Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well~~~~it's time for White Wednesday over at Faded Charm again. Is it just me, or does it feel like this summer is flying by way too fast?!
I thought I'd show you a few pieces of my white enamelware. I love using it...especially filling it up with soaps, and other things. I keep my rolling pins in the old bucket my mom used for her clothespins years ago. The little cup with the lid holds some beaded bracelets. Then the piece on the wall usually holds white towels.

One of my favorite bowls is the white with the black rim. Right now it's holding things from the sea, and also wash clothes.
Soap dishes are another favorite of mine. Love putting homemade soaps in them.

I especially love this one with the feet.....so sweet!

Even the shower sports a dish, and sponge holder.

The farm soap and cup holder adds some character to my kitchen.

These tubs were used to bathe my little sisters....sigh.....so long ago...yet seems like yesterday.

This piece is perfect for holding the tea lites...don't you think?

I have lots more pieces, but will save them for another post. Hope you enjoyed seeing some of my collection.
Have a great White Wednesday everyone!!!


  1. The enamelware is great but I love the peek at those blue pillows on the sofa. So fresh and cool for a hot summer day.


  2. I love enamelware but I ADORE those soap dishes!!!! Cute feet!!!!!!

  3. Reminded me of the days working the antique mall. Love the enamel ware. Some pieces I have not seen before. Thanks for the idea of the sponges...not sure what I'm going to do...but I love the look!
    Happy WW!

  4. Hi Debbie,
    You've got some really nice enamel pieces, I love them all! I've never seen one like the shower one you have, it's darling.

    I enjoyed your heart felt comment on my blog, thank you. Here's to a very happy birthday/joyeux anniversaire to Kelly tomorrow and a happy Bastille day too. It's lovely to meet you.

  5. Oh, Debbie! I had no idea you had so much enamelware! We ARE sisters, aren't we?! lol! I adoooore that piece hanging in your kitchen as well as the one with tiny legs....(sigh!) Well....if you ever get tired of'em, you know I'll give them a good home ...... lol!

    Have a great day, sweetie!

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  6. Your white enamel ware is fabulous, I use to collect the blue granite/enamel ware with splotches, I looove how old they are and even have a couple of plates that came here (out west) in a covered wagon! I can hardly wait to see more of your collection, you really have some unusual pieces! (another) Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs

  7. I love enamelware, the soap holders are so sweet and nostalgic. I just was saying in my post how I just love the old utilitarian pieces, they have so much history and a simple beauty. Thanks for sharing, Theresa

  8. Oh Debbie! Thank you for sharing a bit of your white world with us! I adore old enamelware and have a few pieces myself. I still have the bathtub that was used to bathe me when I was little...what precious memories that you have the one that was used for your sisters. You didn't use that one then when you were a child?

    I know what a lot of time it takes to put this type of blog together...so thank you for putting in the extra effort. I LOVE your blue and white room.

  9. Love the bathtubs and the cute soap holder with the legs, what a great find that must have been!


  10. Love your collection....I love collections in general..I think it addes such character to your home...The enamel piece you have in the kitchen with the hanging cup is really cute...and I noticed on your wicker truck/table a white ceramic piece with a bird on the edge...My FIL just gave away a bunch of stuff from his house as he's getting on in age and wanted to get rid of some stuff...My daughter went over with my husband to collect the stuff and she scored a fabulous Fitz and Floyd octagon ceramic bowl with 3 birds perched on the edge...it is fabulous and she wouldn't give it to her old mother...she told me I should have gone and put up with grandpa for a few hours in an un-air-conditioned house...I agreed and suggested she put some bird seed in it just for show....I always thought you should keep your mother happy....I guess not.

  11. Hi Debbie, what a fabulous collection... so special when things have family memories:-) I love the one with the feet too, so fancy!

  12. What a great collection of enamelware! I've been wondering what to do with all my rolling pins....
    Thanks for stopping by earlier!

  13. Great collection. I've been keeping my eyes open for some pieces, but haven't found any yet.


  14. Ewww...I love enamelware! You have a wonderful collection, and I love that you USE it! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my new sewing/computer room post. Hope you have a wonderful week! Sandi

  15. Great Enamelware....I was distracted initially by the blue mixing bowls in the background of the first picture, but was able to regain my focus enough to admire your remaining collection. They are the perfect embellishment for a beautiful lake house.

  16. Did I mention that vintage mixing bowls are one of my major weaknesses???

  17. What a wonderful collection, Debbie! I so enjoyed seeing each of the pieces you posted! I have several at my farmhouse in upstate New York, where I have been spending lots of time this summer - with no internet access, thus I have a lot of catching up to do with July your postings! Cassandra ♥