Friday, May 13, 2011


The weather here in northern-lower Michigan has been cold...but we finally got some warm days!
Warm enough to start planting some flowers.
I've seen so many posts of gorgeous gardens already in bloom. All I have coming up, so far, are the grape hyacinths.

 It will take a few weeks for everything to fill in...but I'm so happy to finally have some color on the porch.
Once things "really" spread out, and fill in, I'll share more pictures.

I don't know why, but my porch always ends up looking "country". Must be leftover from living in the farmhouse.

I'm tired, but it feels good! Being outside all day does wonders for the soul.
 I moved the potting bench off the porch for a bit of a change. I brought out an old baker's table I've had for a loooong time, and put that on the porch this year.

This always looks sweet once the flowers start spreading out.

I asked Mr. Lakehouse to put window boxes on the rails this year.....well...he did...ONLY THEY ARE ON THE FRONT OF THE RAILS, INSTEAD OF ON TOP!!!!
 Some days he just doesn't get it.

 When the sun sets, I light the little lantern, and it looks really cute.

So...that's it for now. My next day off, I'll be pulling weeds....LOTS of weeds!!!
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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