Saturday, June 25, 2022

Bluebirds and Mandolins

Oh my goodness....I just spent over an hour with the photos again.  Going back and forth trying to lighten them up enough to post them.
It used to be so much easier!
I use my camera, just like I used to. 
Trying not to get frustrated....but this is just crazy!!!

We are becoming more acclimated to the heat here in the south.
We hear this is an exceptionally warmer early Summer than usual this year.

At the hottest part of the day, I've been inside, working on stationery. Doing watercolors. Hopefully, I will get really good at it with a lot of practice.

The man is supposed to cut down the two trees next week, so we can have our pool installed.  That will be nice.  Especially with all of the heat we've been getting.

I'm looking forward to going to church tomorrow.  I love the gospel music!
The message is very encouraging, also.
God is so good!!
Jim found one of the Christian Motorcycle Association Chapters this morning, and he attended their meeting.  There's another chapter closer, and they meet this evening. He'll go to that meeting, and see what that group is about.  I sincerely hope he finds a place in one of the groups down here. 

I feel ready to get involved in a women's Bible study group.  I won't wait for one to come to me...I need to search one out.  With prayer, and God's direction, I know there is a place for me to be involved.
Have a wonderful evening!!


  1. Best of luck finding your Bible study group. God IS good!

    1. Hello Ellen...Thank you for stopping by the blog, and leaving your very nice comment. I appreciate your kind words. Indeed...God is good! All the time!! God Bless You. Debbie xxoo

  2. Sounds like you are finding your groups to join. I hope that for both of you. That will make the move down there so much better. God will bring these special groups into your life. You both are such loving and caring souls I know you will find your new friends. xoxo Kris

  3. A pool does make a difference in the heat. It's been unusually hot here for this time of year and I got to take a dip in my daughter's pool yesterday. It felt wonderful. It is said we should seek and we'll find and it sounds like you both are doing a good job at looking for the perfect spot for you, so I'm sure you'll find it soon!