Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Heartland Stove

Hello bloggers and anyone else that might read this post.

When I posted about my grain sacks, some of you wanted to see more of my stove.
So....here it is!

 It's a Heartland stove that I found twenty years ago when we lived on our farm in southern Michigan. It's a reproduction of a wood burner. This one is electric. I wanted one with a grease reservoir, but it wouldn't fit my kitchen at the time. So I settled on this smaller one.
I worked, and saved for over three years to buy it.
 The bottom drawer holds pan covers. The warmer above houses the light and exhaust fan. I keep spices in there.
When we moved north, our new place had a wonderful built in stove with a grill...however, I wanted my old black stove instead. Everyone thought I was nuts! I didn't care, I just couldn't part with my Heartland stove.

The oven cooks 100 degrees hotter than a normal oven...so I usually set it at 250, instead of 350.
The oven is quite small...but I always seem to make it work.
Over the years this old stove has aged, and lost it's lustre...but until it expires, it will have a place in my home.
It might not be the prettiest, or most modern appliance, but I absolutely love it!!
Do you have something in your home that brings you joyful memories...like baking Christmas cookies, cooking a huge turkey dinner for holidays, making pies, birthday cakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, and homemade soups?
This old stove holds memories of "family" times for me...and now with grand kiddos, the new memories we make will include using my cherished old stove.
Enjoy your Wednesday.



  1. It's very interesting and unique. I have never seen a stove and oven like this. I can see why you would never part with it.

  2. Yippy skippy, that's a stove! I would not have let anyone talk me out of moving that either!
    I love your cobalt blue shakers too!
    What tales your grandkids will tell about their grandma Debbie...and perhaps one of them will make a place for grandma's stove, of course after you are done using it...50 years from now or so...
    Hugs! Tete

  3. Oh, I do love and so understand why you bought it and want to keep it. It's fabulous!

  4. I love your stove! It has that special charm...Kathy

  5. Your stove is so cool, I love it!

  6. Debbie- I love your stove! I would never part with it either. I think even when it quits working I would keep in on a side porch or something as a decoration.

    I love what I have here- a JennAire range top and built in double ovens. I LOVE the double ovens...we had old ones in our 2nd house and they were wonderful (not self cleaning though)...These are wonderful when the kids are here "helping" me bake.

    We had a wonderful old Monarch range in one of our homes from the 1950's and that was THE best stove ever...however, I couldn't take it with me.

    Thanks for showing us MORE of your stove! Hugs- Diana

  7. I can definitely understand not wanted to part with your stove. It has such character. I would set in my kitchen in a heartbeat!!

  8. A friend of mine (she lives in VA) has a modern day stove in her kitchen but kept the antique wood cooking stove too! She cooks the Thanksgiving turkey in the old stove and a huge turkey cooks in about 1.5 hours!!

    I have antique copper cookie cutters and I use them at Christmas every year with my girls (who are now grown up and married). I also buy pie pumpkins, cook them up and then make my Thanksgiving and Christmas Pumpkin pie out of the pumpkin I cooked. I use my Great Grandmother's Pumpkin Pie recipe and my family said I can never stop doing that!!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful Heartland Stove with us!

  9. What an awesome vintage stove, Debbie!! And the fact that it holds all of those wonderful memories for you makes it even more special!
    Happy Wednesday!
    ~ Jo :)

  10. Debbie, it is a treasure. I am smitten with it and am so glad you still use it. hugs♥olive

  11. ~*~*LOVE your stove Debbie!! Love your blog too~ hugs, Rachel~*~

  12. What a charming stove and that it brings up so many memories of times spent with your family makes it even more special.

    Best wishes :)

  13. May not look modern, but that is the best part about it!! Beautiful:)

  14. I'm so glad you posted more info about it. It caught my eye on the other post. My sister has an old stove from the 30's and she loves it. It belonged to the previous owner of the house and once she saw it in the house she couldn't picture any other kind of stove in the kitchen there, so she insisted it be part of the house deal.

  15. Hi Debbie, I'm so happy to have found your Heartland post! I'm considering purchasing a used one from a local salvage shop but I've been reluctant until now because the model in the shop has external hinges on the oven door - something I've never seen on a Heartland until seeing yours! (i.e.; is it an authentic?) Would you mind sharing the year and model number of your Heartland? The one I'm looking at is identical to yours (blk/wht, 30" electric) but the i.d. plates have been rubbed out/damaged and I need the model and serial# so the local dealer can confirm if all parts are still avail - it's in really rough shape. I'm hoping the year and model number will be sufficient for the dealer to work with. Thanks for this post! :D Shar

  16. Hi,hope you get his l just yesterday purchased the same stove. l have always wanted a antique stove for my kitchen since l have a country/primitive home. We paid $150.00 from Market Place and the person selling it was around the corner from the small town in which l live. l will be installing ship lap behind it and on top of stove will put a large pig that l purchased many years ago. Thanks for sharing your story of the stove and how it cooks since my stove which is a working stove will be used. The stove is like new the woman who owned it only used it a few times since she didn't like to cook. PS l love to bake and cook!