Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A few favorite things.

What is it about domes, cloches, and cages that intrigue me so?
I remember my grandmother's anniversary clock that my dad brought back from Germany when he was in the Army.
I used to feel mesmerized by the silver weighted balls that danced around under the pretty clock that was encased inside the dome.
It seemed almost magical.

Kerosene lanterns were favorites of mine, even as a child.
We used them during storms when the electricity was out.
I loved the flame inside the glass.
At times I felt almost as if I were in a trance as I watched the flames flicker inside the globe.

I collect birdcages.  All kinds.
I fill them with nests, faux birds, baby tears, tea lights, shells, and dried flowers.
We always had canaries, and parakeets while growing up. Then we raised finches when my own girls were little. Maybe the cages are just an extension of those memories.

Cloches are another favorite for filling with keepsakes.
There are so many different kinds to choose from!
I have many that I love.

I change out this glass box many times during the year.
I like the mirrored bottom....adds to the depth of the box.
Sometimes I stuff it full of treasures.
Right now it holds a simple clay heart, and just a few pieces of sea glass.

Bell jars are a necessity.
They are a great topper for tender plants, inside, or out.
I would LOVE to find some tall ones....sigh.
These are just a few of the cloches, cages, and domes that are here at the Lakehouse.  
There are more....but they will be shared another time.
I just felt like sharing some of my "favorite things" with you today.
Have a happy evening.


  1. We are so alike, Debbie. I love cloches and birdcages, too. They just fascinate me and I was always mesmerized by those Anniversary clocks that were under a dome. GREAT post- Love your sweet take on things. xo Diana

  2. I like cloches too. It seems to accentuate whatever is under it better. I like an empty cloche too. I think the simple shape of the glass is pretty.

  3. Debbie...I love cloches too. I have a huge board of them on Pinterest.

  4. The rusty birdcage is my favorite. :-) xo Enjoy your week.

  5. You do have so lovely pieces! I too love bird cages and I'm not really sure why, maybe just a feeling of being outdoors! Thanks for sharing a few of your favorites! Blessings, Cindy

  6. I loved seeing some of your favorite things. It's always good to have something you love decorating your home. Hope you have a wonderful day, very chilly here this morning.

  7. What lovely images! I came here from Nana Diana's blog and will follow. I stopped in at your other blog first. Business times are tough, so many closing shop. I think reports of a rebounding economy are greatly exaggerated.

  8. Your cloches are beautiful! I love sea glass, I hope to come across it someday but so far, no luck. I too have a lot of bird cages, yours looks adorable with the little nest and eggs inside. Hope you're having a wonderful week, happy almost Friday!

  9. Hi Debbie, you brought back memories of a cloched dome glass clock my grandmother had yet balls that spun in gold and gold base, oh so shinny and its makings that worked inside was truly mesmerizing, when we visited her she would put me to work dusting the house and the care in dusting that clock was like handling the most fragile of pieces :)

    I use to have a lot of garden cloches in my home, I am down to just one, not sure why I gave them up to my shop, they were the heavy glassed ones for seeding winter growth in the garden beds, so wish I had kept a couple of them. Now seeing bloggers and instagram placing all kinds of collection in cages in my new intrigue!

    Your glassware is inspiring, loving the mirrored box, my one and only sizable cloche has a pile of twigs under it almost like a nest, just nature in the raw.
    My cages need some tittle attention to things stacked and piled in them, hmmmm! Maybe a weekend project :)

    See you soon at the lakehouse with all you inspire and a touching story.


  10. I like what you've shared from your collections, bird cages inside and out are a favourite of mine. You've inspired me to dust off my cloche and create something pretty inside.

  11. I can see why they are some of your fav things !! so desirable !! hoping you are having a lovely spring time...Gail x

  12. Debbie,
    You've set my imagination on fire with this amazing post. Your creativity with your cloches, Cages and domes inspires me to purchase a vintage birdhouse and decorate and celebrate our 4 seasons in it. Debbie I always enjoy your photography and the way you present your stories, I so appreciate the beauty and creativity you bring to Blogland.

  13. I love cloches and birdcages too. Your " favourite things" are adorable and very romantic. I always love to see your beautiful pictures.

  14. Cloches and birdcages are two of my very favorite things too, Debbie! There is something about placing an item under glass that makes it extra special. And birdcages are so sweet, you always fill yours with the neatest treasures. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Hi Debbie, Cloches and Birdhouses are also favorites of mine. Just love to use them all through the house and change them up with the seasons. Your photos are lovely and I so enjoyed this favorites post.
    Have a nice weekend.
    Hugs, CM

  16. I love them all, especially that round cloche with the white base! I have a thing for birdcages, cloches but most of all kerosene lamps and lanterns. I believe the very first 'old' thing I got was a kerosene lamp that was given to me and I still have it along with several more. I still remember the woman that gave it to me even though that was a really, really long time ago! Thanks for all the sweet comments! hopefully I'll get back in the swing of things after I recuperate from all this painting! :)