Friday, July 2, 2010

My love affair with hollyhocks

Hello everyone out there in blogland~~~
I trust you are enjoying your Friday. I worked at the pharmacy, then went grocery shopping after work...ugh.
The highlight of my day was pulling into the driveway here at the lakehouse, and seeing my beloved hollyhocks.

It started when I was about five years old. I used to spend summer days at my granny's house. She had these grand old flowers in the alley behind the garage. I remember going out there just to see the wonderful colors of the papery flowers. I would go see them many times during the day.

Gran's seemed so tall! Of course I was a bit smaller back things seemed bigger.

The light pink ones were my favorites. I knew when I grew up I would have these lovely spikes growing in my own gardens.

It's so neat to watch the big ol' bumblers going from flower to flower with their legs full of pollen. They look like they are wearing snow pants!

A neighbor actually did a water color of my garden, and it's hanging in her living room. She must like these delicate flowers too!
Every fall the women come from all over to gather the seeds for their own gardens. It's a tradition. They all know I leave the dried seed heads for them to glean.
Then, after the chickadees get their fill, we cut them down for winter.

Every spring I anxiously await the arrival of my lovely flowers.
This time of year is the best time to see all the colors....kind of like a fireworks display.
sigh..............I just love them....don't you?
Have a great holiday weekend! I'll be spending time with grand kiddos. We'll be making dolls with the hollyhocks. Can't wait.


  1. Oh Debbie...we really are kindred spirits. I love hollyhocks too, and mine just started blooming. I really need to do a post on my flowers.

  2. Hi Debbie,
    Your garden is just gorgeous! I love hollyhocks, too, but I don't have any! I love the single flower variety like you have the best. And your white arbor is so pretty! Must be fun coming home to such a lovely yard!

  3. Hi Debbie~ just discovered your lovely blog and am looking forward to reading more...I am a new follower!

  4. What a beautiful garden...when I was small our next door neighbor had red hollyhocks, thanks for bringing back a nice memory!


  5. Hi Debbie! Your flowers are beautiful!! They make me smile! And I love that people come by to get the seeds! What a great neighbor you are!

    Have a joyful Fourth of July!!

  6. This post brought back so many memories for me, too, Debbie! My mom used to make hollyhock dolls for me as a child as encouragement for me when we left the YMCA from my swimming lessons (which I failed miserably, but that's a whole 'nother story...) But I still remember holding those dolls so carefully and tenderly.

    Would you be a dear and save some seeds from the pink and white ones for me? I'll trade you a bottle of Fat Cat/Happy Dog wine.... lol!

    xoxo laurie@heavenswalk

  7. Hi Debbie! Hollyhocks are just so summery, aren't they? Lovely! I scrolled down and took a peek at your white tablescape...gorgeous! Have a great 4th!...hugs...Debbie

  8. I love Hollyhocks too. We had such a wet spring/early summer that I believe the plants I had rotted. No hollyhocks! I'll have to plant some seeds to grow through the winter so I'll have some next year. Love your white fence and arbor~

  9. I'll never forget the first time I saw a hollyhock. I about fell over. I stopped and asked someone what it was and have loved them ever since. Too bad we don't have enough water here (yet) to sustain them in our garden. I see ONE right now in my garden and it's pitiful. May have to drill our own well soon.

  10. Oh Debbie! I absolutely LOVE hollyhocks. Yours are gorgeous! I am so envious! If you get a chance, about a month ago I wrote about my Aunt Bessie. She was like a 2nd mother to me and there is a picture at the end of a Hollyhock doll. Thanks for the memories. Here's the link if you have time...

  11. Hi Debbie, thanks for the visit.

    I haven't seen Hollyhocks in person since I was a little girl. My mum grew them and I always loved them. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  12. Beautiful...I keep thinking I want these kind of memories for my grandchildren...when I have them.
    I will have to try growing these.

  13. awe they are fabulous! I want to know why they look so healthy with no rust???

  14. So...I forget where you live. Do those grow in hot climates like SC. That curvy picket fence with the trellis thingy is just want I have been thinking about for the front of my spindle cottage.

  15. Oh Debbie,
    I love these flowers, your garden is beautiful!