Monday, September 6, 2010

More vintage finds

Well.....the forecast called
for sunshine and 80 degrees today. What we got was rain and temps in the 60's. No day to be out on the boat.
So....I thought I'd show you more treasures from my vintage shopping trip with Pam.
This beautiful dish has a French stamp on the bottom...and a price tag of just $3.00!
I knew exactly what I would do with it. I filled it with some of the shells I received from Debbie at Love of the Sea.  Debbie was kind enough to send them to me all the way from Sanibel Island in Florida. They are a wonderful reminder of our planned trip to Sanibel in March with  my sweet sis, Laurie from Heaven's Walk.
Wasn't that the most thoughtful thing for Debbie to do?!  I am in awe of the people I've met while blogging.

Another treasure is this seltzer bottle. I've never seen one like this!  What a surprise when found it at one of the vintage shops we visited Saturday!  It looks nice with the French dish; and the French runner found at the flea market that Laurie and I went to.
The little wire basket was a Hobby Lobby find. You can't have too many of those.
There are still more wonderful pieces from my shopping trips...they will be shared in the next few posts.
Hope you are enjoying your day.
Thank you for stopping by, and leaving your encouraging comments. I appreciate all of you more than ever.


  1. Oh Debbie, these are Wonderful finds! I LOVE that cassorole dish, I have NEVER seen a round one AND you have plenty of room in it for the "Shells" YOU will bring home from your trip... Be sure to add a starfish and sanddollar or two.hehe... I know they are plentiful there...I Have NEVER seen a bottle like that one either, they are usually clear... I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!
    Have a fantastic day, Hugs, Donna

  2. I love all your finds, Debbie~ so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Well, Debbie...I'd say you hit the motherlode last time you went "shopping". I love that round casserole-I would think that's pretty rare!

    Now...please quit talking about you and Laurie's trip to Sanibel that is coming know how I know I might cry and try to follow you there in the Pearl...that would serve you right!

    I can't wait to see what other things you good! Love 'em all! Diana

  4. Oh I have missed visiting the lakehouse!! What lovely finds, Debbie! I especially love the seltzer bottle!
    It looks pretty dreary down here right now, but the weather has been great for this weekend. Just hot...but wonderful!

    Hope you have a blessed week, gal! And as for the nice're one of them! You get what you give out to others!

  5. Great finds, it sounds like you have a fun trip planned-enjoy!

  6. Love how you displayed the shells..such a pretty little dish. I have a small seltzer bottle collection going so I am always interested in seeing different kinds - I really like this one. It's hard to tell from the photo - but yours looks like it is metal with stamping on it. Very interesting looking!!

  7. You have much to photograph on a rainy day Debbie. The casserole dish is beautiful. hugs♥olive

  8. hi Debbie....nice to meet you. I appreciate you stopping over and giving me some of your opinions on that post. I see you like to collect things, and find thrift items. Perfect you can join me every Friday for my thrift party. Also every other wed, for a before and after party. So much fun too! See you soon. Debbie

  9. So pretty! I love that French Runner! Keep showing us more!

  10. How cool is that seltzer bottle????? I've never ever seen one like that!! Way cool!! Everything looks great on that runner, Debbie. You just have a certain gift for putting special beachy vignettes together. Guess I better get my hiney in gear and post some of my finds..... lol!'s my pillow, anyway....? hehehe!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

    PS I guess we better make room for Diana this spring, huh? lol!

  11. You got some great finds there Debbie! Love that Seltzer bottle. It's such an interesting one!

  12. Hi Debbie
    I just love your French dish! So perfect for the shells that Debbie sent you! And the seltzer bottle is so cool! Love, love, love the runner that you placed everything on! So French, and tres chic! How nice that you get to go to Sanibel with Laurie this winter! Our weather was goofy here today, too! It was supposed to be 84, instead it was in the 60's! But I liked it :)

  13. Ahh, Debbie, love the dish so pretty and the seltzer bottle too, great finds as always♥


  14. Debbie, did you get a chance to go to any garage sales in Houghton Lake over the holiday? We went to a few at Higgins. The weather was pretty lousy, but we had a chance to build a fire in the fireplace!

  15. hi debbie,
    i love your new dishes.great finds!!!!!
    have a nice day,

  16. I like your finds. But, they probably aren't as great as the good times you have finding them. :)

  17. Whoa girl, look at all your comments on this post! You have a good eye for pretty things and then the talent to put them together!
    Love all these finds and I am so sorry it rained out your day on the lake.
    I hope you made good use of your wicker and french pillows...
    Hugs- Tete

  18. its a beautiful beautiful collection, i just love vintage things because of the sense of time they give you when you see them, too cool collection you have got!! last week i got a vintage piece from Annie's Online Store and its just too good

  19. Great finds! Love the seltzer bottle and the dish is very special. Love the gold detail on it!