Friday, April 10, 2015

Just waiting for the warmth of Spring.

The ice has finally thawed off the canals, and the grass is just starting to green up here at the Lakehouse.  While waiting for the flowers to poke their heads through the dirt on the outside. I decided it was time to bring out the faux flowers on the inside of the house.
One of the first things to make an appearance was the fairy garden. I love the wired dragon flies. Their wings open and close, just like they are drying their wings while sitting on a water lily out on the water in the sun.

There are three dragon flies in the fairy garden.
Watching for intruders.

I added a few more tiny shells, and some sea glass this year.

More lavender was added, as well.

This nice sheet of birch was found in a shop last year.
I thought the fairies could use it to build something this summer.
We'll see what they come up with.

.......and look who I spotted hanging out on the sun porch this afternoon.
Do you suppose she's waiting for some sunshine, and warmer weather?

Her sister was also sitting nearby.
I think they are as anxious for the warmth of Spring to arrive as I am!!
It shouldn't be much longer.


  1. Debbie, I love the fairy garden. I gave Emma a little girl with two kitten(figurine) for her fairy garden.. I love the fairy sisters. I have not planted any flower yet...I am now glad I waited...because it hailed on Wednesday morning. It's rained a ton and the wind is super high today. But hey, this weekend is to be just right. I hope it is where you live too. Nana Diana said she was driving into some snow on her day trip. Yikes. I would be ever so tired of that . Debbie, I sure hope we can have a some normal temps to enjoy our spring. I also would love a warm summer...not a super hot one. LOL. Blessings to you my dear friend. Love, Susie

  2. Debbie,
    Your fairy garden ... Be still my heart, charming and whimsical and inspires me. I adore dragonflies, so magical in their beauty. I am soooo in love with your view from your window. Absolutely beautiful. Spring is toying with us in Philly, us too waiting for the warmth.
    Sending love,

  3. Debbie,
    Love your fairy garden so sweet. Your little fairy sisters are pretty adorable too.
    I cannot wait for Spring to stay sprung too. Have a great week end.

  4. I do love your fairy garden. I have fake flowers in my house too, but outside a few daffodils have bloomed. Still mostly chilly here too.

  5. Your fairy garden is so pretty and sweet. Have a great weekend my dear.

  6. I love your Fairy Garden, so adorable!!! I'm going to have to hunt down one of those little chandy's you have, it would be perfect for my dollhouse:) I have paper roses in my apartment, I found them on Etsy and they look so real!

    Have a lovely weekend:)

  7. Hi Debbie!
    We were treated to a nice, sunny day in the 50s with another on tap for tomorrow!
    We spent the day cleaning up our campsite, getting ready for the May 1st opening day. I've been wanting a fairy garden there and I think your post just sealed the deal, thanks!

  8. Spring is funny here playing weekly jokes on us, a few days of what feels like early summer then back to a week of wind and cold of grey sky's.
    Your fairy garden reminds me of the ones I would make with my daughter when she was very little, we would build aches, furniture, and little magical places for them to hide out all with twigs and bark. I kind of miss those days after visiting you.

    As for dragon flys my daughter had a male teacher in 4th grade who loved dragon flys and filled the class Rome with them, I really felt this is why the students came away with a wonderful imagination and a sense of nature, it was a magical place for them to learn. Of course your view is the best in any season, I can imagine the most beautiful day sitting and just listening to nature speak to you.


    Thank you Debbie for a soft reminder of days gone by for us here.

  9. Hi Debbie, What a beautiful view from your window. I just love the magic in your fairy garden. Adding faux flowers inside does help when spring fever hits us and still not caught up outside. I do the same too along with already being in several bouquets from the garden. All of a sudden our garden is in full bloom with our warmer days. I know you will be next as the month goes along.
    Your Dragon flies are just precious. I am working on an outside fairy garden and having so much fun with it.
    Enjoy this day and have a blessed Sunday.

  10. I love those beautiful fairies! Oh, I love everything you decorate with! Hugs, Diane