Friday, April 17, 2015

Cold nights here!

Here in the Upper Midwest, we are used to waiting for seasonal changes.
The daytime temperatures are on the rise, but the nights are still dipping below the freezing mark.
I don't have any flowers blooming here at the Lakehouse.
The local greenhouses aren't open until the end of the month.
Even though the geese are starting to couple up, this goose seems to still be searching for a mate.

Hopefully he will find one soon, because he's NOT in a very good mood!
I was looking around the gardens for some Grape Hyacinths, and this grumpy goose let me know he was in no mood for me to be getting any closer than 20 feet to him!

I went back to the porch, and finished cleaning it up, and getting it ready for the pots of perennials that grace the potting bench, and window boxes for the Spring, and Summer months.

So now we are waiting for the night time temps to catch up to the day time warmth.
The birds are still singing for mates.
The geese still honking for partners.
The frogs chirping for someone to get together with.
And the ducks quacking for other ducks.
It's a ZOO out there!!

Even Woody sits at the sun porch screen window in wait....not for a mate....he doesn't have the "parts". 
No, he's watching the Robins hopping around on the grass just a few feet from his face.
It's like the confessional booth at church. He can talk to the bird, but he can't touch it.
Woody can plead all he wants, but the bird just does whatever he is supposed to be doing.
  Head hanging low. Almost feeling ashamed, or a failure....Woody ends up slowly turning away from the sliding screen. Walking off to meditate, alone with his thoughts... 
Seems like we are all waiting for something here at the Lakehouse.
Have a happy weekend!


  1. It is still cold here, too, Debbie. This is always such a hard time of the year-that waiting and going from nice to aggravating weather conditions. Love all those honkers, and hummers, and hobos looking for love up there.
    Poor Woody can only sit and dream about getting out there after a robin. lol Don't you just wonder what they are thinking sometimes? So funny!
    Hope you have a great night- I have 3 kiddos here for the weekend with one more coming tomorrow night. Fun and exhausting! xo Diana

  2. Sometimes, waiting, sounds like a wonderful place to be. We are definitely in the throws of springs trying hard to ward off the HOT days of summer approaching! The babes are chirping already preparing to fly away, such a contrast in locale! Enjoy waiting and watching for soon life will be busy and full! Blessings, Cindy

  3. Waiting too for warmer temps, it's rained a lot here and the river is high, we bought a pontoon boat so warmer weather can't come to soon!

  4. We've had a few more warmer days here in Ohio than you have had. Things are starting to bloom and I noticed a few of those grape hyacinths you mention, blooming yesterday. On a ride to the store I even saw a few a few trees with leaves on them. Hang in there it will soon be warming up your way too.

  5. Happy Saturday Debbie,
    Cool brisk evenings chill and daytime warmth what a lead up to glorious Spring! Your ground wakes up slowly and bursts forth with exuberance in its own sweet time. In Philadelphia we often miss the waking up promise of Spring ... Example today will hit a high of 81 tomorrow will remain in the mid 60's.
    As a kid I got bite in my butt cheek from a lonely Mr. Goose. Boy they really can be cantankerous!!!
    Woody is adorable and Debbie I let my Max and Simon watch "Henri" the Angst Parisian cat on You Tune videos. I think Woody could sooooo relate!
    Sending love,

  6. Debbie, I think it's finally good for us. It is to be 76 today. This morning was that's good. My Lizzy had a cat named "Frisky" she would sit on the window inside and do some kind of chattering at the birds. It was always funny. I know you seem to have a green thumb when it comes to roses and hollyhocks. Can't wait to see them in bloom. Blessings dear friend, love you, Susie

  7. Our daffodils have already bloomed at the lake and our lilacs should bloom this week. I wish I could do perenniels on our deck but it's too hot and sunny in KY and everything burns to a crisp. How you doing sweetie?? xo

  8. Hi Debbie
    I hope you find some blooms in your gardens soon! It's been beautiful here the past few days, but is cooling off tomorrow. I've been picking daffodils, and have hyacinth starting to come up. I love grape hyacinth too, can't wait to pick a big bouquet! So funny about Woody:) Love your potting bench. This is my favorite time of year. Oh, we have lots of tree frogs here, I can hear them now as I type, even with the windows closed:)

  9. It's a waiting game here as well. More snow this week, but at least it melts quickly now. I love opening the door in the morning and hearing the birds in the forest!

    Columbine, delphinium and wild strawberries are starting to leaf out. And along with them, the bunnies are back.

    Hope you have a lovely Sunday, Debbie!

  10. Hi Debbie, I will try and send you some of our heat to hurry your warmer nights along.
    The goose is beautiful but I imagine his mood is not so good as he waits and watches for his mate. Love your dear fur baby. What a comfy spot to gaze out the window. Make you wonder what goes through their sweet little minds.
    We are in full bloom here and the birds sing us the best songs each and everyday. Some are so loud we have to speak up to hear ourselves inside. LOL
    This is my favorite time of spring except for the storms. We had a dozy last night with very high winds and hail. The flowers did okay just the roses lost a lot of petals. Today warmed up to the 80's and the flowers perked right back up.

    Wishing you a nice Sunday evening and great week ahead.
    Hugs and Blessings, CM

  11. many beautiful pictures! The items are so pretty and lovely in your porch. And what about your cat?? Very adorable!!!