Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Suggestions needed for taking photos.

It's cloudy and humid here at the Lakehouse today.
Went outside to do some gardening, but was driven back inside by the mosquitoes.
Most...not all...of the inside chores are done for the day.
I got bored....hmmmm...imagine that, so I went upstairs and played with my camera.

I see so many posts from other blogs that have such gorgeous photographs in them. They look professionally done!! those bloggers really have talent!!
I've read my pamphlets that came with my camera, and would love to take a class.
My blog is becoming my "practice" for photo taking....lol.

I should check for an online course, or at least for some information that would help.
Have any of you taken classes?
Do you know of anything on the internet that gives direction?

Photography isn't something that I would ever be interested in doing professionally.
Just as a hobby.
If you have any helpful tips, or information yourself, would you share?
I would appreciate it very much.
I'm open to constructive criticism.

I know I should pay more attention to detail.
Like making sure the quilt at the foot of the bed was on straight before taking this photo...hahahaha.
And centering.....yeah, that would help.

I'm so critical of myself....I really couldn't do this for anyone else but myself.
I could really use another person's input.
I can see that I might be going too heavy on the matting sometimes....so development is another issue.
My goal is to achieve something pleasing to the eye; preferably a Cyclops with double vision.
So.....if you have any helpful hints, or suggestions on photography, I would be happy with your input.
thank you, and good day.
I'm sharing with Kerryanne for Shabbilicious Friday at her beautiful blog, Shabby Art Boutique for the first time. Kerryanne has a gorgeous online magazine that you should go take a look at. It's full of wonderful photos of blogger's inspirational ideas, and photos of their lovely homes. I'm sure you will recognize some of the bloggers that are featured.


  1. I really can´t give you any advise...I´m still trying to make good pictures.But I do love your images....for me they are pretty close to perfect <3.
    Have a great day

  2. Well, I have always thought YOUR photography was really wonderful, Debbie. You have and flair that comes through. I can't take a decent picture for love nor money--so I think yours are GREAT!!!! xo Diana

  3. Debbie,
    First I must say I LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY. You add a softening filter and I think you capture your intended subject perfectly. Oftentimes I use my iPhone 5 on my blog - sometimes not but I am in the belief it's in the angle and the position of the subject you feel passionate about that shows in your photo essays.
    Debbie your heartfelt passion in your words and photos always fill me with interest and reward. I SAY throw out the instructional manual and just photograph from your mind's eye, You're doing fab with it.
    Sending love and friendship your way.

  4. Debbie, My grandson is giving a class on line. So my daughter tells me. I loved your pictures...some have a dreamy quality...that I like. I think you are doing fine myself. As for my camera and picture taking...yikes, I have read that little book over and over...nothing works like I want...so I just do my best. Blessings, love you my friend, Susie
    p.s. those nasty mosquitoes are going to be eating us alive. LOL

  5. Debbie,
    I love your photo's. I think you do not need to change anything. I think some of the pictures of some bloggers are from very expensive camera's with lots of different lens's.
    I use pic monkey for free to edit my photos so they do not look too dark and I can sharpen the pictures when I have cloudy days or not so great lighting. That might help. Pic Monkey is easy and free. I think you need to get a bat house for the mosquitoes. We put one in our backyard a couple of years ago and have not had too much of a problem with the mosquitoes. Each bat eats 1000 mosquitoes a night. You put the bat house at the back of the yard and you have to be near a lake or body of water which you are. The females are the only ones allowed in the bat house. The bats have one female that is the martiarc and she protects and stays with the babies while the male bats and other females go out to eat the bugs and mosquitoes. They only come out at dusk and before dawn so they are never seen by us anyway and they do not bother anyone. You just have to make sure you put the bat house out far away from the house so they do not think it is ok to get into your attic or rafters. They will not if you keep the house out far enough away from your house. Sorry this got so long but I have to say I am a fan of a bat house. They can be bought at any pet or bird feed store.

  6. Oh Debbie, I think your pictures are lovely! I love the soft and gentle touch to all your photos! I too am learning my way through photography as well! I've learned that it is nice to take the online classes, but by just getting out, and using the camera helps a lot. Understanding how aperture, shutter speed and ISO work together is probably the biggest key in making your pictures "pop". Also... like one other commenter said, many of the lovely photos you see on other blogs, is because people are using a fixed or prime lens, which blurs the background, and provides greater detail and depth to the photo. A 50 mm lens is a great one to start with, but there is a bit of a learning curve as well. Please email me with any questions, but like I said... I am still learning myself, and feel awkward handing out advice, when I have to much to learn myself. Anyway, much love and hugs, and hoping the mosquitoes leave you alone for some time in the garden!

  7. Hi Debbie, your pics look gorgeous and I think you do a beautiful job setting your displays and capturing them so perfectly. I second what everyone has said here. I too use Pic Monkey and Photoscape. With an etsy shop I use these nearly each day for trying to showcase my listings and of course blogging too.
    Keep up the wonderful job and this post has the prettiest pics ever. And you said you were bored!! LOL
    Be Blessed, cm

  8. Good Morning Debbie
    Yes, those darn mosquitoes chased me in yesterday also!! so about your photoes. I really didn't think you needed any help. I think your photoes are gorgeous and so soft looking. I think you have an eye for taking photoes. I bet it would be fun to take a class though just to see maybe you can add something fun that you haven't done before but really your work is so pretty already. Have a great day Debbie!

  9. Debbie, I think your photo's are gorgeous just as they are! You have your own style and it's very "you" so I don't think you need to change a thing. As for advice, I can't give you any! My digital camera is about 9 years old now, I have to hold the button down for quite a while before it finally (and very stubbornly) goes off. Then I have to upload them to my computer, fix them in Pic Monkey blah blah blah...it's a process and also a reason I get so lazy to blog these days.

    We have a Google tablet and I do use that to post pics to Instagram but not my blog because it doesn't have a flash so many pics come out blurry. One of these days, I'll invest in a nicer camera but it's just not a big priority for me now.

    I do think taking a photography class would be fun but do you ever read Pioneer Woman's blog? She's got tons and tons of tips on photography:) Happy Wednesday and I actually did get around to doing a blog post yesterday so stop by when you have time:) Hugs!

  10. I think your photos aree really amazing and perfect. All the pictures and all the items are such adorable and romantic...i love them very much. In my opinion you are to much critical of yourself...you are very talented!

  11. I think your photos a beautiful, but them you have some gorgeous things there to take pictures of too. I'm no help when it comes to cameras. Most of my pictures are taken with my phone now. But I do like to take them. We were hot and steamy here but rain yesterday brought cooler temps today and we're headed out to the country and hopefully will find a vegetable stand or two. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday !

  12. I agree with everyone else here ~ your photos are lovely and have a dreamy quality to them.
    Honestly, I just point and shoot my pics. What seems to help make them a little more interesting is to try shooting several images of the same subject at different angles. Then I just select the one I like best.

    Have a lovely one today, Debbie!

  13. Hello Debbie, well Lin above has recounted what I do and that is the bonus of digital photography these days. With film, I always took 2 shots - just in case. :-)
    Your photos are always nice and the setting up or arranging beforehand makes a big difference - something I rarely take the time to do but love the effect - as you have done in this post.
    There are on-line courses or other bloggers to learn from but I'd say you're in a happy place for a hobby photographer.

  14. Hi Debbie, I love that your photos have emotion to them and the items and even your vignettes have lots of texture. There are lots of classes you can take. I agree with another comment further up who mentioned to have fun with taking pictures from different angles. I'll climb on a step stool or even a counter to get an interesting angle :) Have fun with it!

  15. Your photos are beautiful.
    I appreciate photos that capture real life, which means it is sometimes very out of order, not perfect or professional, but real.