Thursday, September 30, 2010

Treasures that remind you

Good morning lovies.
The fog has lifted here at the lakehouse, and the sun is shining brilliantly over the water.
It's one of those mornings when you look around your house and appreciate the simple pleasures you've surrounded yourself with.
 Like shells collected on a vacation that your whole family went on with you. The memory of a grandchild being excited over seeing their first starfish.

 An antique passed down from your of the most influential persons in your life.
Thinking about your cherished soul sister....the one person that understands your heart without judging.  Knowing the miles between cannot separate you.  Each time you look at a treasure you found on a shopping weekend with her, reminds you of the bond you share.
Feeling blessed that God put her in your life.
Do you have special pieces in your home that remind you of a special event, or person?
Hope you have a wonderful day.
Miss you Laurie.
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  1. Yes, but I need more. We've been "temporarily" living in our house for four years and it looks like we'll be here at least another year. Time to make it a home, if only for a short while. Sweet post.

  2. It's the little treasures that make a house a home-enjoy!

  3. Yes, I do have special pieces that remind me of people/places/times that are special to me, and it is always nice to see when others do to:)

  4. Love your photos on this post! They feel so homey and everything you have so loved. I have so many things like that, since we have buried our grandparents and 3 of our parents now. Then there are all the pieces I got from my dealer friends when we were at the antique mall. I also have pieces that my friends and I swap. Sometimes I buy several of something and we each get one so we are a part of each others lives all of the time. My house is full of others who I have taken with me every day of my journey. It's the memories of the love of each person that I keep and hang onto.
    You do that same thing and I am sorry that you miss Laurie. She must be the bestest kind of friend.
    Hugs coming your way- Tete

  5. that's what I love about cleaning. I look at each treasure and remember where I got it, and think about the special meaning some of these things hold for me.

  6. Lovely, Debbie. I love all your family treasures. I see so much of you in your home. I do have a lot of family pieces. 2 houses ago (I know most people say 4 years ago-lol) I sold a house completely furnished right down to the dishes. However, I kept ALL my family mementos (including a table top corn popper from the 1930's that belonged to my father-in-law when he was young) The people that bought the house really wanted a lot of my family stuff but we held out to keep that or we wouldn't have sold at all.

    Anyway, so yes, I have lots of reminders of our farm and some from my hubby's family.

    I have a couple of really close friends...the oldest is one I met in a laundra-mat in Florida when we were both young mothers. Sandy and I have moved all over the country and always lived within a few hours driving time of each other. Strange, but true. We now live about 5 hours apart. We can go weeks without talking and both pick up the phone to call each other at the same time.

    I bet I know who your special "sister" is ;>) Hugs- Diana

  7. Ditto - What Gail said holds true for me as well. Dusting gives a person a chance to hold and look over treasures and memories - a time to cherish and hold dear!

  8. I enjoyed your post and your pretty photos.Thank you.Yes I have all my Mothers and both Grandmothers earthly treasures around me everyday,the ones I love I keep out all the time.I can see thier beautiful faces through those objects.All three are in heaven now.I can hear them all reminding me of Matthew 6:19-21.

  9. All the special items we cherish definitely make our house a home! I have so many items that have special meaning to me and our family. Enjoy your day at the lake it sounds lovely!

  10. What lovely thoughts and pictures to go with them. My house is filled with memories. Just about every room has something. Those are the things that make a house a home. It's pleasant and sunny here at my little place in the woods today. I'm enjoying the birds at the feeder and the the chipmunks chasing each other around.

  11. Love your sepia images on this post. Yes, I have many family treasues and photos. I like having them around and tell my daughter about them so she will treasure them. ♥O

  12. Hello my friend...
    Your place is so charming and I just want to sit with you on your deck in those two chairs at the Lakehouse.
    I'll bring the drinks.
    LOVE that Header photo!
    So pastoral looking...Happy fall to you.
    Loved catching up with you tonight!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  13. Oh Debbie, What Wonderful Photos, Love all the sweet vignettes ~ Loving the New Header, it is Breathtaking, is that Your View?????

  14. Wonderful vignette pics!
    And that header pic of the lake..BLISS!
    So jealous!
    Found you through Debra's VIF...
    now a follower
    Have a great one!
    Tammy :-)

  15. Aaah such lovely photos.

  16. Very pretty photos and love those flower frogs.

  17. Hi Debbie,
    Catching up on your blog! Your photos are beautiful!
    Love your stove and grain sacks! Your grandchildren are just precious! Your lake in the fall looks so lovely. We were in New England last week and had such a wonderful time. Thanks for sharing with us.
    ~ Julie

  18. Hey sweet sista! Awwwwww....I MISS YOU, TOOOOOO! I knew that when I saw that photo of the pillow that you'd remember us practically knocking each other over getting to it! lol! We had SUCH a good time this summer, and I feel blessed that we were able to spend that time together. xoxo I, too, look at the treasures we bought together at the antique market and think of the beautiful folding screen..... :)

    Love you!!!! xoxo laurie

  19. what lovey vignettes and memories. I love frogs used to hold photos. Lezlee

  20. hi debbie,
    loveley photos and memories!!
    your lake looks fantastic in the autumn.
    have a nice week,
    love regina

  21. Gorgeous photos and beautiful vignettes, thanks so much for linking up with VIF,
    hugs and blessings,