Sunday, July 25, 2010

Primitive to vintage

Hello everyone~~~~It's time for another Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps on the Porch with the lovely Susan. If you like to see changes others have made in their homes and gardens, you have to go over to Susan's place and take a look.

I'm sharing pics of my farm cupboard. I'm a bit of a clutter no matter what style I go with, I will always have a collection of "stuff" loaded on my shelves.
I used to decorate in a primitive-country theme. My house seemed so overwhelmingly dark.
I started changing over to a.....ummmm.....eerrrrrr....white-ish, beachy-ish, vintagey-ish, lakehouse kind of a theme. I started in the kitchen, then spread to the rest of the house.
I took down all the "dark stuff", and brought out my collection of vintage dishes, teapots, cups, linens, etc. The more I painted things white, the more white everything became! okay..that sounds dumb.
Anyway....the next picture will show you just how different things are now.
This is the way it used to be.....
Quite a difference, huh? So much brighter now, don't you think?
So take a hop on over to Between Naps on the Porch and take a look at all of the other transformations.
Happy Monday!


  1. Debbie- you did such a fantastic job on this room! I love it, I just love it! I'm ready to get the paint out and start on the inside here now. We need to redo our kitchen and I knew it will be going white, whenever we get the time to do it!
    Peaceful dreams to you- Tete

  2. Awesome transformation my talented friend. I love the cupboard painted white. YUMMMO!

    Thanks for sharing all you do with us. LOVE IT ALL!


  3. Love your cupboard!! I used to decorate country cottage style for years...then tried primitives and it wasn't me. Now I'm trying to figure out my decorating's kind of country, cottage, farmhouse, vintage, and whites. I love the photo of your dining pretty!!

  4. Oh my, I feel so much better seeing someone has gone thur exactly what I'm going thur gives me hope!
    It looks just wonderful, great transformation!


  5. I love the white, Debbie! I, too, had primitives for years and realized they made me feel old and DARK-lol What a transformation you have made with paint...and I'll bet you painted your chandelier too, didn't you? I see you still have an old churn on the floor. That was one of the last remnants I held onto for years and I finally gave it away this past year. I'm wondering if that blue dish on the first shelf is a LuRay? I had a whole set of that too (well, service for 6) and my daughter begged it away...sometimes I miss those pieces but she is using it for everyday...good for her~I was always afraid of breaking it and not being able to replace it. Not my Mimi-if she can't use it she doesn't want it. I love that it has a "glow" to it.

    I suppose you are off to work tomorrow (Monday). I worked all weekend and am off tomorrow then back at it for the week. >sigh< not much time to play this week. I know you're a pharmacist...could you just send me some drugs? lol ps...hope you kept your pumkins! Fall is coming... Diana

  6. It's wonderful...the whole room is gorgeous. I hope that the one I just purchased from Craigslist comes out as wonderful. Im painted it black and distressing it, however im also working on a white one for my bedroom. love your blog.. Melanie

  7. I had primitives too! I love primitive things just not everywhere! I think it does look brighter, and happier! It's hard to believe it's the same piece in both pics!

  8. Hi Debbie, I love your new look! It's so hard to put the first coat of paint on wood furniture but the change is worth it. I see your cottage sign too--nice touch! And your runner and the wild flowers are the perfect final touch to get the look. Linda

  9. Hey sis! Your farm cupboard looks soooooo much better now that it's dressed in white. :) You have done such amazing work in that house, Debbie and I'm so proud of you! :)

    Ok. Off to paint a sweet little table I nabbed at a flea market on Saturday...(white, of course! lol!)


    xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

  10. Yes it does make a difference, and I like it! I agree about wanting to lighten things up. I think the white washed country look deserves a style name all its own.

    I nominate the name "Crisp County Chic"?

  11. Great transformation. I am aquiring more white things lately also. That cupboard looks great painted white!

  12. Hi Debbie,
    I really love the changes you made! You can never have too much white,in my opinion! :) I think you have perfectly accessorized your hutch, it doesn't look cluttery at all in my opinion! And I love, love, love your chandelier!

  13. I so love the change!! much prettier!

  14. Just read your comment on my blog....starting to get a little worried, girl~ you invite me OVER and then tell me you are going to be in the bathtub WITH Laurie? Did I read that right? What kind of circus are your running here?

    Looked at your room again & love it more tonight than I did earlier! Soooo fresh and peaceful looking!