Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Bluebirds and Mandolins

I finally figured out how to get my pictures onto my blog.
It takes a lot longer than it used to, with more steps, but at least I can show you what I have been doing.
The guest room is finally set up!
With trends coming and going, I seem to stay with the old shabby chic decor. 
I should probably change...but I love the eclectic look in my home.
So you will see all of the same "stuff" I have had for so many years, and a few things thrown in here and there that may look a little different.

I love old chippy, and crusty, lol, doors as backdrops for dried floral arrangements.

I am so happy that we live closer to the Gulf.
My love of seashells hasn't diminished, so collecting them will be something that will continue.

I used to sprinkle them on our beach at the lakehouse for the grandkids to find when they came up to stay with us.
They absolutely loved finding them as much as I did when we stayed on Sanibel Island.

Even tho we don't live in a cottage at a lake, the sentiment is still the same.
So, we are ready for travelers...or vacationers!  Family and friends. You are welcome anytime. Let us know, and I will have biscuits and gravy waiting for you!


  1. I love how the Guest room turned out. Looks so relaxing and inviting for guests to visit. When can I come??? Have a good week. xoxo Kris

  2. What a delightful guest room. Anyone would feel comfortable there and with the summer heat, the white is very cooling. My spare room is full of things to be put away right now, it's become a dumping room. Not half as nice as yours is.

  3. It is lovely. It is full of so much love, every nook and cranny. I love it.

  4. A wonderful guest room! I'm so happy for you both in your new space and that you have found a great place to worship God!

  5. Add me to the list! lol I love your style and always feel inspired when I visit you. I have too much furniture and I want to get rid of a couple of small pieces to lighten my rooms up. But then...it only bothers me sometimes! lol