Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sewing on the sun porch.

The nights are still too cold to put out annuals, or fill in the window boxes here at the Lakehouse.
It's warm enough to spend time in the sun room though.
I decided to move the sewing machine out there since I'm in that room so much.

I'm getting low on lavender sachets.
My daughter, Melissa, and I are going to a huge antique show this weekend.
I will be looking for vintage lace, and fabrics.

When I give the sachets away, I like to wrap them in brown paper, and tie them with bakers string.
I've never had a place to keep everything all together.

Since I ordered a larger French glass drying rack this morning, I am using this smaller one to keep my supplies together....all in one place.

It works really well for the string, and rolls of lace.

The opening at the bottom holds a pitcher of pens, and markers, and other crafting supplies.

I set a small plate on top, and filled little baskets with more lace.
There is also a roll of burlap ribbon on one of the pegs.
There are other sewing supplies in baskets, and buckets in the room. 
You can see more of the sun porch in my previous post.
If we decide to have a meal out on the porch, I can put the sewing machine in the bottom of the hutch.
Since things are set up, and ready....I think I might just put together some lavender sachets this evening.
Have a nice night!


  1. Oh what Lovely Imagery both of your Blogs have. So glad I decided to visit after visiting another Fav Blog and seeing your comment about having a Bipolar Cat. I was intrigued, I'm raising Bipolar G-Children and I thought I might see some parallels on how to deal with the borderline demonic more successfully??! *Winks* After all, Cats and Kids do have many similarities... ignoring you... sleeping well almost anywhere with complete comfort... staying up all Night and napping the days away... fussy about food... thinking we're their Staff... etc. etc. etc. *LOL* Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

    1. Hello Bohemian
      I'm wondering if you have heard of Jackson Galaxy. He is a cat behaviourist. I am a longtime cat lover and study of the species having worked in veterinary medicine for yrs. but I've been watching him and have read his book and he has amazing insight on how to cope with and even change destructive behaviour. Amazon has his book and it is an easy read and entertaining besides being so useful. It's not expensive. He also has a website on which you can ask questions. I have learned so much from his teachings. It's just very common sense sporoach from the feline perspective. Kinda like natural horsemanship (horse whisperer) if you will altho I hate that term. I raised horses as a breeder and started colts so I know what of I speak. Hoping this helps and is not offensive.

  2. You sew on your porch. I sew on my lanai (a southern word for porch, I guess). The walls are completely filled with jalousie windows so the room feels larger than it really is, the outdoor garden is a room itself and a wonderful view through the windows. Fresh and invigorating. I see you have a lovely little canal passing by out there...another fresh and invigorating view, eh?

  3. What a delightful place to sew! I can't imagine it any nicer than in your sun room overlooking the lake! What a grand idea!
    Have a great day~

  4. I' d like to have a such beautiful and dreamy space to sew! I' m enchanted now! I' m looking forward to seeing your sachets.

  5. You have set up a lovely area on your porch for sewing, what a fantastic view out the windows! It must be hard to focus on what you're doing with so much going on outside.

  6. I'd love sitting out there and working on projects - what a perfect spot. You must feel so inspired sitting out there. Have a great week sweetie pie.

  7. Prettiest sewing room I've ever seen ~ and a great way to enjoy more sunshine and pretty views.

  8. It's still way too cold to plant any thing here too. You do have the perfect place to sit and sew there with such a wonderful view. My sewing machine is tucked away in the spare bedroom and hasn't been used in a long long time. I have projects waiting to be sewn but now I'm thinking they'll wait till next winter. I'm still working on the Spring cleaning and it needs to be done before the really nice weather arrives. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday !

  9. Debbie,
    Besides loving your sunporch and the beautiful lake view, today you made me swoon!
    Pretty and organized too. Hey Debbie I have the same Brother sewing machine!!! But my machine gets placed on top of the dining room table so today you made you swoon.
    Have fun with Melissa looking for fabrics to sew Lavender sachets, sounds like a delightful afternoon.

  10. Debbie,
    I am swooning over your sun porch and what a great place to sit and sew. The view of the lake and the beautiful sun rays pouring in. I bet you feel so inspired out there. Love the glass rack for your storage of supplies that is awesome. Enjoy that sweet porch Debbie.

  11. What an absolutely beautiful setting to create in! I'm sure I wouldn't accomplish much, as I would be too busy staring at the scenery! You are blessed :) Cindy

  12. What a great idea to use your bottle drying rack as a fun place to store your twine,Debbie! Just look at all of the wonderful sunlight streaming in the room! I love making lavender sachets too. Have fun with your daughter at the market this weekend! Hope you find some pretty trims:)

  13. What a beautiful place to sew up your pretty lavender sachets!!

  14. Wow, what a view! Beautiful. I have a wall French drying rack and I have string, tea cups, lavender, and a couple of saucers on it, but I like your idea of using exclusively for crafts. xoox Su

  15. Ohhhh, what a beautiful space! That would definitely inspire me to learn to sew:) It's on my list of things I want to learn. What a perfect idea for your drying racks, looks pretty and organized:)

  16. Hello, There is just something about a sun porch that always draws us, but a sewing room is my cup of tea! I hope you have a great time sewing for the fair! I love my Lavender bag! Thinking of you!
    Hugs, Roxy xo

  17. Hi there,
    I stopped by from Kris's blog and so glad to meet you! I'm in awe of your beautiful space to sew ~ the sunshine and the lake, flowers and plants. I doubt I would get much sewing done. :) Does your machine do embroidery? It looks like an awesome machine!

    Good luck with your search for new treasures! You've really organized things well.

    P.S. I'm a new follower!

  18. I just came to visit you from Kris' blog post about your lavender sachets, and what a beautiful spot you have here! Enjoyed your beautiful post and pictures, and can almost smell the lovely lavender sachets you are making! So nice to meet you :)

  19. I just came to visit you from Kris' blog post about your lavender sachets, and what a beautiful spot you have here! Enjoyed your beautiful post and pictures, and can almost smell the lovely lavender sachets you are making! So nice to meet you :)

  20. That sounds so nice...my dream! Someday...when we get the 3 season porch on this house, that is what I plan to do...put the sewing machine out there and just sew! I remember years ago while walking (in Arizona) I noticed someone had their sewing machine set up outside on their back porch and I though how awesome to sew outside, Some day I will do that! Your setup looks so beautiful!
    Hugs xoxo