Monday, May 16, 2011

Waiting for summer.......

Good evening everyone.
I hope you had a nice Monday.
I worked at the pharmacy until 7:00 tonight.
I really enjoy my job...but there are days when I miss being at home.
I like being here to see the progression of the sunlight as it passes through the house. Especially in summer.
The early morning sun sparkles off the water, and reflects off the bedroom ceiling. I love laying in bed and watching the light dance in waves above the bed.
Then mid-afternoon comes, and the whole house is bright and cheery. I can look out any window and see the flowers basking in the warmth and glow from the sun.
Early evening brings a softness that wraps itself around the gardens, and causes the ripples on the water to reflect light off the dock. I love laying on my stomach on the warm wood, and looking down into the water. The little fish, and turtles glide by...enjoying the last of the days light.
I miss those joyful summer moments when I'm at the pharmacy.
I soooo look forward to days off.
When I DO work, I can slip into my kayak at the end of my shift, and glide through the water like the little fish, and the turtles...soaking up the last of the days light.
Summer cannot get here fast enough.........

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