Tuesday, July 20, 2010

White Wednesday

Hellooooooooooo.....Did you ever see the episode of Seinfeld when Jerry keeps saying "Hellooooooo"?

It's a classic. Some days at the pharmacy, when the mood strikes, Tina and I will keep saying Helloooooooo. I'm sure it must drive the other employees batty! It's one of those things that get inside your head, then stays there for the entire day. Ya know what I mean? jellybean?

Okay....back to White Wednesday. I'll be joining Faded Charm for this week.....I cannot believe it's Wednesday already! This summer is just whizzing by...oh yeah....White Wednesday.

I think I forgot to take my meds for ADD this morning...my thoughts seem to be all running into each other. It sure is hot again today.
How about that window air conditioner unit in the background...lovely, is it not?

So...I'm sharing some things from outside the lakehouse that are white. Like this birdhouse. I had to take it down and clean it out, because a mouse thought it looked like a nice place to raise her family....eeeeekkkk! I heard squeaking, and peeked inside to see the baby birds...HA..NOT!!! eewwwww. MICE!!! I can handle snakes, and spiders, but NOT a mouse!!! I almost fainted.

Oh yeah, the birdhouse...isn't it sweet?

Here is another white birdhouse. This one houses bees. yup...bees.

I don't know where all the birds are sleeping, but obviously NOT in my houses. Maybe they don't like white???

I know...I keep showing my hollyhocks, but I adore them! The pinks are my favorites, but the white ones are lovely too.

This one popped up all by itself this year....cute little guy.

I can even grow pretty white weeds. Queen Anne's Lace is so delicate..I hate pulling it out, but must...otherwise it would take over. I guess that's what a queen does...wants to rule! I can relate.

Oh man...I think I'd better go take my meds....things are just kind of bumping around in my brain. What I have left of it. Had a tumor the size of a juice orange removed a few years ago. My husband insists they took the brain and left the tumor...hmm...maybe he's right. How do you spell lobotomy?

Have a great WW!




  1. Hi Debbie,
    You are so funny and definitely on a roll today! I love your white "bird" houses.
    All the birds around here take up residence in my paper box and other strange places. The tree frogs seem to like my bird houses! LOL

    Keep cool.


  2. Debbie,

    You need to come in out of the sun dear...Quick!

  3. That was SUCH a funny post. Thanks for the laughs and smiles... Love the birdhouses. Obviously so do a lot of other critters...
    Flowers are beautiful too. Loving the summer gardens in blogville...
    Thaks for sharing.

  4. Helloooooooo! My son and I do this all the time and annoy everyone! Love you without the meds. You need to call Jerry and see if you can open for him!
    Love your garden and cottage!
    Hugs- Tete

  5. Love the birdhouse with the vines all over it! Makes me want to stare at it all morning long as I sip my coffee in the garden!

  6. Love the flowers and bird houses. My bird houses are natural wood and bees live in them. You are too cut:-} olive♥

  7. Love your lakehouse! What a study in contrasts! We have a lot of Michigan transplants in NM. They always talk about the wonderful weather here. That's probably BEFORE they try to grow something. It's done all the time--sure is lots of work! Your garden things are charming--but you can see I love that stuff! Jacqueline

  8. I don't know what I love more, your white hollyhocks or your beautiful white arbor. Your birdhouse is lovely too. What a beautiful garden.

  9. I love all of your flowers & birdhouses...little mice are so cute! I hope you didn't evict them! Jen-SheEndeavors

  10. I just came over from Faded Charm and I love your blog...so I became your newest follower!!

  11. Hi Debbie... Don't take your meds you are too fun today:-) What pretty garden goodies you have! Love the birdhouse with the stacked rooms:-)
    I had a great visit and am your newest follower:-)

  12. What a fun post!! And LOVE your arbor..I want one... Now on the mice, better in the bird house, than in the "Lake House" : ) (I have had them in all my houses..not nice..)
    (And I have tried to figure out just exactly where/what lake you live on...so tonight I checked your profile...: ) It was there all the time : ) Beautiful spot in Mi. !! )

  13. Your whites are fabulous my friend! LOVE them all. The arbor is 2die4.

    HELLLLLO from Oklahoma. I just had to say that!


  14. Great episode such a funny show! I would love to find a mouse family in a bird house! How adorably sweet! Hehe

  15. Cute bird houses and love the holly hocks-enjoy!

  16. Hellooooooo! Debbie, you're a riot, and I adore your hollyhocks too! And I really love your birdhouses. I had bees take up residence in a vintage purple martin house. I ended up having to throw it away, and I still miss it to this day. Oh, and that arbor is just gorgeous!
    Happy WW!

  17. Hi Debbie,
    We had a little tree frog make a home in one of our bird feeders a few years ago. It was too funny! Love your whites. I, too love Queen Anne's lace, even though I know many probably think of them as weeds!

  18. LOL! Oh my gosh, girl! I do think that you've been spending way too much time out in the sun....or bleaching your linens....or maybe you drank that entire bottle of FatCat*HappyDog wine---alone? You did bounce all over the place in your blog today! You were toooo funny, sis! lol!

    Oh, and I'll trade you spiders ANYDAY for cute little mice.


    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

    PS now go take your meds, you dork!

  19. That episode is a classic! You got me laughing!!
    I love your birdhouses! The mice would have freaked me out too....ewwwwww!

  20. Helloooooo Girl, you without the meds is hysterical, you could take that schtick on the road.

    Birdhouses are one of my weaknesses, and yours were great even if the birds aren't found of them.

  21. OK...you're cracking me up (lol)! Thanks for the giggle. ;o)
    Your garden whites are sooo pretty! Love the hollyhocks and birdhouses! Birds won't use mine either. They love to take up house under the carport eaves and in all our trees.
    Enjoy the rest of your day!
    Hugs ~ Jo :)

  22. Hi Again Deb! Just dropped back in to say thank you for following me!
    I absolutely adore these garden photos! Some of it has to be to do with your garden being beautiful and the white flowers are gorgeous... but there's definitely talent behind that camera too! =D

  23. The first line-my husband still loves to watch Seinfeld-and quotes it a lot-pretty whites!

  24. Helloooooooooooooo!

    Love your white birdhouses!

    Glad I stopped by ~ great laugh for the day!!

  25. Hello. I am here from Brenda's Welcome Wagon. Your blog is beautiful.

  26. Hi, I love your beach house and that your hubby likes to buy white treasures with you. I especially thinks those white holyhocks rock. I got some bulbs 4 years ago and never planted them. Do you think it's too late.


  27. Hi Cindy...I've tried several times to get to your blog, but it won't connect. Any suggestions?
    Thank you.