Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A very old, new piece...

I worked in the bedroom this, and setting up a VERY old piece of furniture.
You can see it in the left hand corner of the picture.
 It seems, when the grandkids stay, they always want to sleep in Gramma's room. The girls love the netting over the bed, and all the pillows.  Now there is a special little spot, just for them.

 My daughter, Kelly, and I found a bed at a shabby shop about two years ago.
The bed was very narrow, and six feet long. The support was just some burlap, hanging in the middle.
The shop owner told us it was once a "slave bed". She had two of them in her shop.
Kelly wanted it for a youth bed for Kayla. I wanted it because I love antiques.
My son in law cut the planks down, and Kayla had the cutest little bed ever!

 Kayla is now in a "big girls bed", so Kelly wanted to sell this little bed.  I offered to sell it in my shop, so Kell put the bed in my car, and I brought it home.
The longer I had it, the more I couldn't part with it.  The bed is such a piece of history. It's a reminder of a time when people owned people.....a time, that hopefully, will NOT be repeated.

I wonder who slept here. Were they treated well? Did they experience freedom after sleeping in this bed? 
I will let my grandchildren know what this old piece of furniture was used for. Hopefully they will appreciate how far this country has come, and will have compassion for the person that slept in this bed so many years ago.


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