Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flowers growing EVERYWHERE!!

While walking in the yard this evening, I noticed something growing in the grass.
These sweet little violas, or johnny jump ups I had planted in the window boxes last year are growing in the lawn!!

They are growing everywhere!
I remember planting them in the window boxes, years ago, for one of the kids graduation parties.
Their school colors were purple and gold.
The following year the little flowers grew all over the place!
I really don't mind.  The flowers are so tiny, and cute. The grand kiddos will love picking them, and filling little cups full of them for the playhouse this summer when they come up to stay at the lakehouse.
I LOVE having flowers everywhere! If that means having them grow in the lawn...that's fine with me!


  1. It's funny. I just went out yesterday and BOUGHT some little ones because the ones I had planted 2 years ago did not come back. I'm not sure what happened to them. I put these in containers and hope they take off. I love their sweet little faces, too.

    Hope you had a great weekend, Debbie! xo Diana

  2. Very cute! Love the happy colors and that they came up by themselves-enjoy:@)

  3. The flowers are lovely and what nice colors. Have a nice day.


  4. I think that flowers growing in the yard are a bonus. Love the little jump ups. Our crepe myrtle tree spawned a new tree right beside of it. It is now the prettiest tree ever. Just a little blessing I think.


  5. They're pretty, I like little surprises that pop up in the lawn unexpectedly.
    xoxo Faye

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  7. I love the Johnny Jump Ups too! They are delicate looking things, but they are strong as they do come back~

  8. I love little flowers growing in the lawn, Heck I love that creeping charlie & clover.... Have a beautiful, Lake side week! xox

  9. Love those Debbie!
    My neighbor has them all over her yard but they won't grow my way!
    So...I "borrow" some every year!