Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Vintage cases

Good morning bloggers.
Summer has returned to the lakehouse for a few days! Wooohooo!
Gorgeous sunrises, and warmer temps.
Kind of puts the Autumn decorating mode on hold.
Today I thought I'd share the vintage cases I found while yard sale shopping this summer.
I LOVED this round one, and debated on painting it white..but decided to keep it original. The brown leather details really make it stand out.
The larger case was also black, but in rough shape.
We pealed off the cracked and torn stickers, cleaned it up, then painted it white.
It holds a lot of "stuff" for storage, and adds a touch of "vintage" to my decor.
I wonder where these cases have been. What they carried. Who carried them. Did they travel by train, bus, or plane? What memories do they hold inside? It's fun to imagine someone from the 1930's and 1940's boarding a train with these pieces. Going to visit a relative, or secret love somewhere....sigh.
Even tho I'll never know their history...I'll enjoy them as a part of my home...always wondering what treasures they held.
                                                             Enjoy your day, my friends.



  1. Oh, Debbie- You are so like me! I always wonder and try to envision where a piece was-who owned it and touched it and loved it. Your cases are great finds! I love the round one as you don't see those very often. I'm kind of glad you left it natural as it pops out at you a bit.

    I walked away from one the other day and kicked myself 10 times for not getting it....and, of course, when I went back it was gone. A $2.99 bargain that someone else snapped up. Cheezzzzz!

    Hope your week is wonderful Last day at work for me for a few days....It was 8 in a row this time...I'm getting too old for this nonsense! lol Hugs- Diana

  2. Lovely Debbie! I like the round one especially. They make such great storage pieces...so much more character than a plastic bin.

  3. Cute storage! I'm lovin' your new header pic!

  4. I love old cases and would love to own a few...especially for storage, but, where would I put them? I think every square foot of my home is taken up!lol!

    Love the caes both painted and left as is!


  5. I have many of these myself and I love each and every one! I love your round one...if you ever get tired of that one...let me know. LOL
    The tales these things could tell if they could only talk. Some of them might have been on an old steam ship, too.
    Glad your summer is back- we have 91 here today and in the 90s the next couple of days. I so like the 70s better and they will be back later this week.
    Thanks for the well wishes and have a great warmer day!
    Hugs- Tete

  6. I love old train cases and the round ones are 2die4 and very hard to find! Yours looks great just the way it is.
    I like the painted one too, looks great.

    I have a few in my booth and they are great for display.

    Lovely post.


  7. You know I have some old suit cases in my booth that I painted white...I should bring them back home for a bit. They would look great at the holidays! I love that round black one though, so unique!

  8. I am glad you left the one in it's original state. I like it's shape. Maybe it was a hat box.

  9. mmm, it has not felt like Fall here at all. It has been in the 90's and high 80's....my fall stuff is on hold, really! except for my M&M's.

  10. Love the round one and like you, I always wonder about the history. So glad that you are getting one last tasteof summer- before fall comes.

  11. Thank you for your visit Debbie, I too love the vintage suitcases. They are usually too much money and I really do not have a place to display them. Yours look great. It is special to find a round one. I like the way you have displayed them.
    Hugs, Jeanne

  12. I love to imagine the stories behind vintage stuff!! Such fun! Your suitcases are adorable!
    Very nice touch!!I have one up in the attic I should get down and use! Thanks for the idea!!

  13. I wondered when I was going to see these little beauties! :) Just love them, sis. They look so good there! And your photos are really beautiful, too! Love ya!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk