Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day...and a request.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone here in blogland!
Today I got a phone call from my oldest daughter, Kelly.
She's a tiny little thing, with eyes as blue as the sea. Her smile brings tears to my eyes.
Kelly has been a rock for me..from the time she was four years old.
Her Papa had leukemia. Kelly was only three years old, and Erin, her sister, was five months old.
After Patrick died, my little girl was the person that understood my sorrow more than anyone else.
 All the years since, whenever I've been sick, Kelly has been my rock.
She has three beautiful children of her own now....but if and when I need her...she's always there.

Now I'd like to be there for my sweet, precious girl.
Kelly's daughter, Kayla is five. Kayla has a lump in her breast.
Kayla has been examined thoroughly, had blood test, etc. We know that it isn't a hormonal issue.
Schedules, and appointments have been rearranged so that Kayla can be seen at the UofM hospital on Monday, where she will have an ultra-sound.
We are praying for good reports.
 Kelly has gone through so much this past year. Family losses, loved ones with health issues, and other major situations. Her son, Ethan has had some pretty tough health issues recently as well.

Please keep my little girl in your prayers for strength, and peace. 
Happy Mother's Day my precious daughter.

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