Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Working on the patio

It was a beautiful day, so I decided to work on the patio.

I don't have all of my flowers and plants from the greenhouse, so things look a little bare out there.

Since Mr. Lakehouse is going to re-do the surface of the dock, we are using the patio for the furniture this year.  I prefer being closer to the water, but a change is good.

I love this little angel.
She was grey...but in bad shape.
I cleaned her up, and gave her a fresh coat of paint to match the trim.

The furniture pads are orange(ack), so I covered them with blue and white quilts I use on the sun porch furniture. Soooo much brighter.

My friend Debbie, from Florida, found this cute chandy(it was black).
I was going to put it in my shop.
After cleaning it up, and painting it my favorite summer color, I decided to keep it.(I owe you some $$$$ Debberra).

I gave the wicker basket a fresh coat of aqua, and added some pillows the color of the sea , and "poof"! we have a comfy summer room for company to sit and drink some Sangria.
I just need some flowers, and plants, and a few shells, and maybe some knick-knacks here and there, along with some mini lights, and candles. I guess I'm not quite finished, am I.
Oh well, That will be for another post.
Enjoy your evening!


  1. Blue is my favourite accent too, and your pieces are lovely and refreshed.

  2. Your so blessed to be near water! I love your setting. I to been putzing outside. I have a few more planters to fill flowers and pull out some more yard decor and then it will be time to wait for those slightly warmer temps and sit outside and enjoy!

  3. What a fun thing to go! I've always wanted to live near the water! My husband says, we do! Yes, but swimming pools don't count! Love your patio! What a sweet angel~

  4. Looks like a lovely spot to spend the evening! We're waiting for some nice weather here in Philly, I think Mother Nature thinks it's April:@)

  5. Your sofa looks so comfy and inviting! I want to come hang out with you. Hugs!

  6. It's all looking great, Debbie. What a cozy little spot and I love all the details. To me, that's what makes a perfect summer spot. Can't wait to see what else you do.

    Today was a gorgeous one compared to the rain we had yesterday. I guess it's good for the flowers! ;-D


  7. It's looking like Summer is almost there, Debbie. I love your spot of Heaven right there! It rained here most of the day so I got nothing done. xo Diana

  8. Soooo pretty, Debbie! Quilts can cover a multitude of uglies, can't they? :) That little chandy is adorable! I can hardly wait to floof the deck....whenever we get more than one day of sunshine! lol! I've got more linens bleaching in the washer right now. hehehe!

    xoxo laurie

  9. Debbie, I love the chandy and the planter. YUM. fresh paint helps so much, doesn't it? Your patio looks inviting. Hope you get to sit out and enjoy it every chance you can. Smiles, Susie

  10. Lookin Good ~ Love that blue.... I know what you mean about things looking alittle off without the flowers, I am waiting till next week to buy some, don't want to chance too cold of nights. This year I am also wanting to get a cherry tomato for a pot! (I don't have any yardage, just the little deck that comes off the door & off course the 18 stairs!

  11. Consider me sitting on that comfortable looking sofa, looking out onto the lake. Or is the sofa not sitting in front of the lakeview?

  12. Hi Deb! I love the idea with the quilts, it has to feel so comfy sitting on them! The chandy is adorable, no wonder you kept it, love the color of it!
    Have a great day!

  13. Love it! I use quilts thrown over furniture and what not all the time - love to be able to change these up in a flick of the wrist!!!!

    The chandy is great - I'm keeping my out for own to do a squirt of lavender on for over the hot tub - such a great idea!


  14. I'm lovin' it all Debbie. I adore that you painted your chandy and planter aqua. I have been doing exactly that too this week. Seems like everything is turning aqua over here.

    What is it they say about great minds??? : )

    sending hugs...