Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Now, I am old.

I got home late this afternoon.
I was babysitting my grandchildren for the past six days.
I realized something very important while I was away.
I am old.

I am glad I had my children when I was in my twenties.
Back then I could run, and jump, and I was bull!!
Now....I am old.

In my twenties, I could stay up late, and get up early.
I could go up and down the stairs, at least one hundred times a day without breaking into a sweat. 
The house was clean by ten o'clock, and laundry was hung on the line before that!!!
The kids were fed, and dressed, and ready to play outside before Sesame Street came on.
Now....I am old.

Now, the grandchildren come into the room where I am snoring, and shake me awake to tell me they are hungry.
Would I please get up and fix breakfast before it's time for lunch?!
Plus, they want to go swimming, and that means I have to clean the pool......after getting out of my pajamas, and cleaning up from breakfast, and making beds, and starting laundry.

By the time everyone finally gets into the pool, and I am relaxing in the sun, Olivia (who is three) has to go to the bathroom.
I get her wet suit off and back on again, and back out to the pool, then settle back in my lounge chair when the bigger kids start whining that they are hungry again.

I fix lunch to be eaten outside, but no one wants to eat outside, because it's too hot outside, so everyone has to change from their bathing suits into dry clothes so they can eat the kids are eating their lunch INSIDE...I am hanging wet suits and towels outside.  As I head inside to check on everyone, the kids are heading back outside to get their bathing suits!!!  They have finished their lunch and have  decided to go back OUTSIDE to go swimming!!!! 

As the kids are getting ready to go swimming, I am in a heated debate with Olivia about going to the bathroom before going out to the pool. She tells me she just went, and cannot go again right NOW!!
So outside everyone goes again for another session of swimming.
The younger kids are wearing their arm-floating devices, and Olivia is wearing her upper body flotation gear.
We are set to go. 

We are in the pool.
The air is hot, the pool is cool.
Everything is perfect.
Olivia has to pee.

I watched the kids for six days.
We got up early everyday.
We went to bed late every night.
We swam most of the time.
Olivia went to the bathroom a lot....sometimes even in her pants.
It was fun (most of the time).
I could not be a full time mom, or babysitter......because......
I am old.
The reason I say this is because I am exhausted. 
I am home, and I am tired.
I have to go to work tomorrow, but I am worn out from all the children. From all the outside, and inside, and the swimming suits and towels, and the dishes, and the whining, and the eating, and the bathroom going. How did I do this before?!
Now, I am old.


  1. LOL - Oh Debbie - you crack me up. I know exactly what you mean and I don't even have any grand children to watch. I want to crawl into that cozy looking bed with the rose blanket and take a nap just READING this post!! xo

  2. HA ... I have my grand girls every Thursday, in the pool, I have to 'go', dripping through the house, slipping on the now wet floors, back in the pool, I'm hungry, yep, every Thursday and I wouldn't change it for the world, nope, not for anything in the world!! You are understood :) Blessings, Cindy

  3. I know exactly how you feel. I watch my 5 year old grandson and sometimes it is hard to keep up with him. If only I had as much energy as he does!!

  4. I only babysit a day at a time, not a whole week like that and I don't know If I could do it anymore. One day tires me out. I'm old for sure. Nice to have some time with grandchildren but also good to be home.

  5. I'm right there with you. Hurray for moms of all ages! Hurray for grandmas and grandpas as well!!
    And hurray for Paw Patrol that 3 yr. old Zeke is watching (after spending his
    first night alone with us), because it gives Gramps a chance to sleep a little longer and me a chance to mentally prepare for the day.

  6. LOL!! I had my 2 grandsons (Ages 2 and 4) living with us for 2 months and I was exhausted when they left!! You are not old, we are just not in our twenties like when we had our children :)!! Hang in there my friend and just remember you get to be the Nana and go home :)!! We love them but we need limited amount of time with our grands because we need to rest. Have an awesome day Debbie!!

  7. LOL Debbie, this post made me laugh! Hey, I'm only 47 and I'm right there with you:) I loved raising my boys but I get tired just thinking of how busy my days were back then. My sister and brother both still have little ones at home, I'm really glad I had mine when I was so young because I have to take a nap after just a couple of days with my nieces! I do look forward to having grandchildren at some point and hope I'm as good and loving a grandma as you are:)

  8. I hear you, Debbie. I am REALLY slowing down, and there is so much to do ~ and I don't even have grandbabies to take care of.

    Sigh. Hopefully you'll catch some rest over the next few days?

    And by the way, I LOVE your photos in this post!

  9. Ha Ha love this Debbie. I am so with you on this post. I only have the one grand child that is 5 but oh my after a day babysitting her I need a big time nap. Where did all that energy go that we had when our kids were that age!!!! Like you said you need a vacation from the vacation of having the kids but it is the best time in the world. Now you can go back to work to get some rest lol! Have a great week.

  10. Love this post Debbie!!! I don't have grandchildren yet but I know I'll feel the same, I'm old now!! Your photos are gorgeous and I love your new header!! (Although you might have had it for a bit...I've been unplugged lately)

  11. Ahhh!!! Came from Becky's to commiserate. I too am too old to appreciate youth's constant energy and enthusiasm. Love your decor, btw.

  12. I know how you feel! My son is eight, he is full of energy.You had a lots of fun with your family and now take care of yourself. Your pictures are just gorgeous. I fell in love with the romantic bed.

  13. Debbie, How did we ever do it...raise children? LOL. They wear me out too. We love them to pieces, but it's rough. I have always teased that if I had to babysit for a living, I would starve. LOL. I absolutely love kids and babies.We have them when we are young, otherwise we would not be able to do it. Bless your heart dear friend, Love you so much, Susie

  14. Hi Debbie
    That was such a funny post. Loved it. My girls are stilll young, no Grandchildren yet but I had them at an older age so when I finally do have Grandchildren, oh my I will be old :) You are a good Grandma spending so much time with them. I bet they loved every second
    enjoy your day Debbie

  15. Oh my gosh, Debbie! I am exhausted just reading about your schedule with the kids! I wouldn't have made it 6 hours, let alone 6 days of non stop "fun"! You are a far nicer Nana that I ever would have been. I would have made the kids eat outside in their swimsuits, hot or not:) Love all of your beautiful pictures, your pillows and sachets are just gorgeous!

  16. What a classic post Debbie! I love how you interspersed your comments about "feeling old" with pictures of beautiful old things! Indeed, children were made for young people, and when I think back to those days of go, go, go with the kids when they were little, I wonder how I did it. I guess the fountain of youth doesn't last forever, lol! I am glad you had such a good time with your grandkids, but that you now also have time to rest! Really enjoyed your post! :)

  17. Oh, wow, what a post!!!! I CAN RELATE!!!!

  18. Oh my gosh, I can so relate to this post! I just have to be around young children and get that feeling of being's just not fair they have more energy than this old lady!
    Have a great week, Debbie.

  19. Great post I'm with you ,It was easy when young

  20. You made me my day with this post Debbie! It is so darn funny---and so darn true! I had grandchildren this past week too, and I so identified with this. I also loved this post because of the gorgeous photos of your home too. LOVE IT!!!!
    sending hugs...

  21. hehehe...I feel exhausted just reading what you got up to !! so funny ...have a nice restful weekend young one...Gail x