Saturday, May 5, 2012

Doilies, table clothes, and pillows

While phloofing my booth yesterday, I found this wonderful crochet table cloth in one of the other little shops.
I couldn't wait to get it home to soak it in bleach to remove the tea stain.

I knew right where it was going.
It would look perfect draped in the basket on the table in front of the sofa.

A friend of mine that also rents space near my little shop, makes quilts, and pillows.
I've had my eye on these two pillows for quite some time.
Yesterday I finally bought them.

She does beautiful work...using doilies, lace, and vintage buttons.

I usually stay with white...but these pillows are just so lovely, and have so much character...I really love them.
Sometimes you have to throw in a little something that surprises the eye, and causes someone to say...."oh, now that's pretty!"   ya know?
Enjoy your Saturday!


  1. Love your new treasures! I love lace and baskets. They just go together and those pillows don't have a lot of color, just right for your place. You need some pop in there just to make you smile.
    Hope you get some pretty bloomers for your flower boxes today. DH is shopping at Rural King in town right now. Started out with 3 things on the list and it grew big time before he left.
    Craig just ran to get a couple bags of dirt so we can plant some planters today.
    I am moving slow, but moving. Felt super great last night and so so this morning.
    The newer croquet set has been washed and the first 2 mallets and balls are painted. Needs another coat. We can do 2 at a time, so could take a few days to a week getting them done depending on the weather. Sunny today and no rain, little wind. They changed it from 90s to the 80s, and I am so good with that. Don't need no major storms later.
    Have a fun day, sweetie!

  2. Lovin' your new goodies! Great pics, they really are beautiful-enjoy:@)

  3. The pillows are so sweet! And I can hardly ever pass by a crochet table cloth! It all looks so pretty!
    xoxo Faye

  4. Ooh, those pillows are sooooooooooooo pretty!!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


  5. Debbie, those pillows are sweet looking. How did you resist at all. Enjoy your Sunday, tomorrow. I will be with a couple of my daughters. I love time with them. Smiles, xoxo, Susie

  6. Those are beautiful pillows, Debbie- I can see why you fell hard for them and they are lovely in your house.

    That lace is gorgeous and works wonderfully well as a liner for the basket. The basket looks beautiful all "dressed up", too. xo Diana

  7. Gorgeousness, Debbie! You truly have a way of creating beautiful vignettes! ♥

    xoox laurie

  8. Lovely lace, lovely pictures! You have such a way with pretties...enjoyed my Saturday, thank you...we arrived safely home to our condo in Des Moines for the summer. Let the ball games begin!

  9. those pillows are wonderful, and I like the contrast of the white with the cream....great finds, and that little corner is so inviting!

  10. Those pillows are so pretty! Vintage lace, pillows and tablecloths always call my name.I just can't seem to pass them up.