Sunday, July 14, 2013

Little blessings on a Sunday afternoon.

What a gorgeous day here at the lake.
Living on the water has it's advantages.

There are so many bumble bees in the gardens. They are very difficult to get a good picture of, however.

The dragon flies are definitely NOT camera shy.

I'm sorry about the fuzzy picture.
I was trying to hurry to get this little guy.

Another bumbler.

This little princess seemed to prefer the pink flowers.
Everyone else was busy with all of the other she just kept to herself.
I think I'll go back outside to enjoy more little wonders out in the gardens.
I sincerely hope your Sunday has been as much of a blessing as mine has been....and it's not over*wink.


  1. So, I'd say you have what amounts to a butterfly garden. Does the garden have milkweed for the monarchs?

  2. Oh, love your little garden guests. It was wonderful here yesterday, but today, the heat and humidity have returned, so we are doing the afternoon inside. Just waiting for the sun to turn downward before I head out again. Enjoy your pretty days, we know they are numbered.

  3. So beautiful, Debbie! Your hollyhocks are utterly amazing! Our bees were busy today too......along with the nasty wasps, of course. :) We spent the day watering everything in sight and will probably water every day this coming week with the heat wave that we'll be having. I'm so glad that you're soaking up every minute of this wonderful summer!! :)

    xoxo laurie

  4. These are just wonderful pictures, Debbie! Your little friends truly appreciate your talent for gardening! How sweet!


  5. You got some great shots - love the dragonfly!

  6. Wow- Those are some great pictures, Debbie. I love your up close nature shots. Hope it is not as hot and humid there as it is here- xo Diana

  7. Lovely photos Debbie ...we too have great weather and the insects are enjoying it .... mind you I could just do with popping my feet into the water next to that water lily ...that would indeed be bliss ! have a great weekend...Gail x

  8. Love your photos Debbie. I have been trying to get pictures of our way are they letting me close enough. I really liked your water lily. Hope you have a great weekend. xoxo,Susie