Sunday, April 12, 2015

Springtime temps at last!!!

The long wait for warm Springtime temps is over for us here at the Lakehouse.
What a glorious weekend we've had!
Sunshine, and warm breezes blew in the weather we've been waiting for.

People have been outside all weekend.
Working in their yards, walking, and riding their bikes.
My friend, Jen, and I took an enjoyable ride this afternoon.

It won't be long, and the canals will be busy with boaters again.
We will be packing up, and heading out to the big lake for long afternoons of fun, and relaxation.

In the evenings, the canals will be full of boats lazily riding up, and down....soaking up the last hours of sunlight.
Enjoying every moment of Spring, and Summer with family and friends.

The Crappie are in the canals.
That means the fishermen are out in full force!
It's a joyful time of year here at the lake.
The frogs are waking from their Winter slumber.
They will be singing in the evening, and into the night.
As we are lulled to sleep by the gentle sounds of the frogs....we are assured of the sweet melodies of the Morning Doves as we greet each new day.....welcome Spring.


  1. It's heavenly here, peaceful and full of grace.

    Such beauty comes from beauty, your view is exactly what I needed to rest my nerves on today, a gentle calm has come over me imagining myself living here in your lake cottage.


  2. Oh sweet Debbie how the beauty that surrounds you beckons me to jump on a plane and spend time surrounded by the relaxation of the lake in your guest room with the lovely view. Glorious Spring is indeed welcome with all the serene living it brings. Renewal and Spring flowers, plus frogs!

  3. I just love this time of year, Debbie! The tree fogs are really "singing" up a storm here, they sound so happy! Love your flower basket girl, is she new? Enjoy the sun!!

  4. A happy time of year for you, I'm sure! Enjoy! Blessings, Cindy

  5. Spring is a blessing for sure and you have such a nice place there to truly enjoy it ! Hope you have a good week ahead !

  6. Your place is a sweet haven from the hustle bustle of life. I believe God has blessed you because you show such appreciation for His creation and even the little frogs.
    Your lady statue is so pretty. You really know how to capture details with your camera!
    Every season has its own special qualities! But spring is wonderful...
    Love, Roxy xoxo

  7. Debbie- Glad Spring is there. We are behind you yet. We are waiting for things to really start greening up here. Can't wait. The fishermen have been out in the bay though catching something. xo Diana

  8. I'm sure that Spring on the lake is so pretty!! We've had a lot of rain here in my part of Ohio and the grass is now green and the trees are budding out.

  9. Hi!!! I' m back and happy to see such beautiful pictures. The spring on the lake is fabulous.

  10. Hi Debbie, Springtime in Michigan. Brings back wonderful memories for me from my home state. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pics.
    Be Blessed, CM

  11. What gorgeous photos. The grasses take my breath away. I love the boat on the water too. Enjoy your beautiful spring. xoox

  12. Lovely photographs! What a glorious place to live and welcoming spring must be awesome!

  13. You are so lucky Debbie! What a wonderful place to live my dear friend! I so enjoyed every beautiful photo you shared and reading about what you have to look forward to with the nicer weather. Blessed-blessed-blessed
    hugs from here...

  14. We were at the lake last week and caught some crappie. Then we had a huge fish fry and took plates of them to our friends up and down the street. It's always so much fun when everyone finally arrives for the season. xo

  15. Oh, Debbie! Your pics are making me homesick for the lake! Gulp! Your guy in his boat makes me want to cry as well. Hubby sold his first fishing boat a few years ago as it was too lightweight for our lake. He bought a bigger one (these were all second hand), and he never put it in the water as it takes several people to carry it. We have open space on one side of our dock...I wasn't sure why he didn't just cover it. Then I found out recently he had sold it to a neighbor. Just said it was a burden. That first boat gave him hours of pleasure the summer before he was diagnosed. He actually stood in the recovery room and gosh, two weeks ago I was on the lake fishing, now this? So maybe it's just bittersweet. Maybe I can get him to change his mind.

    Thanks for the great are a true blue friend!

    Jane xx