Friday, July 9, 2010

Guest Cottage

Good Friday morning everyone~~~
It's one of those quiet mornings here at the lakehouse. I'm the only one awake. The birds are singing, and the doves are cooing. The water is smooth as glass.
We've had a busy summer so far. Company almost every weekend that we are home. Living at the lake means guests will be staying.
I ordered this sign from Castle and Cottage Signs. It seemed appropriate for our place. I should have also ordered one that says "no vacancy". We are filled up for the next few weekends!

I do love summer, and also the people it brings to the lakehouse. Sometimes I get a little worn out after working all week at the pharmacy, then entertaining guests for three days over the weekends...but I wouldn't have it any other way.
By the end of summer, however, I might just order another sign that says....closed for the season.
Enjoy your day folks.
I am sharing with My Romantic Home for "Show and Tell Friday" must go over there and see all of the wonderful posts that bloggers are sharing! Thank you Cindy for hosting this fun event.


  1. That is so pretty! I love her signs!!! That is the perfect sign for a lakehouse!

  2. Love it Debbie, I'm sure you are wore out by the time summer is over!


  3. The sign is beautiful...And all of your flowers are breathtaking!
    Im now a follower!

  4. Just love it. I had the opportunity to stay where my cousin is a caretaker of a family estate, which has a lodge/house by the lake. I woke each morning to the lovely view of the lake and it was so tranquil one morning with a light rain dancing on the waters.
    Hope you have a terrific weekend!
    God Bless,

  5. Debbie- I GET it! We live on the lake too...but this summer has been a quiet one for visitors. I'll bet you have lots of pre-prepped breakfasts that you can get ready ahead of time and then throw in at the last minute. I love the sign. Is that a piece of lace that I see hanging along the front edge of the furniture? I thought at first it was an embellished decoration but think it must be lace after looking a bit harder? Have a wonderful weekend-hope you can get a bit of rest before work starts again! Blessings- Diana

  6. Oh, Debbie - that sign turned out so pretty! Just love it! The black/white combination is beautiful above your cabinet. Hmmmm....I think that would look very nice hanging on my outhouse.....don'tcha think? lol!


    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  7. Well, Laurie- Now I know where I would be sleeping if I came to visit you! lol ps...I DON'T think you are going to get her sign! lol

  8. I love this sign!!! But I do think you do need a closed one!! I love time alone---ALONE--perhaps I should get one that says that!

  9. I love that sign...I have it too! I love Paula's work, it's hard to decide what to choose.

    I told guests this weekend. The garden needs a little work and I want to chill. Hope you have a marvelous weekend! :-)


  10. Oh, love this sign! Very cute. I love your lakehouse too. Such a peaceful setting!
    Have a great weekend!

  11. It looks very warm and cozy there.

  12. I love the sign!! It is perfect for your lakehouse. Have a great weekend.

  13. I love your sign, Debbie! The lettering is beautiful! I'm glad to hear you're having a fun-filled summer. Sounds like you got some much needed 'you time' this morning.:)
    Have a wonderful weekend with your friends and family!
    Hugs ~ Jo :)

  14. You always have such a wonderful way of describing how gorgeous and peaceful it sounds there...despite all the houseguests:) I love your sign! I was so very lucky last month to win Paula's giveaway and chose the Lavender sign, I'm absolutely in love with it! She's a talented gal:)

  15. Don't you just love being blessed with friends who will stay and enjoy your lovely home. Yes it is a lot of work but so rewarding!!

    You have done such a pretty job on the sign and home!

    Thanks for commenting on my arbor my son made for me! I sure love showing it off!

    bee blessed

  16. I love your sign. I think it is fun to have signs around the house. I have one on the bathroom from my old shop that says "open" on one side and "closed" on the other. Have a great weekend.

  17. Your sign is beautiful, and your use of white in decorating is lovely. My good friend is a fan of white, and I'll be making sure she sees your blog.


  18. Your cottage sign is so pretty and your lakehouse is beautiful! I went back and read several of your posts. I loved looking at all of your pictures. Your flowers are beautiful. I am in the process of painting all of my furniture white too. It's a job, but I love to paint and it's all gonna be so pretty when I'm finished. I also started following your blog too. Nice to meet you.

  19. Debbie, love your sign. I'm sure you are a wonderful hostess.
    I'm finding my first year at the beach I may need to order a No Vacancy sign too. LOL
    Have a great week-end and set aside some time for you.

  20. Its nice to have company...also nice to get some peace and quiet, so glad you were able to enjoy both :-) Your sign is beautiful. I hope your guests treat you right.

  21. Hi there, I just did a feature on Paula at Castle and Cottage and would love to have you come over and link your post...xoox, tracie