Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The milkman

Good Tuesday morning lovies~~~~it's one of those early mornings here at the lakehouse when the sun is just coming over the trees, and the water is as smooth as glass. I'm in front of the window, waiting for the sun to burst over the trees with it's blinding light...reflecting off the water with it's awesome beauty.

This must be how it was for those early morning delivery men....the milkman, the eggman, and the iceman. They met the sun as they left their goods on the porches of waiting customers.
Remember the paperboy? Itchy Newtonbomb was his name in our neighborhood. He carried one of those coin changers on his belt.

I miss those days of hearing the clinking of glass as the milkman climbed our steps to the porch. Waiting to see if he brought a brown bottle...that meant chocolate milk that morning.
We would pull the tab from the top of the bottle, and my mother would scoop out the cream from the top of the milk.

The eggman always brought brown eggs. You felt lucky if you got a double-yoker when you cracked the thick shell and dropped the fresh eggs into the pan.
I'm really "dating" myself by bringing back these long lost memories. Memories of simpler times. When your dad whistled to call you home for supper. When the paper was thrown up on the porch by a boy that was working to buy a new bike. Springs..when the eggman would bring goose eggs for us to color at Easter. And hot summer nights, playing hide and seek with the other kids way after dark. sigh.....and being told(when you did something that embarrassed your dad) that you were the milkman's daughter.

Ooooops....time to get ready for work!!!

I hope you have a great day. Take some time to sit for a spell, and remember some good times growing up...and hope you really aren't the milkman's kid.




  1. Hi Debbie,
    It's a beautiful morning here, too! I love your reminiscing! No, I am not the milkman's daughter, but I AM the farmer's daughter! tee, hee! One of my favorite memories of growing up was searching for new kittens in our barn. I would spend hours out there looking for them, and playing with them all summer long. And enjoying ice cream floats at night, too!

  2. Love your blog!

    I miss those days and I never had them lol! There are certain things that I wish we could just bring back. I put milk in some quart canning jars last week (we had a plastic gallon catastrophe) and even my 14 year old daughter started reminiscing about milk in glass bottles (that she never had either) and asked if I could put it in the jars all the time lol!

  3. I miss that time in life. We lived in town when I was very small before we moved to the farm and had a milkman, a paper "boy", diaper service that came to the house, and potato chip delivery guy. They came in a big can! The milk box sit by the back door. If we were bad playing outside we had to sit on it until mom said we could get up. Those were the days!
    xxxooo- Tete

  4. My Uncles and grandfather were milkmen. I loved the old bottles and the cream on the top! I also loved going into the building that did the bottling.



    I guess that was all before my time (smirk smirk!). We got all of our groceries from store down the road. I was a city kid, ya know. My memories are of the Avon lady making her bi-weekly stop at our house and I would sit at my mom's feet watching her try on different colors of lipstick and smelling all the pretty lotions. The Avon lady always wore too much perfume, though.

    My dad taught me how to mow the lawn with one of those rotary push mowers, and clipped the edges of the grass with one of those hand held dealies. I also loved helping my mom hang the sweet smelling laundry outside with those neat old clothes pins.

    I remember my poor dad standing out in the back yard in sub-zero weather icing down the skating rink he made for us. He even made an ice slide with the picnic table! :)

    And I also remember the first time I met you, dear friend! :)

    Love ya, sis...and thanks for the sweet, sweet memories today... :)

    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  6. Hi Debbie, what a sight morning must be at the lakehouse:-) I admit I am more of a nightowl! When I do make it up early it is a time of magical stillness! Love your milk carrier... beautiful!

  7. I'm thrilled to have found your beautiful blog! I also live on a lake, and while I sit here at my computer, I see and hear the waves splashing. It has become my favorite sound. I have become a follower, and even though I've taken a bit of a blogging break myself, I wouldn't miss these wonderful posts. Thanks so much.

  8. Wow... LOVE your vintage milk carrier! What a wondeful patina!
    I would LOVE to have those good ol' days back!
    Hugs ~ Jo