday!


  1. Your flowers are beautiful - grown with love I see. We have many of the same favorites.

  2. They are all those wave petunias! And that first iris is a real beauty. The plant with the little white flowers looks familiar, we have something very similar that came up on its own here. Only it's not as big as yours. I wish I knew what it was.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh-what gorgeous plants! I have done more planting this year than I have done in 10 years. That wave petunia is just gorgeous..and I love window box choices. WoW, Debbie. Hope you have a wonderful weekend of planting and UGH weeding- xo Diana

  4. I have not seen the double wave petunia! Love it! Love your window boxes. There is an autumn clematis across the road in the vacant lots and it smells so good when its open! It sure "stinks" up my yard good. Hope you are having a great weekend.

  5. The flowers are very pretty, I love the color of that new wave petunia! Happy Memorial Day Weekend Debbie-enjoy:@)

  6. I love garden centers too much and want to buy everything! Your garden is looking gorgeous. Enjoy. Too hot here this weekend to get out, but will cut some hydrangea's for bouquets!

  7. Happy gardening, little flower girl! So many pretty blooms...I must go down to the post below this one...the word "phloofing" just hit my eye...

  8. oh my gosh your flowers are amazing, you and have something in common, we live on the lake and we both love linen and whites, the most important we have in common is our love for Dianna, she is a gem.I want to thank you for the kind words and for your vist, I'm following along with you now, such a beautiful blog and I LOVE the name!!!

  9. I'm not sure if my comment went throgh it said error, but I just said how much I love your blog, your flowers are amazing and we have a few things in common, linens , whites and living on the lake, and Nana Diana, we love her, she is a gem.I want to thankyou so much for visiting me and your kind words

  10. Debbie, Your flowers are looking so pretty . You must have the perfect touch.:):) I am struggling with my flowerbeds here. just not got enough color yet. Got to get some mulch in here too. Enjoy this beautiful day....before the storms pop-up. Smiles, xoxo, Susie