Saturday, July 17, 2010

Watching kiddos

Good Saturday morning to everyone here in blogger-land.
I'm not at the lake house today. Instead, I'm babysitting three of the grandkiddos while their parents are on a "break".
Since I don't have my own computer to blog on...I'm using my son in laws. I found some pics of the kids when they were at the lake house over the 4th of July holiday.
Anson(aka Bubba) is sleeping on the boat later in the afternoon...something I wish I could do right now. I understand why we have children when we are younger.....they wear me out!
Kayla and Ethan loved being pulled around on the tube all weekend! The weather was incredible! Ethan wanted to go too fast for he braved the waves alone.

Before going out on the lake to watch the fireworks, the kids did the annual sparkler display.
We had a great weekend.
I am enjoying spending more time with the kiddos this weekend.
I will be ready to head back to the lake house by tomorrow, however.
I'm getting old......
Hope you are all having fun today!
We will be heading out for pizza soon.
(the tired gramma that lives at the lakehouse.)


  1. Debbie, I know how you feel. I am one tired Pammy from keeping the babygrands! But isn't it the most wonderful thing ever?!!!
    Yours are precious!

  2. Adorable pics, granny Debbie! :) The love you have for them just spills out from your writing. xoxo

    I MISS YOU, TOO, SIS!!!!! Hope you plan on returning to Heaven's Walk the last weekend in August so we can go treasure hunting again! :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  3. Your grandkids are adorable, Debbie! I wish my mom lived close by to give me a break every once in a while (maybe soon). It's so true how little ones can wear you out, mentally and physically (but in a good way). ;o)
    Have a wonderful weekend with you grandkids!
    Hugs ~ Jo :)

  4. I know the feeling all to well, they sure are a blessing though♥


  5. Such cute pics, Debbie! when my grandy lived here, I would wear out, too! Still wish they were back here, even if it does wear on me!!

    Enjoy the rest of your time, gal!

  6. Happy Saturday Debbie....I have to say I was impressed to read you were using your SIL's computer...My SIL would have me arrested if I tried such a thing....I sent him a Facebook message last week aksing how he was enjoying their new puppy and he wouldn't even answer that....Glad to hear there are nice SIL's out there....the kiddo's are adorable they look just like you....Hope they don't wear you out too much....

  7. oh, yes YES!! I know just how you feel. I have a ball with my grands, but I am getting OLD and my hubby and I both feel it after we spend time with them. Raising kids is for the young!
    Love the shot of the sleeping kido!! They are so precious sleeping ;-)

  8. Debbie-What beautiful grandchildren you have! What a blessing they must be to you! My favorite pic is the one of Bubba sleeping. Don't you LOVE it when they nap? It's fun to have them...and then fun to turn them back over to their own parents, isn't it? From one grand ole lady to another- Hugs-Diana

  9. Debbie,
    Cute pitures...looks like everyone was having fun. I know how you feel...I watch my grandkids one to two days a week. I love doing it, but do they ever wear me out!!