Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cool shutters

Mr. Lakehouse finally took the window unit out! I hate the way the air conditioner looks from the inside as well as the outside.
Now I can show you the shutters that Mr. L painted, and I distressed.

 They don't match, because of the louvers being on one whole side of just one of the shutters...but that's what makes them unique!
They are VERY old, and were in horrible shape.
 They were a dirty mustardy yellow....ewwww. Now they are a creamy white...mmmmmm.
I hung them inside. I saw them in a magazine inside, and liked it....soooooo. They are mounted on the wall above the wicker desk.

The sun was starting to go down, so the pictures are a little dark.
It's been a beautiful evening, however, which adds to the coziness of the setting.
I hung the curtains I made from a vintage Irish tablecloth my sister in law gave to me.
 Something else I've seen in magazines, and in blogland is an old picture frame with a wire strung to hang photo's on.  I used some tiny clip clothes pins to hang the grandkiddo's pics with.
I love it!!!!

I'm hoping for more good weather for the next few days. I've been working since last Thursday, and will be at the pharmacy again tomorrow. There are gardens to be cleaned,windows to wash, and outdoor furniture to be stored away.
It would be nice to have some sunshine and warm temps. Mr. Lakehouse plans to get the boat out of the water, and also get more house trim painted.  Looks like we will be busy for the weekend.
Enjoy the rest of the week!
Hugs to you all.....and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love it Debbie!!!
    Love the curtains you made out of a tablecloth. Love the shutters you and Mr L did also!!!
    Enjoy your day!!!
    Suzann ~xoxo~

  2. Debbie- Those old shutters look wonderful! I love it! I know what you mean- we used to have one of those ugly window units too....two of them actually! You HAD to have them to survive the humidity durning those dog days of summer..but I was always so glad to get them put away for the winter.

    Your curtain from the Irish tablecloth is lovely too. I'll bet you are kind of dreading taking the boat out of the water..it does spell the end of summer for sure, doesn't it?

    I am working 3 twelve hour days for the rest of the week and company this weekend- so I will be beat when Monday rolls around- xo Diana

  3. Love the shutters Debbie. They frame the window and that pretty curtain so nicely. It is a busy time of year getting ready for winter isn't it? Hubby helped me blanch and cut a bushel of corn tonight to freeze. I've got pears I need to can too. Have a great and productive weekend!

  4. Love the shutters!! What a great way to hang photos within the frame!! I think I have to find me an old frame...so I can put pics of my grandkids in it...thanks for sharing this idea. I love it!!

  5. The shutters look great. I just love old shutters. Enjoy your time off when you get it but I think it sounds like you will be working harder at home!!

  6. Those look great Debbie! I love old shutters. These are a great size. The frame looks fabulous too. :)

  7. The shutters look great Debbie...also love the lampshade and frame. It's a busy time of year tidying up isn't it...the last 2 winters have been so bitter over here that we lost quite a few plants...this year I'm gonna try and tuck some of em in all cosy with fleece x

  8. I just love it all and can't picture those shutters any other way. Love the curtains you made, I love using old tablecloths for curtains!
    I think you do a swell job decorating your place on the lake. Sorry you have had frosts already, but it does kill the bugs!

  9. Wonderful shutters Deb! What a find they were and look great with the beautiful curtains you made from a tablecloth!
    Mr.K took the diving board and ladder out of the pool so I know now that fall is here, hate to see summer go but the holidays are great to look forward to!

  10. They are beautiful Debbie!! I love how soft they look with the light coming through. I hope you are having a great week! Are you coming to Allegan this weekend?

  11. Love what you did to the shutters! They look just right! My husband threw out some very old ones years ago and I still think of them...I knew he should have kept them!!!!

  12. GORGEOUS shutters, sista!!! Love what you did with them! I adore shutters inside of a room. It does make it cozy. :) I've been eyeing our deck furniture this week, too....but I'll wait til mid-October, I think. Hoping we still have some nice days left....! lol! You ARE coming down for Sunday's Flea, aren't you....????

    xoxo laurie

  13. I love the shutters Debbie! They look so pretty! And the frame with the pictures of the grandchildren is just precious! I have the same chores to do as you...washing windows and storing furniture for the winter that will come soon enough! Angie xo

  14. Looking so cozy, Deb! Yes, this is the time for closing up...we're still painting on our son and daughter-in-law's house...new baby in the house so we're helping out before we leave for Florida.

  15. Love the shutters! They are fabulous!!! I have one.. think I might paint it cream, now black.. love your sweet lampshade. The grands pictures are darling... sounds like you have a busy w/k planned.. hugs ~lynne~

  16. Oh that looks so charming ! We're still running the AC full tilt out here - send us some Fall, would ya ?


  17. You won the Ramsign and I sent you an email:)
    So happy for you!

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