Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The babies are here!

Good morning friends.
It's pretty cloudy here at the Lakehouse to day...that's okay tho....we are excited about the babies arriving!

Mr. and Mrs. Robin have been working on their nest for quite some time. They made sure that everything would be perfect for their little family.
Every year they set up their summer home here at the Lakehouse.
We've been waiting, patiently, for the big day. Yesterday the babies decided to join our Lakehouse family. Mom and Dad were very busy the whole day! They took turns feeding the little clutch.
We haven't peeked into the nest to see how many little ones there are...but in a couple of days it will be okay to look. We don't want to upset Momma with our presence just yet.
The nest covers the outside light. Good thing we haven't had to turn it on! Usually the Robins put their nest in the basket...but I guess they wanted an upstairs apartment this year.
It's such a treat to watch as the babies grow, and learn to take that first trip out of the nest.
I hope you have a surprise waiting outside your door this morning......

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